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[Updated May 2023] Best Housing Off-Campus for UBC Students

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Published on March 04, 2019

Last updated on September 8th, 2023

Plenty of students will be looking for off-campus housing near the UBC campus this fall before they buy their textbooks. We’re, Canada’s safest all-in-one rental platform, and we wanted to help UBC students who were looking for homes near the globally-renowned school’s Vancouver Campus. In this guide, we’re coving all the basics of off-campus living in Vancouver including the best places to find apartments and roommates. Here, we’ll cover the best neighbourhoods for UBC students in terms of convenience, proximity to campus, and available amenities. That way, your commute won’t cut too much into your study time.

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UBC off-campus housing overview

Types of accommodation

In Vancouver, these are the typical types of places that are available to rent:

There are also houses, laneway homes, and townhomes for rent with varying numbers of bedrooms.

Students will likely either live on their own or with roommates. The reality for many UBC students in a city like Vancouver is that many of them will end up living in shared accommodations.

Looking for a place to share

If you’re looking for a room in a shared space that’s perfect for students, then your first place to check should be’s listings. You can use the convenient map tool to find a place that’s close to campus, using the search filter “Room” under “Housing Type” to look at all the available places in the area.

FREE Roommate Agreement Template: Download Here

Looking for a roommate

Off-campus students at UBC looking for roommates can post their available rooms for rent on for free. Plus, the 100% digital platform means that you can connect with a roommate safely and easily, entirely online.

Another great place to look for roommates is on’s Vancouver Facebook Group. Here, you can connect with other UBC students seeking off-campus housing within a safe, moderated group.

Average rent in Vancouver

Here are the average rental prices for Vancouver’s different neighbourhoods as of May 2023. For the latest numbers as well as more statistics and figures for different Metro Vancouver cities and neighbourhoods, be sure to check out our latest rent report.

average rent by vancouver neighbourhood via the April 2023 liv rent report

Vancouver transit

When it comes to off-campus housing, living close to transit options is extremely important. The U-Pass, Translink’s monthly student transit pass, is typically included in your student fees and provides access to the bus and train networks. Planning your commute to class from off-campus housing is easy with Translink’s Trip Planner, as well.

The Vancouver UBC campus is served by 16 bus routes with connections to destinations all over Metro Vancouver.

Neighbourhoods to consider

It’s ultimately up to you if you want to live as close to campus as possible or sign on for a longer commute for potential rent savings. Here are a few neighbourhoods that are the most popular with students because they’re nearby to campus or have particularly easy access to transit options:

  • Wesbrook Village
  • Point Grey
  • Dunbar/Southlands
  • South Cambie/Marine Hub
  • Kitsilano
  • Olympic Village
  • Sunset

Also, anywhere that’s close to Broadway between Commercial Drive and UBC campus is a good bet because you can access the 99-B line express bus which will take you directly to campus.

Jump ahead to the best neighbourhoods for renting near UBC section to learn more.

Tips for saving on rent in Vancouver

The “student budget” is real, and when you’re living in Canada’s most expensive city for renters then it’s doubly hard to save money. In addition to living with roommates, here are some tips and resources to help you save money on rent:

Best student housing options off-campus in Vancouver

Using to search for your off-campus home is perfect for UBC students who can rent safely and securely from verified landlords and listings, sidestepping any scammers. Here’s where to look for the best student off-campus housing for UBC students in Vancouver:

Best neighbourhoods for renters near UBC

Wesbrook Village

Perched right on the edge of the campus proper and surrounded by forest, Wesbrook Village is a great place for students to live who don’t want a long commute but also want to live outside of student housing at UBC Vancouver.

Types of accommodation in Wesbrook Village

In Wesbrook Village, you’re mostly going to find apartments for rent, and many of them are new and in good condition. This neighbourhood is just adjacent to the UBC campus, making it an extremely popular destination for student housing in Vancouver.

Average monthly rent in Wesbrook Village

  • Studio apartment — $1,800* (*limited data)
  • One-bedroom apartment — $2,898
  • Two-bedroom apartment — $4,000
  • Three-bedroom apartment — $4,800

Source: Zumper

Transportation in Wesbrook Village

Estimated commute to campus: 15 to 30 minutes
Luckily, if you live in Wesbrook Village and have to get to class, you can easily walk, bike, or bus. Translink’s Route 68 — UBC Exchange / Wesbrook Village bus route connects you to every corner of campus you need to reach in minutes.

Wesbrook Village amenities

Wesbrook Village is its own tiny community just off-campus with restaurants, pubs, a grocery store, and plenty of services that are just steps away from many of the surrounding apartment buildings.

West Point Grey

This is one of the closest neighbourhoods to UBC. A quiet, beautiful area, it’s loosely defined as lying between the beautiful beaches of Spanish Banks along Northwest Marine Drive and West 16th Avenue.

Types of accommodation in West Point Grey

Here, accommodation is mostly shared in single-family homes. There are also some apartments, basement suites, and a growing number of laneway homes.

Average monthly rent in West Point Grey

  • One-bedroom apartment — $2,815
  • Two-bedroom apartment — $3,747
  • Three-bedroom apartment — $4,683


Transportation in West Point Grey

Estimated commute to campus: 20 to 40 minutes
You can easily catch a bus or ride your bike to the UBC campus in Point Grey. Depending on where you are in the neighbourhood, you’re just a 10-minute bus ride away from UBC, which makes this ideal for those seeking housing near UBC.

Try taking the 99 B-Line directly to campus or any number of the other bus routes in the area that take you there.

West Point Grey amenities

The busy commercial streets nearby include West 10th Avenue, Broadway, and West 4th Avenue and have plenty of the city’s best restaurants, services, and grocery stores nearby.


Also adjacent to the UBC Endowment Lands but south of West 16th Avenue, the Dunbar-Arbutus neighbourhoods are another handy option for students seeking off-campus housing near UBC.

Types of accommodation in Dunbar-Arbutus

Most of the accommodation is in single-family homes, laneway houses, and basement suites though there are some apartments along the Dunbar-Arbutus corridor.

Average monthly rent in Dunbar-Arbutus

  • One-bedroom apartment — $2,456
  • Two-bedroom apartment — $3,057
  • Three-bedroom apartment — $3,996


Transportation in Dunbar/Southlands

Estimated commute to campus: 30 to 45 minutes
You’ll want to take your bike or the bus to campus if you’re living in the Dunbar/Southlands area. The 49 UBC line is one of the most popular bus routes.

Dunbar/Southlands amenities

The Dunbar Village area has all amenities students need, but you’re also just a quick bus trip away from all the best Westbrook Village has to offer on campus as well.

Dunbar/Southlands apartments for rent

South Cambie/Marine Hub

In recent years, the area at the foot of Cambie has transformed into a vibrant new community known as Marine Hub. This neighbourhood has emerged as a popular place for UBC off-campus housing since it’s relatively affordable with plenty to do and great transit options to campus.

Types of accommodation in South Cambie/Marine Hub

There is a good mix of newly built condos, older apartment buildings, and single-family dwellings in this neighbourhood.

Average monthly rent in South Cambie/Marine Hub

  • One-bedroom apartment — $2,750
  • Two-bedroom apartment — $3,650
  • Three-bedroom apartment — $4,500

Source: Zumper

Transportation in South Cambie/Marine Hub

Estimated commute to campus: 1 hour
This area is easy to access by public transit from anywhere in Vancouver. Students can access UBC along the West 49th Avenue bus route.

South Cambie/Marine Hub amenities

Centrally located between Vancouver and Richmond, this spot boasts restaurants, a T&T supermarket, Steve Nash Fitness Club and instant access to the Canada line that can take you Downtown or to the Airport in 15 minutes.

South Cambie/Marine Hub apartments for rent

The new W1 towers at the Marine Hub are a perfect fit for students with furnished or unfurnished options for two-bedroom, or three-bedroom places.


Kitsilano, also known as “Kits,” is the preferred neighbourhood for many students who love to be between UBC and Downtown while just minutes away from Kits Beach.

Types of accommodation in Kitsilano

There are all kinds of possible accommodations in Kits from entire or partial houses to apartments and basement suites. Kitsilano student housing is ideal for renters since there’s such a wide variety of rental types, all with convenient access to the UBC campus.

Average monthly rent in Kitsilano

  • One-bedroom apartment — $2,564
  • Two-bedroom apartment — $3,164
  • Three-bedroom apartment — $5,520


Transportation in Kitsilano

Estimated commute to campus: 20 to 40 minutes
Catch the 99 B-line bus along Broadway for the fastest and most direct route to campus. There are a handful of other bus routes in the area that take you right to the UBC bus loop as well.

Kitsilano amenities

The neighbourhood is teeming with restaurants, bars, and shopping along West 4th Avenue and Broadway.

Tips on how to find & secure off-campus rental housing

How to avoid rental scams in Vancouver

Unfortunately, rental scams in Vancouver are out there, but luckily you can protect yourself. Know your rights as a renter and use a trusted rental platform. Here are some of the most common scams to look out for:

  • Scam #1 Rent is too low
    If the rental rate seems shockingly below the rental average for the city, it could be a fake listing.
  • Scam #2 Urgent cash demand
    Renters don’t have to pay for anything until a lease is signed. So, if someone’s pressuring you to send cash now, don’t do it.
  • Scam #3 Too much info
    Until you’re 100% ready to move forward with a lease, you’re not obligated to share your bank account or SIN number.
  • Scam #4 Not enough details
    While some smaller landlords may withhold unit numbers for privacy, you should know the exact address of the unit you’re looking at. without that info, it could be a scam.

Pro tip: rent from ID-verified landlords on to avoid scams.

Be smart with your rental search

  • Tip #1 Know your needs
    List of your priorities: pricing, location, amenities, lease duration, pet policy, etc. Use filters to narrow your search. 
  • Tip #2 Do your research
    Find out the average rent in your target area. It’ll arm you with the necessary info to negotiate terms & rates.
  • Tip #3 Google the property
    See if there are any complaints online regarding building management, maintenance, noise, neighbourhood, etc.
  • Tip #4 Video tours first
    If possible, view video tours first. Then, narrow down your selection and book viewings only for places you’re seriously considering. 

Tips to improve your search

  • Tip #1 Don’t be afraid to check
    Have the landlord demonstrate that all appliances are working – run faucets, check thermostats, flush toilets, turn on stoves, etc. Also, check cellphone reception.
  • Tip #2 View in daylight
    Viewing a home in daylight will give you a better sense of the living space.
  • Tip #3 Prepare questions
    And ask the hard questions (e.g. how much interest have you had for this unit) to uncover info not in the listing.

Stand out when you apply for your rental

Completing your profile, or renter’s resume, is the easiest way to stand out. You can also go the extra mile and pre-submit your application before your viewing if you’re pretty sure you want to rent the unit. By introducing yourself upfront, it shows that you’re serious about the unit – leaving a strong impression on your landlord.

Pro tip: on, we use Trust Score to rate renters trustworthiness and credibility — it’s free for students to get theirs with their profile!

Another way to stand out is by using your renter’s story in your renter’s resume to give landlords more information about your credit score. As students may not have strong credit histories yet, use this space to provide more context to a landlord to help them trust you.

How to secure a rental before arriving in Canada

It’s easy for UBC students who aren’t yet in Vancouver or even in the country yet to rent an off-campus apartment safely and securely.

Once you have filled out your profile completely, you can use it to apply to listings on our platform.

In your profile, you can select whether you are a first-time renter and whether or not you’re renting from outside Canada. That way, a landlord can accurately assess your profile and help you secure a rental without having references in Canada.

Pro tip: watch our friend Tobi Adekeye’s YouTube video that explains exactly how to use to easily secure your Canadian home from abroad.

Student resources has a ton of resources for students renting in Vancouver. Especially if you’re an international student, moving to B.C. from out-of-province, or just new in town — it’s important to know the ins and outs of renting in B.C. so you protect yourself and get a fair deal.

Check out our guides on everything from renting and leases to tenants’ rights and relationships with landlords.

FAQ: UBC off-campus housing

Where do students live at UBC?

While many UBC students opt to live in student housing on campus, off-campus housing near the UBC campus is another excellent option. The various neighbourhoods covered in this post are great places for students to start looking, but there are plenty of other options depending on how far you’re willing to live from campus.

Can you live off campus at UBC?

Yes! With the tips listed here, students should be able to secure housing off-campus well before the start of the semester. One thing students should be aware of though is the increase in rental scams in Vancouver and across Canada. Using a rental platform like that manually verifies both landlords and listings is essential to staying safe while renting online.

How do I find an apartment near UBC?

The majority of UBC off campus housing is listed for rent online, so going digital is the best bet for most students. However, as we mentioned above, it’s important to use a platform with verified landlords and listings in order to stay safe and avoid rental scams.

Where should I live if I work at UBC?

The neighbourhoods covered in this guide aren’t just for students – they’re equally suited to those who work on the UBC campus. For more about Vancouver’s many diverse neighbourhoods, you can find our neighbourhood guides here.

How much does rent cost at UBC?

Currently, an unfurnished, one-bedroom unit in the Point Grey-UBC area rents for an average of $2,300 as of our August 2022 Metro Vancouver Rent Report. For the most up-to-date rent prices for Vancouver’s different neighbourhoods, you can find our latest rent report here.

Where should students live in Vancouver?

The neighbourhoods on this list should provide a good starting point for students looking for off campus housing near UBC, but there are plenty of other options as well in Vancouver and its neighbouring cities. You can learn more about Vancouver’s various neighbourhoods with our neighbourhood guides.

How much is student housing in Vancouver?

Student housing varies in price from year to year, so it’s always best to consult the UBC Student Housing website for the latest information. For the latest average rent prices for off-campus housing in different neighbourhoods and cities in and around Vancouver, you can consult’s latest Vancouver Rent Report.

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