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Landlord Guide: Rental Property Rules

When renting out your property, it is absolutely crucial that you carefully think through a set of rules for your tenants. Many of these should be reflected in the Lease Agreement providing as much detail as possible to avoid any ambiguity. Ultimately, this will help you avoid conflicts with your tenants and, hopefully, preserve the condition of your rental property.  Top 12 Considerations when setting Rental Property Rules We’ve outlined the ...

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Liv Rent Landlord & Property Manager Plans

Why Liv Rent? Liv Rent was designed to make life easier for landlords. It is an intuitive and rich tool with exciting features including easy listing of your apartment(s), access to verified leads (renters who have provided valid government-issued i.d., contact information), free tenant screening (tenant credit check), simple appointment bookings, digital rent payments, easy listing management and more.   Why landlords & property managers love using Liv Rent Read some of our client ...

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How to Pay Rent to your Landlord

4 Ways to Pay Rent Gone are the days when your hand would cramp writing a year's worth of rent cheques to present to your landlord. At last, we have a variety of rent payment options available to tenants. Every tenancy agreement should specify the acceptable forms of rent payment. The e-transfer option has grown in popularity thanks to the ease of use and lack of paper required. Currently, there are 4 ...

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How To Reply by Email

Last Updated: July 10, 2020 Communication is an important part of renter relationships, which is why we have made it so easy to engage with each other through the app and email. As a landlord or tenant on our platform, conversations are initiated within the app. A record or timeline of all interactions is maintained so that users can reference all exchanges. When a chat is initiated, our email ...

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Property Manager Spotlight – Soul Homes

User Spotlight Series Our Spotlight Series highlights the experiences of Metro Vancouver property managers and tenants. Each post explores their property management approach and challenges and, more specifically, how they are using and benefitting from the platform. Soul Homes Soul Homes is a Vancouver-based full service property management company active in the Lower Mainland. Soul Homes founders, the Toosi brothers, learned the value of good tenants and property management the hard way, by ...

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Introducing Search by Map

We heard you loud and clear in 2019 and we are happy to kick off 2020 with the addition of our search by map feature! Searching for apartments for rent is now easier with our map and list view, especially if you are new to Vancouver and aren't familiar with the different neighbourhoods. See below for an overview of how to navigate our latest feature. Key differences - App vs. Website Now ...

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Feature Update: Organizing your Photos

Not only are we committed to protecting the safety and integrity of our trusted rental community, we are also always looking for ways to improve our platform by enhancing usability, performance and features. We've been listening to our users and have responded with some key changes to our photo management functionality that make it easier for landlords to present their properties in the most attractive way. Organize Photos Easily How to ...

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Renter Spotlight: Felipe & Lais From Brazil

Renter Spotlight Felipe and Lais are a Brazilian couple who have recently moved to Vancouver. Lais is studying and Felipe is looking for employment. They secured a place to live in Gastown before moving here thanks to their relocation company, Easy Dream, and the app, recommended by Easy Dream. Other than high rental prices, what are some of the biggest frustrations renters face in Vancouver? As an immigrant, it was hard to ...

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Vancouver vs Toronto: Cost of Living Comparison

Vancouver vs Toronto Cost of Living Vancouver and Toronto are more than 4,000 km apart but share the dubious honour of being the two most expensive cities in Canada. Despite this, they are highly desirable places to live, scoring high on all international standard of living indices. They are clean, safe and secure, and offer newcomers vibrant, multi-cultural communities willing to embrace immigrants. Toronto is the business capital of Canada ...

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Ending a Tenancy on

Ending a Tenancy on As a landlord, many months might go by without any contact with your tenant and usually this is a good thing. However, once or twice a year, depending on lease terms, you will need to reach out to your tenant to discuss the terms of the tenancy as the lease contract nears its end.  In less common instances, you may want to end a tenancy early ...

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