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The 11 best rental websites in Los Angeles

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Greg Park

Greg Park

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Published on February 02, 2024

Finding a place to rent or posting a listing in Los Angeles becomes a much smoother journey when you choose the right rental website. The key lies in finding a platform that guides you effortlessly through the rental process, ensuring your safety and simplifying the usual tasks. Renters and landlords may have different preferences, but everyone appreciates a user-friendly, cost-effective platform that’s well-known in the local community. To help you make informed choices about where to start your housing search or list your property, has compiled a straightforward guide to the best and most popular rental websites in Los Angeles for finding and posting apartments and homes for rent.

How to find apartments for rent in Los Angeles

The general process for finding apartments or houses for rent in Los Angeles isn’t much different from elsewhere in the United States, aside from the platforms available to you. While some renters may still prefer to canvas the neighbourhoods they’re interested in in-person, keeping an eye out for for vacancy signs, the majority of renters will take advantage of technology to browse listings. Modern landlords also know that renters are increasingly searching online, and as a result you’ll find that almost every available property in your area is listed online for renters to inquire and arrange viewings.

The main challenge facing renters is deciding which rental website will be the most beneficial in helping them find apartments for rent in Los Angeles. Not all rental websites are built equally, and where you choose to conduct your search will influence not just how much time and money you spend on the rental process, but also how safe & secure you are during your search.

To help simplify your decision, we’ve broken down some of the best and most popular rental websites in Los Angeles to give you a better sense of where you should begin your search for a new place.


the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - is number 1 is a Canadian all-in-one rental platform that’s launching soon in the United States. The platform is uniquely focused on providing a safe and streamlined experience for renters and landlords, verifying both profiles and listings to protect its users. As you can see, unsurprisingly scores a perfect 10/10, and has a variety of features for every stage of the rental process – for both landlords & renters.


On, tenants can easily search through verified listings using a variety of filters and even a map view, then quickly message landlords for more information using built-in instant chat. From there, they can submit applications, book viewings and even sign digital contracts directly through the online platform.


For landlords, provides pre-filled listing templates to help you create attractive, effective listing pages, including a newly added Smart Description feature which uses AI to write an engaging listing description for you, plus tools to allow for sharing to other platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Simply put, is the best website to post a rental property for landlords.


the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - is number 2

For both renters and landlords, has a lot of the basics you need to rent a place in Los Angeles. Available in major cities across the U.S., this popular platform has attractive listings including some verified posts from known rental management groups, giving renters a safe and easy option for their next rental search.


Renters will find plenty of listings in L.A. on and can find a clear breakdown of the included features and amenities for each unit. The map view makes searching for listings easy and it’s fairly simple to inquire & apply to properties you’re interested in, though the site doesn’t have a built-in chat features so you’ll need to get in touch with landlords through email or phone.


Landlords will find an assortment of marketing and organizational tools to help get their listing faster, and also allows for tenant screening and rent collection directly within the platform for an all-in-one experience. Posting and managing listings is simple, however the popular platform does lack a built-in sharing feature as well as instant chat with tenants.

Rental network has its own network of sites including and These sites have similar features, with varying amounts of listings depending on location.

3. Zumper

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - Zumper is number 3

Similar to, Zumper is another all-in-one rental platform that’s popular with L.A. renters and landlords. On top of a user-friendly layout, Zumper has features to help landlords and tenants streamline every stage of the rental process, including tenant screening and rent payment & collection.


For renters, Zumper is a convenient way to browse and apply for listings thanks to its straightforward layout. With that being said, the site does lack the comprehensive security and verification features that has, though it does allow for the entire rental process to be completed within the site and there are some measures in place to prevent fake landlords and listings.


Zumper has 9/10 features, including built-in sharing to other sites and a variety of tools to help you create and share listings. The only area where the site falters is in its security protocols, which aren’t as in-depth as other platforms. Overall, this platform’s wide range of features put it in contention for the best rental websites in Los Angeles.

4. Zillow

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - Zillow is number 4

Zillow is primarily a platform for buying and selling real estate, but the site is also a popular place for renters & landlords, especially in metropolitan areas of the United States and Canada. The platform has a variety of tools to simplify the lives of both landlords and renters, although it’s three features shy of a perfect 10/10.


Zillow is fairly easy to browse thanks to a handy map view and a simple, easy-to-navigate layout. Renters can also request to book showings/submit applications directly from the listing page using pre-set forms. It’s also handy to be able to see exactly when listings were posted front and center to save time applying to outdated posts.


Zillow has a good range of descriptors and options for creating great-looking listings which include room for tons of photos as well as 3D tours. The site also provides a convenient neighborhood map for all listings, in addition to an FAQ section that gives more information about the property and its location. Zillow has a number of convenient features for managing rentals as well, including rent payments and digital contracts, though it lacks some marketing and organizational tools.

Rental network

The Zillow Group has a network of rental platforms including Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and StreetEasy. Landlords can manage their listings through the Zillow Rental Manager and share their listings to other sites in the Zillow network.

5. Westside Rentals

the best apartment rental websites in Los Angeles via - Westside Rentals is number 5

Westside Rentals is one of the most popular rental websites in the Los Angeles area and is used by landlords and renters throughout California. Specializing in Southern California, the marketplace site was created in 1996 and boasts over 180,000 listings as of the time of writing.


For renters, Westside Rentals is a great place to start your search due to the sheer number of listings available. The platform also takes steps to protect renters by verifying listings, which you can easily see with verified badges on postings.


For landlords, renting on Westside Rentals is a great way to get exposure for your Los Angeles rental property. Since the platform is so popular with locals, many renters start their search here – plus, Westside Rentals is now part of the network so landlords can take advantage of other sites within the network to reach even more potential applicants.

Rental network

Westside Rentals is part of the network, which also includes sites like and These sites have similar features, with varying amounts of listings depending on location.

6. Apartment Finder

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - ApartmentFinder is number 5

Mainly appealing to renters, Apartment Finder is great for those looking for rentals on a budget as it clearly identifies deals and has plenty of search features for easy browsing. The detailed pricing info is also of benefit to landlords as it helps ensure your listing stays competitive.


Apartment Finder helps connect renters with listings within their budget through a number of convenient features. Listings have tags showing things like recent price drops, best value, and rent specials to ensure you’re getting a good deal, and it’s easy to search either through the filters or with the convenient map view.


It’s easy for landlords to create eye-catching listings and find suitable renters in L.A. with Apartment Finder. The site is straightforward to use and helps advertise your listings through built-in marketing features and a centralized inbox for fielding inquiries.

7. Apartment List

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - Apartment List is number 5

Apartment List is newer to the rental scene than some of the other options, but has amassed a wide following with over five million total listings on the platform. Renters and landlords in the Los Angeles area for its easy-to-use site and plentiful resources, and the convenient “matchmaker” layout gives renters a concise list of properties that meet their requirements.


Renters looking for a more hands-off renting experience love Apartment List as it takes into account your profile and preferences to present a shortlist of apartments for rent that match their criteria. After answering a few simple question, you’ll be presented with a list of rentals with descriptors to identify places with rent savings. However, if you’d like to search beyond this list, Apartment List doesn’t offer as many search options as other platforms which can make it harder to browse manually.


Apartment List is similarly easy to use for landlords and their apartment matching feature can help filter out unqualified applicants from the get-go. The process isn’t as easy as with some other platforms however as you’ll need to register your credentials first before being able to post listings.

8. HotPads

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - HotPads is number 8

Another popular platform in the Los Angeles area, HotPads offers a number of convenient features for renters and landlords. The site is easy to post and search on, with a wide assortment of houses and apartments for rent across L.A. and surrounding areas.


For renters, one of the most useful features available on HotPads is the convenient “My Hub”, where you can keep track of all the rental properties you’re interested in or have applied to. The site also makes searching easy with separate categories for Apartments and Houses, plus plenty of filters to streamline your search.


For landlords, listing your property for rent on HotPads is easy and convenient. The platform is especially popular in the L.A. area, so you’ll likely want to take advantage of it if you’re looking to fill vacancies quickly.

Rental network

The Zillow Group has a network of rental platforms including Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and StreetEasy. Landlords can manage their listings through the Zillow Rental Manager and share their listings to other sites in the Zillow network.

9. Trulia

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - Trulia is number 7

Trulia serves as a valuable resource for both landlords and renters in L.A. For landlords, it offers a broad audience reach, ensuring visibility among potential tenants. Renters benefit from an intuitive interface, simplifying their search with detailed property listings and neighborhood insights on Trulia.


Trulia has homes for sale and rent with a number of features that make it an attractive option for renters in particular. Having access to neighborhood photos and reviews from other residents can be a big help if you’re new in town or relocating, and its assortment of search filters creates an easy browsing experience for tenants.


Trulia is part of the Zillow network, so landlords can easily post their rental listing to both platforms and take advantage of the platform’s rental management features. This provides a vast audience right away, and the process is simple, however the site does lack some time-saving features like a centralized inbox and instant chat.

Rental network

The Zillow Group has a network of rental platforms including Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and StreetEasy. Landlords can manage their listings through the Zillow Rental Manager and share their listings to other sites in the Zillow network.

10. PadMapper

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - PadMapper is number 8

PadMapper is another popular rental website in Los Angeles due to its convenient map view for efficient browsing, as well as a variety of built-in search filters. The site is fairly streamlined in terms of appearance and features, but works quite well and is simple to use for what it does.


PadMapper lets renters browse with ease thanks to an interactive map and various filters. As far as communications, PadMapper allows tenants to send messages with their phone number and email address to get in touch with landlords. The platform doesn’t mention any specific security or verification processes, though it does require a precise address in order to post a listing.


PadMapper is a simple, effective way for landlords to get their listings posted quickly, though the site doesn’t offer support for much beyond inquiries. The site’s map view is extremely easy to navigate though, a feature which tenants still gravitate towards.

Rental network

PadMapper is part of the Zumper network. Listings can either be posted through PadMapper’s “Post-a-Pad” tool or by using Zumper Pro to share their listing to both sites.

11. Craigslist

the best apartment rental websites in Seattle via - Craigslist is number 9

If you’ve ever rented before, you’re likely already familiar with Craigslist. The marketplace site has long been the go-to place to post and find rental listings, as well as a variety of other goods & services, due to its pared-down appeal and ease of use. Though it may come out on top in terms of the number of listings available, the site lacks many of the security features renters and landlords should look for in a rental website in Los Angeles.


Renters can easily browse the site using a good selection of filters. For applications, Craigslist lists landlords’ email addresses and/or phone numbers for renters to get in touch. Do use caution when applying to rentals on Craigslist though – since there’s little in the way of verification, it’s not uncommon to come across rental scams on the site.


Craigslist does provide a basic listing template including room for plenty of photos. The site also allows for a map view of each property and provides ample room for a description, as well as pre-set options for details about the unit. Renters can easily browse for rentals using a good selection of filters. For applications, Craigslist lists landlords’ email addresses and/or phone numbers for renters to get in touch.

What renters should look for in a rental website

When choosing where to look for a place to rent, renters should take into account the following factors:

  • Verified landlords & listings – Rental scams are a common sight in the current market, and it’s important for renters to be able to distinguish real listings from fake ones meant to swindle them out of their hard-earned money. The safest way to go about this is to choose a rental website with multi-layered, manual verification protocols that can reliably spot and block suspicious listings and user profiles.
  • Customizable search filters – Looking for listings can be a lot of work without the right tools. To save you time in your search, opt for a rental website with lots of options for searching, such as number of bedrooms & bathrooms, pet policy, contract duration, and included amenities to streamline your quest for the perfect place.
  • Security features – Renters are required to submit a variety of personal and financial information throughout the rental process, and it’s important that you’re sure where this information is going and how it’s being used. Ideally, choose a rental website with a clear privacy policy that won’t sell your data. – Canada’s trusted house & apartment rental website

Search apartments, condos, and homes for rent.

  • Verified Landlords: Rent from a trusted landlord. Look for the “ID Verified” tag to identify which landlords have been pre-screened.
  • Quality Rentals: Browse listings that have been checked by our team. Verified by official documents or by mail.
  • One-Click Applications: Fill out your Renter Resume once and apply to multiple listings in just a few clicks.
  • What landlords should look for in a rental website

    • Tenant screening features Protecting your property investment should be a priority for every landlord. The wrong tenants can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and missed rent payments, so it’s important to utilize a tenant screening tool like the Trust Score that goes beyond a credit check, giving you a complete picture of tenants’ reliability.
    • All-in-one tools – Today’s landlords live busy lives, and deserve a rental website that can keep up, helping them save time at every stage of the rental process. While listing sites are great for sharing your listing to in order to expand its reach, landlords can make their leaves easier with a platform that supports listing, leasing, and signing contracts & receiving rent payments in one place.
    • Flexible pricing plans Some rental websites in Los Angeles charge a listing fee or a percentage charge for ongoing use of their services. Especially if you’re just getting started as a landlord, you’ll want to keep as much of your profits as possible with free listings and optional pay-per-use features to give you greater flexibility.

    Renters: what is the best website to find apartments for rent in Los Angeles?

    Given the rapid rise in rental scams in recent years, renters looking for apartments for rent in Los Angeles should put their safety & security first when it comes to choosing a rental website. Particularly for first-time renters, students, or those renting from abroad, using a rental website that safeguards you from the stress and financial burden of scams is vitally important. In the absence of face-to-face communications, there are plenty of opportunities for dishonest or deceitful behaviour on either end of the rental process. Our goal at is to reduce the risk of potential scams by helping connect verified landlords & tenants to build a trusted rental community.

    Not only is safe, it’s also incredibly easy for renters to use thanks to time-saving features like listing alerts, tons of customizable search filters, and video tours to allow you to browse listings with ease. To make your applications even easier, you’ll only need to fill out your profile once and can then apply to multiple listings with just a few quick clicks.

    Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on getting started searching for listings on

    Landlords: where should you post apartments for rent in Lps Angeles?

    As a landlord, your main focus should be creating a profitable rental business while also ensuring your property is protected from troublesome tenants who can lead to damage, complaints, missed payments, and other costly issues. While most landlords will already be familiar with popular websites like Craigslist, the rental scene has evolved with new, all-in-one options creating a far easier and safer way to rent in L.A.

    For these reasons, landlords unsure of where to post their listing for rent should be sure to check out The Vancouver-based platform’s broad range of features make it the best-in-class, while flexible pricing plans let both landlords and property managers find an option that works for them. It’s completely free to post unlimited listings, as well as access the majority of’s time-saving features.

    If you’re searching for an easier way to list and manage your rentals, be sure to sign up for today.

    FAQ: The best rental websites in Los Angeles

    Is it expensive to rent in Los Angeles?

    Renting in Los Angeles can be relatively expensive, with prices varying based on the neighbourhood and property type, as well as the time of year. Prices fluctuate all the time, so it’s always best to check the latest data to get a sense of how much you’ll be paying.

    What is the best site to find apartments in Los Angeles?

    Coming soon to the United States, is a Canadian-based all-in-one rental platform that prides itself on safety, security, and convenience. Compared to the other platforms listed here, is the only rental website in Los Angeles with a full 10/10 features as well as industry-leading verification processes.

    Is it hard to get an apartment in Los Angeles?

    Securing an apartment in Los Angeles can often be competitive, as the demand often outpaces the available units, though the degree of competition varies depending on the time of year and what your needs and budget are. It’s essential to be prepared with the necessary documentation and act quickly when you find a suitable place.

    Can you hire someone to find you an apartment in Los Angeles?

    Yes, there are services and real estate agents available in Los Angeles that can assist in finding an apartment for you, but it’s essential to research and choose reputable professionals. For the most part, renters will be able to find their own place to rent in Los Angeles by taking advantage of rental websites like the ones listed here.

    What site has the most rentals?

    In terms of volume, sites like Zillow, Zumper, Westside Rentals, and Craigslist are among the most popular options for rental listings in Los Angeles.

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