What's it like to live in Surrey BC and is it better than living in Vancouver?

Vancouver vs. Surrey: Cost of Living Comparison

Vancouver vs. Surrey cost of living The two largest cities in B.C. are less than an hour apart. When it comes to everyday life, however, they're a world away. We're pitting Surrey vs. Vancouver in a battle royale of livability by comparing key costs of living indicators. We'll show you exactly how you could save or splurge depending on which city you decide to call home. Vancouver vs. Surrey: Major ...

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The Toronto city skyline is mirrored by the lake.

What can $1800 in rent get you in Toronto?

Toronto's Rental Market In 2021 Not even a global pandemic could shake T.O.'s status as the most expensive city in Canada. While it still might cost a pretty penny to call it home, renting in Toronto is getting a tiny bit more affordable. In fact, the first half of 2021 is going to be a renter's market while rental rates continue to drop. So while you might not find a cheap ...

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Neighbourhood Guide: Burnaby

The city of Burnaby neighbours Vancouver to the east and is the third-largest city in British Columbia (after Vancouver and Surrey). Like most of Metro Vancouver, Burnaby is a dynamic, diverse, multi-cultural city with newcomers originating from all over. Once known as a bedroom community, this city has evolved into a metropolis of its own. With a population of 249,197 residents, as well as many lush parks and expansive community ...

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Neighbourhood Guide: Surrey

‎ Surrey is BC’s fastest growing city and largest city by area. Covering a vast expanse of land south of Vancouver between the Fraser River and the U.S. border, Surrey features 6 town centres, a wide variety of housing options in diverse neighbourhoods, some of the region's best sports and recreational facilities, verdant parks, beaches and vast swaths of agricultural land. It is also home to a vibrant mix of thriving ...

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Top 10 Cheapest Neighbourhoods for Rent in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver and Metro Vancouver are well known for their beautiful scenery, dynamic neighbourhoods, and, perhaps most importantly, high cost of living. As the second-most-expensive city in Canada, it can be hard to find cost-effective accommodation in Vancouver. But just as each area has it's own personality, there are also pockets of cheaper rent in every neighbourhood. For those who work or study in Vancouver proper, living in the city may ...

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[2020] Renting In Canada – What $1800 Gets you Across Canada

Rental Markets in Canada What's it like renting in Canada? Rental supply is tight across Canada with vacancy rates hovering around 1% in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. This lack of housing supply is compounded by the fact that there has been no significant purpose-built rental housing construction in our biggest cities since the 1970s. However, change is afoot. Quick Overview What is Purpose-Built Rental Housing? History of Purpose-Built Rental Housing 2020 Outlook - The Rise ...

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What can $1800 in rent get you in Metro Vancouver? [UPDATED]

Vancouver Rental Market 2020 As with most industries, the outbreak of COVID-19 brought big changes to the rental market in Vancouver. As reported in the April Rent Report, the average rent price dropped 3.67% from March. While rental prices are starting to rise, the average rent price in August is still 6.95% lower than December 2019. Concerned about meeting in person for a viewing? Check out's new video tour feature. You can ...

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Brewery District – New Westminster

What is old is new again – this holds particularly true for New Westminster’s Brewery District neighbourhood. More than 150 years ago, a group of British military engineers called Sappers set up camp where the majestic Fraser River splits north and south to survey land that would briefly become the capital of British Columbia.  Though New Westminster lost the provincial government to Victoria by 1862, the area had quickly become home to ...

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Back To School Stress: Last Minute Rentals For Students

So school is starting in a couple of weeks and your perfect roommate is not so perfect anymore, or has decided to live at home, or that spot in res you were counting on has fallen through. The panic sets in. Where will you live? has some suggestions for all of you who are on the brink of student homelessness. UBC Student Listings: On Campus (Wesbrook Village) 2 bed, 2 bath ...

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