Tenant insurance: what is it and why do you need it?

11 Trustworthy Tenant Insurance Providers For Renters In Ontario

You might have heard of tenant insurance before and thought that it wasn't for you. But tenant insurance can help you secure a rental in Toronto more easily, and — should disaster strike — it can be a lifeline. In fact, the difference between having it and not having it can be life-changing. But what is tenant insurance, and do you even need to get it? In this post, we're going to ...

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Do apartments credit check when you apply?

What Kind Of Credit Score Do You Need To Rent An Apartment?

Renters have to get well organized and be prepared to share some personal information if they want to get an apartment. Credit checks are important for landlords and property managers because it's a standardized way for them to see if a potential tenant is reliable and will be able to pay their rent on time. But what is a credit score, and what kind of credit score do you need to ...

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Evictions In Ontario: Everything You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know About Eviction in Ontario

Eviction is one of the toughest things you can experience while renting. The process can be long, confusing, and stressful. For any Toronto renters and landlords who find themselves having to deal with an eviction, Ontario has some guidelines that you need to know. To make sure you’re protected and clear about the next steps, you’ll want to be aware of the rules— and your responsibilities. This will make ...

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The Toronto Standard Lease Explained By liv.rent

Ontario Standard Lease Explained

The last thing you want to do after finding your dream apartment or dream tenant is more paperwork. But figuring out what’s going on in your new Ontario standard lease doesn’t have to be harder than finding an affordable place in Yorkville. We’re going to break down exactly what you need to know before you put your signature on anything. What is Ontario’s standard lease agreement? What should be on a rental ...

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Top 10 Tips for Renting an Apartment in Toronto (2021)

It's a renter’s market right now. Toronto, like most major cities in Canada, has an ample supply of rental accommodation available. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has seen student and immigration numbers plummet; thereby, reducing demand. In addition, travel restrictions and related quarantine requirements have compelled many short-term rentals to convert to long-term rentals. Lastly, a number of developments completed just as the pandemic was setting in, further adding to ...

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FAQ: Tenant Responsibilities when Moving Out in Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions: Tenant Responsibilities when moving out in Ontario Though many are reluctant to move home during the COVID-19 pandemic, life sometimes forces the change. Students return home early, roommates leave, or maybe, a new, attractive rental opportunity arises. For many in Ontario, navigating a move may be new to them. Understanding how to provide notice to a landlord, collect and provide deposits, terminate or initiate a lease, may ...

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Best Canadian Cities for Immigration

People from around the world look to Canada as a safe haven. Known for its natural beauty, multiculturalism, universal healthcare, and an open-minded citizenry, Canada is a coveted destination for newcomers. And due to an aging population, Canada needs immigrants to augment the work force and sustain, as well as grow, the economy. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Canada's immigration minister announced an ambitious, new Immigration Levels ...

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Best Cities to Study in Canada for International Students

Canada is our home. We take pride in its natural beauty, vibrant cities, and its stable democracy. In addition, our universities and other learning institutions are highly regarded globally. All these factors combine to attract a steady stream of students from around the world who add to the vitality and character of our country.  If you are considering beginning, or continuing, your studies in Canada, there are many factors to ...

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