Should you hire a property management company?

For busy landlords, enlisting the help of a well-reputed property management company can be a huge boon to your rental business and save tons of time spent on day-to-day upkeep. With that being said, though, technology has reached a point where many of the typical rental management duties can be automated using the many rental platforms and apps for landlords available on the market today. The question then becomes: do ...

Read More's FAQ about rent deposits, security deposits, damage deposits and more in Alberta, Canada

FAQ: Everything you need to know about rent deposits in Alberta

Every Canadian province has its own rules regarding rent deposits. How and when they can be collected, what types of deposits are permitted, and the rules for their return all vary greatly depending on where you're renting, and Alberta is no exception. Whether you're a landlord or tenant, it's important to familiarize yourself with how rent deposits work in Alberta so that you're aware of your rights and responsibilities. To ...

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the best apps for landlords: productivity, marketing, tenant screening and more via liv rent

The 27 best landlord apps for easier renting

Today's landlords have benefitted greatly from the rapid development of new technologies, with everything from listing to digital contracts helping to automate the rental process. The multitude of new software and apps designed to help landlords and other busy professionals has made it easier and faster than ever to manage your day-to-day operations. Of course, there is such a thing as too much choice though. With hundreds, even thousands of ...

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best neighbourhoods to invest in real estate in Toronto via liv rent

The 5 best neighbourhoods to invest in real estate in Toronto

Canada's housing market has been notoriously turbulent in recent times, but there are still plenty of opportunities for savvy investors to make a profit. Particularly in major urban centres like Toronto, demand for rental housing is higher than ever as students and renters in general return from abroad. This makes for a great opportunity to enter or re-enter the real estate market, whether you're looking to purchase your first property ...

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What is Ontario’s maximum allowable rent increase?

Another year means the possibility of another rent increase for Ontario renters and landlords. After a temporary rent freeze in 2021, the province's Landlord and Tenant Board has resumed the release of yearly rent increase guidelines, with the latest numbers for 2023 announced in June. For those worried about steep rent hikes though, rest assured — landlords can only raise the rent up to a maximum amount dictated by the ...

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best neighbourhoods to invest in real estate in Metro Vancouver

The 5 best neighbourhoods to invest in real estate in Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is known across Canada for two things: unmatched natural splendour, and high home prices. Rising interest rates may alleviate some of this pressure though, precipitating significant price drops in Vancouver's real estate market, albeit with higher mortgage rates to match. With the city's rent prices still higher than ever, this makes for a great opportunity to enter or re-enter the real estate market – whether you're looking to ...

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interest rates and rental properties what landlords need to know via liv rent

[Updated September 7, 2022] Rising interest rates and rental properties: what landlords need to know

Inflation and the corresponding rise in interest rates are on nearly every Canadian's mind right now. Practically everywhere one looks, there's talk about the far-reaching consequences of these important financial indicators – but how will these seismic shifts affect landlords and real estate investors? Those who own rental properties will certainly feel the impact of Canada's rising interest rates, in a number of important ways. We're already seeing rent ...

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should you rent your unit as short term vs long term liv rent

Short-term vs. long-term rentals: which are right for you?

Landlords have a lot of decisions to make throughout the rental process, but the duration of the lease agreement is one factor that's often taken for granted. While one-year leases have long been the standard for Canadian landlords, there has been growing interest in short-term rental contracts as of late – that is, lease agreements ranging from 1-6 months in duration. These types of arrangements can be more profitable under ...

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the 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto via

The 8 best neighbourhoods for families in Toronto

Toronto is more known for its towering skyscrapers and status as Canada's financial de facto financial capital, but don't less this fool you – the city has plenty of neighbourhoods that are excellent places for families, many of which are just outside the downtown core. In fact, Toronto has elementary and secondary schools practically everywhere across the city's massive geographic area, not to mention some of the country's most prestigious ...

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rental vacancy rates in the city of toronto for 2022

Rental Vacancy Rates In The City Of Toronto

The latest data from the Canadian Mortage and Housing Corporation is in, and there's plenty for both renters and landlords to be aware of concerning 2021's rental vacancy rates in Toronto. Here, will be looking at vacancy rates across the City of Toronto and beyond, contextualizing this year's numbers in terms of how they compare across Canada, as well as to Vancouver specifically. What is Toronto's rental vacancy rate? Vacancy rates ...

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