8 Tips To Avoid Rental Scams in Vancouver

FEATURE: ILLUSTRATION BY MARIANA YATSUDA IKUTA As law-abiding and polite as Canadians might be, there are a few bad apples out there who attempt to scam renters. Vancouver is no exception. In fact, given how hot the Vancouver rental market is, it is no surprise that you'll discover that rental scams exist. Finding a place to rent in Vancouver is difficult enough and the last thing you want to deal ...

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Deposit Debrief – Your Questions on Security Deposits Answered

Unsure about handing extra money over to your new landlord?  Here we've outlined the basics with respect to security and pet deposits in the province of British Columbia. These rules are sometimes revised so the ultimate source should always be the Residential Tenancy Branch. Security Deposit A security deposit often called a damage deposit is paid to the landlord before a tenancy begins and protects the landlord from unforeseen damage caused by a ...

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Rental Repairs – Who is Responsible for What?

You’ve signed a lease on a new apartment and you’re excited about your new digs…but what if things don’t work according to plan. The electrical outlet that will power your beloved Nespresso machine is dead or the sink perpetually drips? What to do? Well, before moving in, be sure to conduct your own inspection preferably alongside a property manager or landlord. Make note of things that aren’t functioning properly, taking ...

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Property Maintenance – Someone’s Gotta Do It

What are tenants responsible for? Renters often get a bad rap – a reputation as messy, careless and disrespectful to properties. This is really unfortunate given the majority of renters who do treat their rental home like it was their own. Maintaining a property is the shared responsibility of both landlords and tenants. Landlords must ensure it is clean, safe and livable before new tenants move in but once in, the best ...

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Share and Share Alike: Best Apps To Manage Utilities

Having roommates is an economic necessity for many and a preferred choice for others wanting a little more elbow room that a 2+ bedroom affords. However, the payment logistics of shared expenses can cause friction or unwanted complexity to these living arrangements. Here are five apps to help ensure persistent roommate pain points are avoided and living together is a beautiful thing. Splitwise A free tool for friends and roommates, this app helps ...

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Awesome Apartment Amenities

When you’ve narrowed your list to 2 or 3 possible apartment rentals, what will sway you toward one over the other (provided, of course, you are the preferred tenant for all of them)? Will it be proximity to transit, permitted pets, or to die for amenities? In order to attract more desirable tenants, landlords and builders are coming up with innovative amenities to appeal to the modern lifestyle. Here we review ...

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Rental

Besides the obvious – a front door, running water and electricity – there are some other things a prospective renter should look for. We’ve compiled a list of important considerations that are often overlooked: Storage This is so important and yet so often forgotten when you fall in love with a unit. Unless you have few hobbies and live the life of an ascetic monk, chances are you’ll need space to store ...

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Liv Score Illustration

What is a Liv Score?

Liv Score is an intelligent rating system designed to establish your reliability and credibility as a renter when you apply for apartments online. Using a powerful algorithm that corroborates your information with LinkedIn and your financial record, the Liv Score gives landlords a secure and accurate measure of your integrity simplifying their selection process. How does it work? A credit check is conducted by Equifax and provides a comprehensive picture of ...

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