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Best Off-Campus Housing for SFU Students

There comes a time when life beyond campus calls. The first decision to be made, is where to live. Below we’ve provided a run down of some North Burnaby neighbourhoods conveniently located near transit that we consider the best areas for off-campus housing for SFU students. Including feature listings that are affordable and convenient for SFU students!

Near Transit

First things first, SFU is a commuter school, that makes living near transit an important factor when looking for off-campus housing as a SFU student. Take advantage of the U-Pass BC  included in your student fees and make note of these four SFU bus routes:

  • 95 B-line | Burrard (formerly 135)
  • 143 | Burquitlam
  • 144 | Metrotown
  • 145 | Production Station

Burnaby Mountain and Lougheed Town Centre

The slopes of Burnaby Mountain are the obvious choice for SFU students to move off of campus but live nearby. The area features a wide variety of housing types – residential towers, low rise condos and single family homes that often rent out rooms or basements to students.  Directly adjacent to campus, check out UniverCity – the award-winning sustainable community that shares the real estate with the university. Lougheed Town Centre is also a great nearby neighbourhood and with its large mall and transit hub, it’s the perfect option for off-campus housing without being too far form SFU!

Feature Listings:

Burnaby Mountain

Lougheed Town Centre

Capitol Hill

Located just down the Burnaby mountain and east of “The Heights”, Capitol Hill offers beautiful views, parks and trails, and recreational amenities.  This area is home to vibrant multicultural and student communities, great neighbourhoods and schools. You can walk your dog down the off-leash trails at Confederation Park or go for a morning swim at the Eilleen Dailly Leisure Pool.

Feature Listing:

The Heights

An extension of Vancouver’s vibrant Hastings-Sunrise community, “The Heights” (aka Burnaby Heights) in Burnaby lies north of Hastings, between Boundary and Gamma Ave. Though a little further from the university, it does offer easy access to all downtown Vancouver (a priority for many university students). Here you’ll find a mix of heritage homes and newer builds side-by-side along beautifully tree-lined streets and incomparable views of the city, mountains and Burrard Inlet. In addition, the business district is home to some of the best Italian delis in town as well as world class restaurants and gelato.

Brentwood Park

Conveniently served by the Skytrain’s Millenium Line, Brentwood has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. This neighbourhood features a wide array of modern condominium options  thanks to recent developments around Brentwood Shopping Centre as well as many established, single family homes. There is a good mix of affordable accommodation ideal for students living alone or sharing with others.   Living here you are approximately 30 minutes away from SFU’s main Burnaby campus and the same, 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver (and the downtown SFU campus).


Burnaby has many more neighbourhoods that offer attractive living options for students. If you are attending classes at the SFU’s downtown campus, you could consider any of the neighbourhoods discussed in our UBC Guide to Off Campus Housing.

Are you new to SFU? Check out these handy tips for SFU students, including the best places to eat around Burnaby Mountain:

Always remember, before you make any decisions, make sure to educate yourself on the ins and outs of renting. Review the following information on renting, leases, tenants’ rights, and dealing with landlords.

To start searching qualified listings near SFU, download the app from the App store or the Google Play store and find your perfect place now!

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