liv.rent's guide to rental vocabulary - terms, words, and definitions for landlords & renters

Rental dictionary: 75 essential terms for renters & landlords

For all but the most experienced landlords and renters, the many words that get thrown around throughout the rental process can get confusing quickly. From addendums to wear & tear, you may hear some unfamiliar terms as you're renting – which is why liv.rent has compiled this dictionary: to help both renters and landlords make sense of the often convoluted lingo of the rental industry. Use this resource as your ...

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FAQ: Landlord-Tenant Responsibilities in Alberta, Canada

FAQ: Landlord & tenant responsibilities in Alberta

With any tenancy, the question will inevitably arise: who's responsible for what? Landlord responsibilities and tenant responsibilities vary by province, and Alberta is no exception. Things like mowing the lawn, shovelling snow, and cleaning carpets, can all be grey areas for landlords and renters but thankfully – the Residential Tenancies Act and Minimum Housing and Health Standards in Alberta lay out clear guidelines for who is to perform what duties ...

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the best housing off campus at York University in Toronto via liv rent

The best off-campus housing for York University students

Schools are back in session across the country, but if you're still on the hunt for the perfect off-campus housing near York University, it's not too late! The fall semester may have already begun, but there are plenty of short-term and long-term rentals within the Greater Toronto Area still up for grabs. Whether you're attending York University's Keele Campus in North York, the Glendon Campus to the south, or plan ...

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the best month to month apartment rentals in Toronto, Ontario by type, location, occupation, and more - plus tips for renting

The best month-to-month rentals in the Greater Toronto Area

There are a number of reasons why renters may seek short-term housing. Greater flexibility, less commitment, or sometimes simply because their work or school situation requires it. Month-to-month leases are perhaps the most common type of short-term lease, and there are usually quite a few options for renters seeking this kind of arrangement – particularly in a major city like Toronto. Still, especially for newcomers to the city, it can ...

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off campus guide to Toronto Metropolitan University formerly known as Ryerson. Best neighbourhoods, tips for renting, and more via liv rent

The best off-campus housing at Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly known as Ryerson University, is Downtown Toronto's third-largest post-secondary institution, behind only The University of Toronto and York University. The breadth of the school's programs and its excellent reputation both within Canada and internationally mean thousands of students move to Toronto each year to attend the school. While Toronto Metropolitan University does offer student residences, a spot in them isn't guaranteed for first-year students, and upper-year ...

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liv.rent's FAQ about rent deposits, security deposits, damage deposits and more in Alberta, Canada

FAQ: Everything you need to know about rent deposits in Alberta

Every Canadian province has its own rules regarding rent deposits. How and when they can be collected, what types of deposits are permitted, and the rules for their return all vary greatly depending on where you're renting, and Alberta is no exception. Whether you're a landlord or tenant, it's important to familiarize yourself with how rent deposits work in Alberta so that you're aware of your rights and responsibilities. To ...

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What is Ontario’s maximum allowable rent increase?

Another year means the possibility of another rent increase for Ontario renters and landlords. After a temporary rent freeze in 2021, the province's Landlord and Tenant Board has resumed the release of yearly rent increase guidelines, with the latest numbers for 2023 announced in June. For those worried about steep rent hikes though, rest assured — landlords can only raise the rent up to a maximum amount dictated by the ...

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guide to off campus housing at the university of waterloo via liv rent

The best off-campus housing for University of Waterloo students

The University of Waterloo welcomes over 40,000 students each year, almost all of whom will live off-campus at some point during their studies. As such, the city of Waterloo and nearby Kitchener have developed a reputation as being student towns – with plenty of rental housing for those attending UW and the many other post-secondary schools in the area. With so many options out there, it can be hard for ...

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The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of those cities that truly has something for everyone. Between the city's mild temperatures, breathtaking natural setting, and urban convenience, it's no wonder the city has such an active rental market. These factors are also what makes the city such a great place for families. Combined with excellent schools across the city and quiet, tree-lined streets just outside of a busy downtown core, Vancouver is truly the ...

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the 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto via liv.rent

The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto

Toronto is more known for its towering skyscrapers and status as Canada's financial de facto financial capital, but don't less this fool you – the city has plenty of neighbourhoods that are excellent places for families, many of which are just outside the downtown core. In fact, Toronto has elementary and secondary schools practically everywhere across the city's massive geographic area, not to mention some of the country's most prestigious ...

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