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Neighbourhood Guide: Richmond BC

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Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

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Published on May 05, 2021

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023

Just outside of Vancouver’s city limits, you’ll find Richmond, a city that brings diversity to new heights. From sprawling farmland and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see to the Airport and bustling urban centre, Richmond B.C., Canada has a lot to offer — especially if you are fond of Chinese food.

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In this neighbourhood guide, we’re going to cover all the basics of what it’s like to live in Richmond with a heavy focus on the cost of rent. So what’s Richmond like? In many ways, it can be seen as an extension of Vancouver itself. However, it does have its own character and interesting neighbourhoods full of hidden gem eateries, beautiful parks, and exciting things to do.

Use our table of contents to quickly jump ahead to the section you want to see and let’s dive into this neighbourhood guide now:

Table of Contents

What is it like to live in Richmond?

Living in Richmond can offer experiences as diverse as the city itself. A vibrant and multi-ethnic city, more than 60% of Richmond residents have Chinese or South Asian ancestry, according to the city. And, newcomers to the city account for a lot of its growth and innovation.

Full of incredible biking trails, nature walks, cultural hot spots, and, perhaps most importantly, fabulous food, Richmond is a great place to call home.

Where is Richmond BC?

Richmond is a city in B.C. (the province of British Columbia) in Canada. It’s also part of what’s referred to generally as Metro Vancouver, a federation of 21 different municipalities around and including the City of Vancouver that also includes North Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and more.

Geographically, Richmond is primarily flat and surrounded by water on all sides like an island. Their slogan is even “Island City by Nature.”

The Fraser River serves as a division between it and the adjacent city of Vancouver. It’s also home to the Vancouver International Airport, so Richmond is actually the first place that visitors see when they arrive.

What’s the population of Richmond, BC?

Close to 200,000 people call Richmond, B.C. home, although that figure is based on 2016 data so the true number is likely higher and the City of Richmond says it’s closer to 224,425.

So, fewer people live in Richmond than in Vancouver, B.C. where the population was 631,486 according to the same census data.

Transportation in Richmond

Richmond’s transit connectivity and traffic will vary depending on which neighbourhood you’re in.

For example, Translink’s rapid transit Skytrain system called the “Canada Line” forks through Richmond. One prong runs from Brideport Station to the Airport and the other continues on into Richmond, terminating at Richmond-Brighouse Station.

Translink’s fare structure is based on zones with Vancouver being Zone 1 and Richmond being Zone 2. A two-zone monthly pass, which would allow for travel between Richmond and Vancouver, is $131 per month or $ $4.25 for a one-time cash fare.

In addition to the Canada Line, there are many Translink buses that service the area and connect the trains with other corners of Richmond. However, unless you are close to the centre and can access the trains easily, you may want a car to get around.

What is Richmond, B.C. known for?

Home to the Dumpling Trail and North America’s most exquisite and diverse Asian cuisine, Richmond is foodie heaven. And even though it may be a smaller city than Vancouver, it’s not without its charms, conveniences, and fun things to do.

The best food in Richmond

Take this small list with a grain of salt, for no round-up could convey the breadth and quality of food you’ll find in Richmond. Another good way to find decent food is to ask a local and see where they’re getting dinner that evening!

  • Top Shanghai — if you dream about wontons, bao zi, and xiao long bao, then this place has to be on the “top” of your list.
  • Pho Japolo — authentic Vietnamese, perfect for when you need a hot bowl of soup and noodles.
  • Italian Tomato — traditional Italian pizza and pasta that will satisfy your carb cravings.
  • Neptune Barbecue House — a staple in the local Asian food scene, fill up on Cantonese-style roast duck and barbeque pork here.
  • HK BBQ Master — no website needed for this famously delicious restaurant frequented by Seth Rogan.
  • Jade Seafood Restaurant — an award-winning restaurant with high-quality Chinese food that will please any palate.

The best things to do in Richmond

  • River Rock Casino Resort — this casino has restaurants, a show theatre, and lots of tables and slot machines for some responsible fun.
  • Richmond Night Market — held during the late spring and summer months, this massive festival is full of entertainment and incredible unique cuisine.
  • McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport — this shopping outlet feels like you’re wandering around a European village where you can get deals on Nike shoes and Aritiza clothes.
  • Steveston Village — an adorable corner of the city that has evolved from a historic fishing village, it’s a highly walkable little shopping and cultural hub, plus there’s Fishermans Warf where you can see the catch of the day.
  • Richmond Olympic Oval — this former Olympic venue is a piece of breathtaking architecture that’s now a recreation hub for the whole community.
  • Aberdeen Centre — a massive shopping center with a food court full of popular Asian retailers and brands.
  • Iona Beach — this park is hard to find but worth the trip to walk along the jetty that extends kilometres into the ocean like a path surrounded by water.

Average rent in Richmond

There are a lot of homes in Richmond, B.C. for rent. Average rent here is less than what you’d find in Vancouver but more than other Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods like Surrey. Here’s a recent rental breakdown for you from our May 2021 data:

Unfurnished rentals


Furnished rentals

One-bedroom $1,804
Two-bedroom $2,338
Three-bedroom $2,915

Average house price in Richmond

For those who are looking to buy, Richmond can be just as expensive as Vancouver, it seems. Here are the average house prices for a condo, home, and townhome:

Detached home$2 million

Source: Zolo

Richmond neighbourhoods

Now, let’s take a look at the different neighbourhoods that make up Richmond. And, when you find one you like, renters can use to:

  • Search for listings
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  • Apply for a home
  • Sign a lease
  • Pay your rent

…from anywhere on our 100% digital platform. Plus, there’s a no-commitment signup, and you don’t even have to complete your whole renter profile until you’re ready to apply.

Ready to dive into the neighbourhoods? Let’s see what average rent is like plus a few important things to note about each area. Plus, we have included where to visit in Richmond, B.C., you can use the map to see where each neighbourhood is:

Richmond BC Map

Richmond Neighbourhood guide map.

1. Bridgeport

Richmond’s most northern neighbourhood is extremely close and connected to Vancouver, making it a dream for commuters to get to work.

Many parts of the neighbourhood are industrial, but you’ll find some unique hidden gems amongst the warehouses and it’s an especially lively area during the summer thanks to the Richmond Night Market.

Bridgeport local favourites

  • Daily Delicious Bakery — if puffy pastries and creamy cakes are your jam, then this family-owned bakery should be on your list.
  • Fujiya Foods — a Japanese grocery store that sells Asian food items you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, plus fresh and cheap takeout sushi.
  • Ikea — whether you go to eat at the Ikea cafe or shop for a new table, this is one of the most popular places in all of Bridgeport.
  • Foody World — this jumbo-sized Asian supermarket might just overwhelm you with all of its grocery options.

Average rent in Bridgeport

In Bridgeport, the average cost of rent for a one-bedroom is $1,695.

Source: Zumper – Canada’s trusted house & apartment rental website

Search apartments, condos, and homes for rent.

  • Verified Landlords: Rent from a trusted landlord. Look for the “ID Verified” tag to identify which landlords have been pre-screened.
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2. Golden Village

Incredible food, good shopping opportunities, and proximity to transit make Golden Village an attractive choice for young people to lay down their roots and rent their first condo. After all, with a name like “Golden Village,” how could it not be spectacular?

Golden Village local favourites

  • Faebrew Coffee Lab —for a freshly brewed cup of thrid-wave coffee, head to this funky coffee lab.
  • Sanpoutei Ramen — for some of the most authentic Japanese noodles and broth, slurp over at this spot.
  • Lido Restaurant — fill up on fluffy pineapple buns, a classic pastry with a crackled top like the outside of a pineapple, at this old-standby hidden gem.
  • Alexandra Road — this street is so studded with amazing restaurants, that it’s affectionately called “food street”/ “食街” in Cantonese and Mandarin by locals.

Average rent in Golden Village

There isn’t a lot of rent data available for this neighbourhood, but the rent in Richmond’s Golden Village is $1,975 on average.

Source: Zumper

3. Brighouse

Also known as Richmond’s City Centre, Brighouse is a commercial and residential area that’s a vibrant place to call home. There are hundreds of shops, services, and recreational opportunities here, not to mention it’s where some of the city’s best eats are hiding.

Brighouse local favourites

  • John 3:16 Mayalsian Delights — Richmond’s most-loved Malaysian food joint serves mouthwatering Hainanese chicken and Nasi Goreng
  • Richmond Centre — shop from your favourite brands and hit up the food court at this clean and inviting shopping mall.
  • McDonald’s No.3 — see the first-ever McDonald’s restaurant in Canada which opened on June 1, 1967…or just use that fact as an excuse to get a fillet-o-fish.
  • Minoru Park — Richmond’s “green heart” is a massive park with turf fields, a track, tennis courts, and more.

Average rent in Brighouse

You can find one-bedrooms for rent in Brighouse for $1,425 on average and $2,009 for a two-bedroom.

Source: Zumper

4. Oval Village

The area around the Richmond Olympic Oval is unrecognizable now compared to 15 years ago. Now, it’s become a young neighbourhood full of newly built condo buildings as shops and services continue to come into the area like T&T Supermarket. Plus, Oval Village is right along the Fraser River and its refreshing walkable and bikeable riverside trail.

Oval Village local favourites

  • West Coast Mini Putt — the perfect rainy day activity for kids or even for date night is this fun mini-putt course.
  • Fortune Terrace — this restaurant is all that and dim sum, a beautiful Chinese restaurant with delicious dim sum offerings.
  • Smokehouse Sandwich Co. — for tasty sandwiches and filling brunch, this meaty place is a good choice for hungry folks.
  • Co’m Vietnamese — modern and authentic, this delicious restaurant with lots of plant-based options is a great pick for a date night, especially if they love wings!

Average rent in Oval Village

Oval Village is a little bit more expensive than some of the other Richmond neighbourhoods on this list at $2,137 for a one-bedroom and $2,400 for a two-bedroom.

Source: Zumper

5. Lansdowne Village

Lansdowne has been experiencing a huge surge in development, adding housing and density to the area over the last 10 years. The Lansdowne Centre Mall is like a little heart for the community which spirals out around it, and there are plenty more plans in the works to continue to add housing and build community here.

Within walking distance to the Canada Line and some of Richmond’s most popular shops and services, this is a convenient place to call home.

Local tip: head to The Dolar Shop for some of the best Hot Pot in Richmond.

Average rent in Lansdowne Village

There isn’t enough extensive data on this area, but we know that the median rent in the Landsdowne Village area is about $1,650.

Source: Zumper

6. West Cambie

Just east of Richmond’s city centre, the West Cambie neighbourhood is less bustling but still very connected to good transit options and not far from Vancouver. It’s a neighbourhood that’s been growing and changing a lot in the past decade, but it’s still largely filled with families and it’s largely residential.

Local tip: the unassuming Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine is one of the best restaurants in the area.

Average rent in West Cambie

In Richmond’s West Cambie neighbourhood, a one-bedroom is $1,700 on average while a two-bedroom is $2,168.

Source: Zumper

7. South Arm

South Arm, which neighbours another community called Broadmoor, is a suburban and kid-friendly area with a beautiful park and a busy community centre at its heart. With lots of schools and primarily single-family homes, it’s a popular area for families to live.

Average rent in South Arm

South Arm is one of Metro Vancouver’s most affordable neighbourhoods. Here, rent for a one-bedroom averages $1,450 while a two-bedroom is $1,700 on average.

Source: Zumper

We hope you have a good understanding of Richmond and its neighbourhoods after reading this guide. When you’re ready to find your new home, use — we’ve automated the entire rental journey for you to make renting fun again.

Please note that some restaurants and attractions mentioned in this article may be subject to COVID-19 related measures. Before you go, always check for updated information regarding openings and follow all public health guidelines.

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