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Greg is our Creative Content Writer here at and brings to the table considerable experience writing for and about the real estate industry in Canada and beyond. He's always on the lookout for exciting news, updates and features surrounding the rental market, and is eager to share what he finds with our trusted network of tenants and landlords. Greg especially loves writing our Neighbourhood Guides as they give him an opportunity to explore the many amazing communities available to rent in on the platform. Born and raised in BC, he currently resides in the Riley Park area of Vancouver.

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The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of those cities that truly has something for everyone. Between the city's mild temperatures, breathtaking natural setting, and urban convenience, it's no wonder the city has such an active rental market. These factors are also what makes the city such a great place for families. Combined with excellent schools across the city and quiet, tree-lined streets just outside of a busy downtown core, Vancouver is truly the ...

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the 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto via

The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto

Toronto is more known for its towering skyscrapers and status as Canada's financial de facto financial capital, but don't less this fool you – the city has plenty of neighbourhoods that are excellent places for families, many of which are just outside the downtown core. In fact, Toronto has elementary and secondary schools practically everywhere across the city's massive geographic area, not to mention some of the country's most prestigious ...

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56 Questions Renters Should Ask Landlords Before Signing A Lease

Many renters seem to think that landlords are the only ones who can ask questions during the application and rental process, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Not only is it your right as a tenant to be properly informed about the property you may be renting, but it's also your duty to clarify any uncertainties you may have to ensure you're entering your new rental arrangement fully ...

Read More's May 2022 rent report for Montreal - statistics, trends, data & more

May 2022 Montreal Rent Report

Montreal's city-wide average rent for unfurnished one-bedroom units has risen $27 this May The average rent price for an unfurnished, one-bedroom unit in Downtown rose +7.92% this month Montreal's average rent is now up $150 since the start of the year Montreal's average rent prices continue to climb, up another $27 this May. Aside from a brief drop in March, the region's rental averages have been steadily climbing since the start of ...

Read More's May 2022 rent report for the Greater Toronto Area - statistics, data and more

May 2022 Toronto Rent Report

The average rental price for one-bedroom unfurnished units in the Greater Toronto Area has climbed another $29, to $1,805 in May 2022. It's now $418 more expensive to rent an unfurnished, one-bedroom unit in Downtown Toronto than in Brampton, on average. On average, it is now $68 less expensive to rent a furnished, one-bedroom unit in the GTA than an unfurnished unit. Average rental prices in the Greater Toronto Area have ...

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May 2022 rent report for Metro Vancouver from

May 2022 Metro Vancouver Rent Report

Average rent across the region is up $108 from April, at a new average of $2,194 per month for an unfurnished, one-bedrooom unit in Metro Vancouver. This month, the average price of unfurnished, one-bedroom units in Vancouver itself is up 7.97%. On average, Metro Vancouver renters are now spending 38.09% of their monthly income on rent. Average rent across Metro Vancouver has soared this month, up a massive $108 since our ...

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off campus housing for McMaster University students via liv rent

The Best Off-Campus Housing For McMaster University Students

Each fall, thousands of new students flock to Hamilton, Ontario to attend McMaster University – one of Canada's most prominent public research universities. While many first-year students opt to live in residence on the university campus, many students, especially those in their upper years of study, seek housing off-campus at McMaster University. In this guide, we'll be covering how to find your perfect off-campus rental home, which neighbourhoods McMaster students ...

Read More covers the eight cheapest neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto

The 8 Cheapest Neighbourhoods To Rent In The City Of Toronto

Renters across Canada are facing increasingly high rental prices, particularly in major urban centres like Vancouver, Montreal, and of course – Toronto. Although not as pricey as Metro Vancouver, the Greater Toronto Area's rent has climbed significantly in recent times, most notably within the City of Toronto itself. With all that being said, there are still lots of areas of the city with more reasonable rent prices, for those who ...

Read More's April 2022 rent report for Montreal and surrounding areas

April 2022 Montreal Rent Report

Montreal's city-wide average rent for unfurnished one-bedroom units has risen $40 this April. Renting in Montreal's most expensive neighbourhood now costs an average of $480 more than in its cheapest neighbourhood. The average rent for an unfurnished, one-bedroom unit in Westmount has risen 23.16% this month. Montreal's city-wide rental averages have risen again this April. After a brief cooling-off period last month, the city's average rental prices have returned to just above ...

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April 2022 Greater Toronto Area rent report via liv rent

April 2022 Toronto Rent Report

The average rental price for one-bedroom unfurnished units in the Greater Toronto Area has risen slightly, to $1,776 for April 2022. Unfurnished, one-bedroom units in Downtown Toronto now rent for over $2,000 per month on average. Across the Greater Toronto Area, furnished units are now $120 cheaper than unfurnished units, on average. Average rental prices seem to have mostly stabilized across the Greater Toronto Area this April, up just $4 since last ...

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