Ask An Expert: Duuo’s Katie Garland On Tenant Insurance FAQs

Welcome to “Ask An Expert” where introduces you to the folks that know the ins and outs of the Canadian rental and real estate markets. In this “Ask An Expert,” we’re talking to Duuo's Partner Success Specialist. Duuo is an insurance distributor that's backed by The Co-operators, and Katie Garland knows first hand about the concerns landlords and renters have about tenant insurance. She spoke with to help demystify insurance and how Duuo's ...

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Gather Coliving Jonathan Chawla

Ask An Expert: Gather Coliving’s Jonathan Chawla On Building Community & Eliminating Vacancy Costs

Welcome to “Ask An Expert” where introduces you to the folks that know the ins and outs of the Canadian rental and real estate markets. He’s an expert in creating affordable, convenient, and communal renting experiences for people in their 20s while helping landlords of four or more bedroom homes to eliminate their vacancy and turnover costs with his company. Let’s learn more about coliving and how Jonathan’s company uses to help ...

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Montreal rent report in June.

June 2021 Montreal Rent Report

Montreal Rental Trends in June 2021  Montreal rent has been making headlines lately, but what's actually happening in the rental market and where is it headed? You can get the latest updates on the Montreal rental market straight to your inbox when you subscribe to keep on top of the trends. We're, a platform with solutions for every step of the rental process. This report, which we provide every month, is based ...

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Toronto average rent report for June 2021

June 2021 Toronto Rent Report

This month brings us to the halfway point of 2021, and after we saw a spike in the cost of rent in May, we're excited to share what's happened in the Toronto rental market since then. We're and every month, we create these rent reports to share with our community an accurate look at the real cost of rent in Toronto. You can get the latest updates on the Toronto rental ...

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June 2021 Vancouver Rent Report

Rental Trends in June 2021  June has arrived in Vancouver and with it comes a new sense of optimism for the future. Folks are getting vaccinated, shops and restaurants are slowly returning to business as usual, and we're now officially halfway through 2021 which has been yet another challenging year for the city. Even is excited for the future, especially after our pay by bitcoin feature launch this month. Riding ...

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How to use as a landlord.’s Quick Start Guide: 3 Keys To Listing & Renting Efficiently

Hi there, and welcome to! If you’re here, then the chances are you’re a landlord or property manager who’s looking to streamline their rental process to save time and energy. You’re in the right place, and if you invest the time to read this short quick start guide now, you'll be on your way to becoming a expert in no time. So, whether you're a seasoned property management professional looking ...

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How To Pay For Rent With Bitcoin On

The future of renting is here today with's new "Pay by Bitcoin" feature available now. You can now add your landlord to the list of "who accepts bitcoin as payment," because renters on can pay for next month's rent with the cryptocurrency. We’re a group of renters and landlords who knew there had to be a better way to rent. Today, we use AI, automation, and new technologies to continue ...

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New apartment building in Arbutus Ridge.

These Brand New Apartments Are The Best Place To Live In Arbutus Ridge

One of Vancouver's most stunning neighbourhoods just got a new addition of brand new apartments that are the best place to live in Arbutus Ridge. The luxurious Arbutus Residences, which are managed by Maple Leaf Property Management, is open for pre-leasing now. It expects to welcome its first residents as early as July 1, 2021, although this anticipated move-in date is subject to change. This building even has LEED Gold certification, which ...

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The best toronto rentals websites include

Toronto’s 9 Best Apartment Rental Websites

If you're looking for your next Toronto home, you might feel like you have a daunting task ahead of you. At, we know renting can be easy, so let us show you how. To help you save time, we're going over all the best apartment rental sites in Toronto for when you need to start the search for your next home. You can get the latest updates on the Toronto ...

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The Arbutus Ridge Neighbourhood Map Guide.

Neighbourhood Guide: Arbutus Ridge

Quite simply one of the most "Vancouver" of all the Vancouver neighbourhoods, let's take a visit to quiet and leafy Arbutus Ridge. This is an area of the city that has only a few exclusive rental properties because it's largely residential and filled with single-family homes. However, as it's growing and developing in areas, there are new opportunities to move into this area and make it your home. We are ...

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