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The top 5 cheapest areas to rent in Calgary

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Greg Park

Greg Park

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Published on March 01, 2024

Calgary has become one of Canada’s most popular destinations for newcomers and those relocating from other parts of the country. Among its many charms are an increasingly young population and of course, far lower rent prices than major markets like Vancouver and Toronto. But as demand for accommodations in Calgary grows, the city’s rental rates have climbed significantly – making it harder for budget-minded renters to find a good deal. To help guide you in your search for rental housing, has compiled this guide to the cheapest areas to rent in Calgary, based on data from our latest Calgary & Edmonton Rent Report.

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map of Calgary, Alberta, Canada showing the 5 cheapest areas to rent via liv rent

Average rent in Calgary

Calgary was once known to have some of the cheapest average rent prices in the country, but rates have risen significantly in more recent times. Below, you can see the city-wide average rent for one-bedroom furnished and unfurnished units as of’s February 2024 Calgary & Edmonton Rent Report.

average unfurnished and furnished one-bedroom rent prices in Calgary, Alberta for's February 2024 Calgary and Edmonton Rent Report

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Where is the cheapest area to rent in Calgary?

The cheapest area to rent in Calgary can change based on the time of year, rental market trends, unit type, and other factors. At the time of writing, Northeast Calgary has the cheapest average rent prices in terms of one-bedroom furnished and unfurnished units. It’s important to note that this merely reflects an average and is subject to change based on supply and demand.

When choosing where to rent in Calgary, it’s important to take into account proximity to work and school, amenities, and overall vibe to find a perfect fit with your lifestyle. Below, we’ve ranked the top 5 cheapest areas to rent in as well as compared some key attributes of each quadrant to help renters make informed decisions about where in the city they’ll move to.

1. Northeast Calgary

Average rent in Northeast Calgary

The Northeast quadrant is consistently among the cheapest areas to rent in Calgary, with an average rent price of $1,480/month for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit as of February 2024.

Quadrant breakdown: Northeast Calgary

About: Northeast Calgary is known for its vibrant cultural diversity and family-friendly atmosphere. Home to the beautiful Prairie Winds Park, residents enjoy outdoor activities and community events. Its proximity to major transit arteries like Deerfoot Trail ensures convenient connectivity for commuters.

Rental housing in Northeast Calgary:

2. Northwest Calgary

Average rent in Northwest Calgary

Also on the north side of the city, Northwest Calgary has the second-cheapest rent prices as of the time of writing, with a one-bedroom unfurnished unit renting for an average of $1,619/month. One-bedroom furnished units are even cheaper on average, renting for $1,532/month.

Quadrant breakdown: Northwest Calgary

About: Northwest Calgary boasts scenic views of the Rocky Mountains and is characterized by upscale communities and excellent schools. The iconic Nose Hill Park offers a natural retreat, and the area’s accessibility to major transit routes, including Crowchild Trail, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between nature and urban amenities.

Rental housing in Northwest Calgary:

3. Southeast Calgary

Average rent in Southeast Calgary

Southeast Calgary’s vast network of trails and scenic views are in high demand, but the popular area still has rental rates below the city’s average. As of the time of writing, a one-bedroom unfurnished unit in Southeast Calgary rents for an average of $1,636, which makes it the third-cheapest area of the city.

Quadrant breakdown: Southeast Calgary

About: Southeast Calgary stands out for its growing communities and the expansive Fish Creek Provincial Park, providing residents with recreational opportunities and serene landscapes. With convenient access to major transit arteries like Stoney Trail, this area is appealing to families and nature enthusiasts alike.

Rental housing in Southeast Calgary:

4. Southwest Calgary

Average rent in Southwest Calgary

A primarily residential area with plenty of different types of housing available to rent or own, Southwest Calgary is among the most expensive areas of the city to rent in with a monthly average rent price of $1,786 for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit as of February 2024.

Quadrant breakdown: Southwest Calgary

About: Southwest Calgary is renowned for its affluent neighborhoods and proximity to the scenic Glenmore Reservoir. Residents enjoy outdoor activities and cultural events, while efficient transit connections along Macleod Trail enhance accessibility to the city center and beyond.

Rental housing in Southwest Calgary:

5. Calgary City Centre

Average rent in Calgary City Centre

Calgary City Centre is the heart of the city, and unsurprisingly ranks towards the bottom of the cheapest areas to rent in Calgary. As of the time of writing, a one-bedroom unfurnished unit in Calgary City Centre rents for an average of $1,803/month.

Quadrant breakdown: Calgary City Centre

About: Calgary City Centre is the bustling heart of the city, featuring iconic landmarks like the Calgary Tower and Prince’s Island Park. With a mix of business, entertainment, and cultural amenities, this area is a hub for urban living. The CTrain network provides excellent transit options, connecting residents to various neighborhoods and attractions.

Rental housing in Northeast Calgary:

How to find cheap places to rent in Calgary

The best way to find cheap places to rent in Calgary is to search for listings online. In today’s rental market, most landlords will post their properties for rent on one of the many popular listing sites, where renters can message them for details, submit applications, and even sign a lease agreement.

Searching for listings on is quick, easy, and safe. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on searching efficiently using’s various filters and features:

How to avoid rental scams in Calgary

When choosing where to search for listings, it’s always best to prioritize platforms with built-in security measures, since rental scams are becoming more prevalent across Canada. To help combat this danger, manually verifies both landlords and listings to keep our users safe. We request that landlords verify their identity through government-issued photo ID, with listings verified through documents like property tax forms, or through a one-time code mailed to the address on file.

Regardless of where you search, these are some warning signs to look out for that mean you may be dealing with a rental scam:

  • Scam #1 Rent is too low
    If the rental rate seems shockingly below the rental average for the city, it could be a fake listing.
  • Scam #2 Urgent demands for cash
    Renters don’t have to pay for anything until a lease is signed. So, if someone’s pressuring you to send cash now, don’t do it.
  • Scam #3 Too much info
    Until you’re 100% ready to move forward with a lease, you’re not obligated to share your bank account or SIN number.
  • Scam #4 Not enough details
    While some smaller landlords may withhold unit numbers for privacy, you should know the exact address of the unit you’re looking at. without that info, it could be a scam.

Pro tip: rent from ID-verified landlords on to avoid scams.

Resources for Calgary renters

For more information on renting in Calgary including Alberta rental laws and using to streamline your rental process, renters can consult the guides below or see our blog for more tips & resources.

FAQ: The cheapest areas to rent in Calgary

Where is the cheapest place to live in Calgary?

As of February 2024, the cheapest area of Calgary to rent in is the city’s Northeast quadrant based on data. Rental rates are always fluctuating, so be sure to consult our latest monthly rent report for the most up-to-date information.

What is the average cost of rent per month in Calgary?

Looking at a city-wide average, a one-bedroom unfurnished unit rents for $1,665/month in Calgary. One-bedroom furnished units rent for an average of $1,802/month.

As you can see from this post though, prices vary across the city’s different quadrants so doing your research when browsing for listings is key.

Where is the highest rent in Calgary?

At the time of writing, the quadrant with the highest average rent prices in Calgary is Calgary City Centre with a one-bedroom unit costing $1,803/month.

Why is rent so expensive in Calgary?

While average rental rates have increased across Calgary recently, the city is still cheaper to rent in than other major Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Factors affecting the city’s rental rates include increased demand from interprovincial migrants.

Is it hard to find a rental in Calgary?

Finding a rental in Calgary has become harder in recent years as demand increases and vacancy rates drop, however, renters can still secure a place with the right tools. To make your search more efficient, it’s a good idea to set up listing alerts with your search parameters saved, and cast a wide net when applying for places.

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