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The best international moving companies to Canada

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Greg Park

Greg Park

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Published on August 01, 2023

There are countless reasons why someone might want to move to Canada. With a high quality-of-life index, multiple world-class universities and access to plenty of job opportunities, it’s no wonder why so many people move to the country each year. Before your new life can begin though, there are plenty of logistics to take care of – one of the most important being selecting a moving company to transport your things to your new home. To help you navigate this preliminary stage, has compiled a list of some of the best international moving companies operating to Canada from the U.K., the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. We’ll also provide tips on guaranteeing a smooth, successful move and settling into your new life – including advice on finding the perfect rental home in Canada.

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What to know before moving to Canada

If you haven’t already, picking where in Canada you’re planning on moving to is an essential first step. The country is the second-largest in the world geographically, and as such you can expect a completely different way of life as you move from coast-to-coast.

Here are some of the main things renters should keep in mind as they consider a move to Canada:

  • Cost of living — It’s always a good idea to assess what kind of budget you’ll need in your new home, most importantly average rent prices in your area since this will likely constitute a large part of your monthly expenses.
  • Climate — From the wet but mild West Coast climate to the extreme temperatures of Central Canada, renters should be sure that they’re prepared for the realities of wherever they’re planning on calling home.
  • Job market — If you’re looking for work in a specific field, different parts of Canada may offer vastly different employment prospects.
  • Schools — Canada has some of the world’s top universities from coast to coast, each offering a variety of different programs and professional
  • Lifestyle — Depending on what province you land in and whether you’re in the big city or the surrounding area, your experience will be vastly different.

What are the best international moving companies to Canada?

If you’re bringing a considerable amount of stuff abroad with you, you’re not going to want to leave the security of your precious belongings to chance. With the help of an experienced international moving company, your preparation and moving process can be as simple as packing up and getting on a plane. Depending on what type of service you select, your movers can pick up and drop off your things from door to door, as well as handle things like customs clearance in some cases.

We’ve broken down some of the best and most popular international moving companies to Canada by their country of origin to help you navigate the process.

Moving from the US to Canada

  1. United Van Lines
    • About: United Van Lines offers international moving services to over 150 countries, with a customized plan that suits your unique needs & budget. Once you book your appointment, a designated move manager will help arrange all the details of your international move, including all logistics and dates, and assistance with paperwork for customs clearance.
    • Services/Features:
      • Local
      • Long distance
      • International
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: United Van Lines has a vast network of movers in over 500 locations.
  2. Atlas Van Lines
    • About: Offering international moving services by air, ocean, or freight, Atlas Van Lines has a network of 150 agent moving companies
    • Services/Features:
      • Household moving
      • International moving
      • Cross-border moving
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: Atlas operates across the country with services in every province, as well as to & from the U.S. and other countries.
  3. Allied Van Lines
    • About: Allied Van Lines has over 95 years of experience moving clients to, from, and within Canada with one of the largest networks of movers in the world.
    • Services/Features:
      • Household moving
      • International moving

Moving from the UK to Canada

  1. Pickfords
    • About: Pickfords is the U.K.’s number-one moving company and a top choice for those relocating to Canada, offering everything from full packing and wrapping to assistance with the customs clearance process.
    • Services/Features:
      • International moves
      • Transport by sea
      • Packing & unpacking
      • Assistance with customs
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: All of Canada
  2. Excess International Movers
    • About: Excess International Movers is one of the U.K.’s largest moving companies and handles thousands of international moves to Canada each year.
    • Services/Features:
      • International removals
      • International shipping
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: All of Canada
  3. Schepens Removals
    • About: Schepens is a family-run company based in the U.K. that offers moving services to an assortment of international destinations, including Canada.
    • Services/Features:
      • International removals
      • Specially trained coordinators
      • Information on customs procedures

Moving from Ireland to Canada

  1. Get Cracking LTD
    • About: Based in Dublin but with services worldwide, Get Cracking can handle all manner of residential removals within and from Ireland, including across Canada.
    • Services/Features:
      • Sea & air freight services
      • Door-to-door delivery
      • Packing & storage
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: All of Canada
  2. Irish Movers
    • About: Irish Movers have over 20 years of experience with national & international removals with partners in a variety of countries to help handle delivery and unpacking.
    • Services/Features:
      • International removals
      • Packing & transport
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: All of Canada

Moving from Australia to Canada

  1. King & Wilson
    • About: King & Wilson has been helping Australians move since 1907. Part of the Grace group of companies, these movers have a vast international network and can assist with moves to Canada & beyond.
    • Services/Features:
      • Sea & air freight removals
      • Home packing
      • Shipping
      • Relocation
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: All of Canada
  2. OSS World Wide Movers
    • About: OSS World Wide Movers specializes in international moves & removals and has over 50 years of experience in these specific areas, including service to Canada.
    • Services/Features:
      • Professional packing
      • International removals
      • In-home moving consultation
    • Price: Request a quote
    • Areas Covered: All of Canada

How to find a place to rent in Canada

One unexpected silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s now much easier to find a place to rent entirely online, even if you’re not in Canada yet. The availability of all-in-one digital rental platforms has made it possible to browse and apply for listings, chat with landlords, sign a lease, and pay security deposits and rent from anywhere in the world, safely and securely.

One thing for renters to be aware of is the need to protect themselves while renting online by using a platform with verified landlords & listings — like, Canada’s safest rental platform. With all the convenience of digital options comes an increased danger of encountering costly rental scams online, usually in the form of fake listings that may be accompanied by things like blurry listing photos, pushy landlords, and urgent demands for cash deposits. While savvy renters can usually spot and avoid these red flags well in advance, the best way to defend yourself is to avoid rental scams altogether.

Below, you can find a detailed how-to video on securely browsing for listings using the platform, plus a comprehensive guide outlining how you can secure rental housing before arriving in Canada while protecting yourself throughout the rental process.

FAQ: The best international moving companies to Canada

How much does it cost to hire an international moving company?

The cost of hiring an international moving company to Canada can vary significantly depending on factors such as the volume of goods, distance, origin, and additional services required. However, as a broad and generic estimate, international moving costs can range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

Can I move my furniture from the USA to Canada?

International movers can certainly assist with moving your furniture from the USA to Canada, however, it’s important to be aware of customs regulations and rules regarding the import of goods.

What is the cheapest international moving company?

Prices vary greatly depending on what part of Canada you’re planning on moving to, the specific services you require, and the company you’re using. It’s always best to compare a few quotes to see which international moving company provides the best value for your relocation.

What is the best way to move furniture to Canada?

The safest, most reliable way to move furniture to Canada is by using a professional international moving company that has experience packing and transporting large goods over long distances.

These professionals can ensure all your precious furniture is securely wrapped and arrives as intended, and can also provide advice and assistance with customs clearance if required.

What items cannot be brought to Canada?

Some goods cannot be brought into Canada due to safety or other concerns, and are governed by strict guidelines that can be punishable with fines.

This includes things like:

  • Firearms and weapons
  • Food, plants, and animals
  • Cannabis
  • Explosives, fireworks, and ammunitions
  • Certain consumer products

You can find a complete list of restricted items here.

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