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Stratas – Everything You Need To Know

What is a strata? In Vancouver, the most common form of strata housing is a condo. Typically these are apartments, townhouses, duplexes or even single family homes owned by a governing body known as the strata corporation - or strata for short.  However, a strata can also be land, just rarely in Vancouver. When you buy one of these properties, you become a co-owner of the self-governed, strata corporation and, as ...

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Toronto Rental Stats – September 2019 Snapshot

Toronto Rental Trends This month we take a look at the state of the rental market in Greater Toronto based on September’s figures.  September rental rates increased ever-so-slightly as predicted in our August post and the forecast for October predicts some additional upward pressure on rates. Toronto Furnished vs. Unfurnished Rentals The average rent for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment in September increased slightly to $1,844 from August's $1,839. The average cost of ...

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Residential Tenancy Agreement Explained

Finding a place is hard enough. When it comes to signing the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement, or rental agreement, it's a whole other ballgame. Read on as we break down what you need to know and pay attention to regarding BC Residential Tenancy Agreements. With Liv Rent, we make it easy as any past, current, and upcoming lease contracts signed on our platform can be pulled up and exported in ...

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Tips for Renegotiating Your Lease

How Much Can My Landlord Increase My Rent?

A rent increase is something that concerns every renter in the province. Rest assured, however, your landlord can only raise rents by an amount dictated by the Residential Tenancy Branch of BC (RTB). This is the second year under new provincial regulation that the allowable increase is limited to the cost of inflation. Previous to 2019, old rules permitted landlords to raise rents by the cost of inflation plus 2 ...

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Vancouver Rental Stats – August 2019 Snapshot

Vancouver Rental Trends Let's dive into this month's rental stats for Vancouver by taking a closer look into average rent prices, renter demographics, and rent changes in Greater Vancouver based on August 2019's figures. The numbers this month point to a downward trend in rental rates across the Lower Mainland and a forecast for further downward pressure into September. Vancouver Renter Demographics In August 2019, like July, there were more men actively seeking ...

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8 Tips To Avoid Rental Scams in Vancouver

As law-abiding and polite as Canadians might be, there are a few bad apples out there who attempt to scam renters. Vancouver is no exception. In fact, given how hot the Vancouver rental market is, it is no surprise that you'll discover that rental scams exist. Finding a place to rent in Vancouver is difficult enough and the last thing you want to deal with is financial or identity theft. ...

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Vancouver Rental Stats – June 2019 Snapshot

Let's dive into this month's rental stats for Vancouver by taking a closer look into average rent prices, renter demographics, and rent changes in Greater Vancouver based on June 2019's figures. The most remarkable numbers this month point to an overall drop in rental rates across the Lower Mainland with Downtown Vancouver seeing a 6.42% drop and Surrey an almost 10% drop (9.82%). Vancouver Renter Demographics In June 2019, again, more women ...

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The Empty Homes Tax & How To Avoid It For 2019

What is the Empty Homes Tax? After its first year of implementation, the Empty Homes Tax and Speculation + Vacancy Tax, instituted to target vacant properties, increase vacancy rates and create affordable housing, is estimated to generate $38 million dollars - $8 million more than originally projected. As this wasn't the original intent of the tax, the City is now considering a number of changes. As a quick summary, here is an ...

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Perfect Perch – Easy Ways To Transform Your Balcony

Small space living is made a little better when you have some outdoor space. During warm summer eves, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work, opening the door to your balcony or patio, and decompressing outside. Consider it an extension of your home - deserving of your time, investment and creative touch. Here are some easy ways to transform your balcony into an inviting urban ...

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