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August 2021 Vancouver Rent Report

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Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

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Published on July 30, 2021
  • The price difference between furnished & unfurnished rentals is growing
  • West Vancouver for unfurnished units went up an unusual 9.65%
  • Average rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom has been simmering near $1,700 for months

It’s already August and here at we’ve noticed rental prices in the city have been simmering all summer. Each month, our reports share key rental market data to support our community of landlords and tenants. We gathered this data manually both from our own platform and from other listings websites.

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Let’s take a look now at the real, on-the-ground costs of asking rents in Metro Vancouver for August 2021. Plus, don’t forget you can download the entire report as a one-page infographic PDF below.

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Complete August 2021 Vancouver Rent Report: Download Here

Average rent across Metro Vancouver

The last six months haven’t seen much of a change from rent. Previously, back in March, it was hovering just below $1,700 per month for an unfurnished one-bedroom suite. Now, it seems to be stuck above that mark, but rental rates have been simmering since May.

Rental trends in Vancouver for one-bedroom units that are unfurnished

Month-to-month rent change

Comparing prices in July 2021 to August 2021 there have been relatively few big changes. Two changes worth noting: prices in West Vancouver for unfurnished units went up an unusual 9.65%. Also, in Coquitlam, furnished rates jumped 14.19%.

Across the board, there was a slight dip in overall unfurnished rental prices except in Downtown Vancouver (+1.85%,) Burnaby (+0.38%,) and New Westminster (+0.27%) where it’s just simmering.

Percent change in rent in Vancouver between July & August 2021

Income-to-rent ratio

Our latest data on the income-to-rent ratio shows that renters in Vancouver who use are paying, on average, 36.6% of their income towards rent.

The traditional advice is to spend no more than 30% of your income on rent. Certainly, landlords and property managers should look to see that a tenant can reasonably afford rent compared to how much money they make as part of their tenant screening process.

However, this 30% rule is often bent in high-cost of living cities such as Vancouver — so take this with a grain of salt.

Income-to-rent ratio
Average percentage of income spent on rent in Q2 36.6%

Rent per square foot

Where do your rent dollars go the furthest and where’s the cheapest place to rent in Metro Vancouver by how much space you get?

While Downtown Vancouver is where you’ll get the least space, Coquitlam is where you’ll get the most. Richmond and Surrey are also a good bet if you love lots of space

Rental market in Metro Vancouver by square feet.

Renter demographics

The vast majority of renters using are under the age of 34. We’ve been seeing growth in our “Under 25” renter group over the last few months.

Renter demographics on – Canada’s trusted house & apartment rental website

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  • Pet-friendly rentals

    We’re always proud to share that continues to be the rental platform that offers more pet-friendly rentals than you’ll find anywhere else.

    In August, other rental platforms had 33% of units available that were pet-friendly while on, 39% of units were pet-friendly.

    Pet-friendly rentals in Vancouver, has more pet friendly rentals than others

    Average unfurnished vs. furnished rates

    The price difference between average rent for furnished and unfurnished one-bedroom units in Vancouver is growing each month as furnished rental rates climb. In August, the price difference was $223.

    Furnished vs unfurnished average rent in Vancouver.

    Neighbourhood breakdown 

    Rent in Metro Vancouver varies depending on which city or neighbourhood you’re in. So, we’ve broken up our data by neighbourhood so you can compare the cost of one, two, and three-bedroom rates for both furnished and unfurnished units.

    • Outside of Downtown Vancouver, North and West Vancouver have the overall highest rent for unfurnished units
    • In West Vancouver, the gap between furnished and unfurnished rentals is very small
    • In South Vancouver, rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom is below average for Metro Vancouver overall
    Average rental rates by listing type for unfurnished units in vancouver.
    average rental rates by listing type for furnished units in Vancouver

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    Most expensive cities in Canada

    Vancouver continues to be the most expensive city in Canada for renters with the gap widening slightly each month.

    Victoria and Oshawa are also on the list ranked third and fourth most expensive in Canada for an unfurnished one-bedroom.

    Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada to live.

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