guide to off campus housing at the university of waterloo via liv rent

The best off-campus housing for University of Waterloo students

The University of Waterloo welcomes over 40,000 students each year, almost all of whom will live off-campus at some point during their studies. As such, the city of Waterloo and nearby Kitchener have developed a reputation as being student towns – with plenty of rental housing for those attending UW and the many other post-secondary schools in the area. With so many options out there, it can be hard for ...

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The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of those cities that truly has something for everyone. Between the city's mild temperatures, breathtaking natural setting, and urban convenience, it's no wonder the city has such an active rental market. These factors are also what makes the city such a great place for families. Combined with excellent schools across the city and quiet, tree-lined streets just outside of a busy downtown core, Vancouver is truly the ...

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The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto

Toronto is more known for its towering skyscrapers and status as Canada's financial de facto financial capital, but don't less this fool you – the city has plenty of neighbourhoods that are excellent places for families, many of which are just outside the downtown core. In fact, Toronto has elementary and secondary schools practically everywhere across the city's massive geographic area, not to mention some of the country's most prestigious ...

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off campus housing for McMaster University students via liv rent

The Best Off-Campus Housing For McMaster University Students

Each fall, thousands of new students flock to Hamilton, Ontario to attend McMaster University – one of Canada's most prominent public research universities. While many first-year students opt to live in residence on the university campus, many students, especially those in their upper years of study, seek housing off-campus at McMaster University. In this guide, we'll be covering how to find your perfect off-campus rental home, which neighbourhoods McMaster students ...

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The 8 Cheapest Neighbourhoods To Rent In The City Of Toronto

Renters across Canada are facing increasingly high rental prices, particularly in major urban centres like Vancouver, Montreal, and of course – Toronto. Although not as pricey as Metro Vancouver, the Greater Toronto Area's rent has climbed significantly in recent times, most notably within the City of Toronto itself. With all that being said, there are still lots of areas of the city with more reasonable rent prices, for those who ...

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The Top 8 Pet Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is truly a world-class city in many regards, but did you know that it's actually been recognized globally for its pet-friendliness? A 2022 study by Luko revealed that Toronto was among the top ten most dog-friendly cities in the world. It's not hard to see why – the city is home to over 230,000 dogs, has over 114 pet shops and 65 off-leash dog areas, and affords easy access ...

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Neighbourhood Guide: Olympic Village ft. W2 Living

Imagine having the best of Vancouver at your doorstep without the hustle and bustle of being downtown. That's what residents in Olympic Village enjoy every day. This developing neighbourhood is right next to the Seawall and full of sunny seaside patios with lots of hidden gems to discover. But what's good in Olympic Village and where's the best place to live to take it all in? We are and we ...

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The Arbutus Ridge Neighbourhood Map Guide.

Neighbourhood Guide: Arbutus Ridge

Quite simply one of the most "Vancouver" of all the Vancouver neighbourhoods, let's take a visit to quiet and leafy Arbutus Ridge. This is an area of the city that has only a few exclusive rental properties because it's largely residential and filled with single-family homes. However, as it's growing and developing in areas, there are new opportunities to move into this area and make it your home. We are ...

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Richmond Neighbourhood guide.

Neighbourhood Guide: Richmond BC

Just outside of Vancouver's city limits, you'll find Richmond, a city that brings diversity to new heights. From sprawling farmland and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see to the Airport and bustling urban centre, Richmond B.C., Canada has a lot to offer — especially if you are fond of Chinese food. You can subscribe now to get the latest updates on the Richmond and Vancouver rental markets straight to ...

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Toronto vs Montreal cost of living and rental differences.

[Updated July 2022] Toronto vs. Montreal: Cost Of Living Comparison

Canada's two largest cities are diverse and exciting cultural epicentres that many people from across the country and across the world would love to call home. The cost of living in Toronto with rent can be high though, so how does the cost of living in Toronto stack up vs. Montreal? We'll start by taking a brief look at the major Toronto vs. Montreal differences. Then, we'll explore the biggest ...

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