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Effectively advertise your listings

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Fast Listing Creation

List in minutes with our 10,000+ building database to prefill amenity & general building information.
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Multi-Listing Capabilities

Perfect for property managers and landlords managing multiple listings within the same building. Showcase a range of prices and floorplans to help renters easily find what they're looking for.
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Listing Syndication

Share your listing to Craigslist and Kijiji in just a few clicks.
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Listing Optimization

Each listing on is structured so that the data is optimized to make it easy for renters to search and find your listings on search engines.
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Company Profile

Show off your years of experience as a landlord or property manager to prospective tenants.
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Share & Invite to Listings

Share and invite prospective tenants to your listing via phone, email, or a direct link.

Video Tours

Upload and show off your listing through a video up to 10 minutes long.

Quickly find credible renters

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Verified Tenants

Easily identify which renters have verified their profile through a government-issued piece of ID.
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Easy Tenant Screening

Gain a comprehensive overview of prospective tenants through credit checks, income verification, court record verification & more through our Liv Score™.
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Send Digital Contracts

Send auto-filled BC standard Residential Tenancy Agreements for digital signing in minutes, wherever you are.

Instant Chat with Renters

Instantly chat, set up viewings, request for applications, and send/sign digital contracts with prospective renters. All activity will be recorded here for you to access at any time.
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Receive Digital Applications

Stay organized with digital applications from prospective tenants.
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Multi-User Administration

Manage your team and listings with our easy-to-use administration dashboard where you can add, remove, or modify your teams at any time.

Generate Relevant Leads

Generate a list of custom prospective tenants who are looking for a listing just like yours.

Appointment Scheduler

Organize your bookings and export them to your favourite calendar

Digital tools at your fingertips

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Secure Cloud Storage

Experience the ease of the cloud. Access your documents anywhere, any time, and on any device.
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Online Liv Support

We're here for you! Our community is our priority. Contact us any time Monday to Friday, 9am PST to 7pm PST via live chat, phone, email or messenger and we'll be right with you.
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Receive Payments Digitally

Request and receive rental and deposit payments with ease.
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Easy Re-List

Once your contract comes to an end, easily re-list your listing in just a few clicks without having to refill your listing
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Contract Renewal

Easily renew your contract with your existing tenant - no fuss.
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Digital Filing Cabinet

Keep your documents organized. Access, export & print documents from any of your listings.
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Rental Chat History

Access, export, and print entire rental chat histories with any of your tenants.

Platform Security

All documents, contracts and transactions sent and stored on the platform are secured with AES-256-CTR AND SHA1, similar to military-grade encryption.
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Move In / Out Report

(Coming soon)
Document and save your move-in and move-out reports with our digitized, standard BC Condition Inspection Report Form. Logo

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