Gather Co-living



About Gather Co-living

Gather Co-living creates modern, shared living spaces by connecting like-minded renters with affordable, community-focused housing. Going beyond traditional property management, Gather Co-living encourages connection and shared responsibility & purpose in their properties - built around a core set of values designed to create harmonious living spaces. This human-centered approach to renting not only allows tenants to find cheaper shared housing, but fosters meaningful relationships and inclusive communities built around a common goal. With 9 communities in Vancouver, Gather Co-living offers renters a variety of living experiences that are united in providing safe, inclusive, and affordable rental housing.

Gather Co-living FAQ

How does co-living work?

Co-living is a type of communal living where renters get their own bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas. Co-living is ideal for those who are new to town or who want to get a feel for a neighbourhood with more flexibility in terms of a lease, and who want to meet other people who share their values, interests or goals.

Does Gather Co-living allow pets?

Unfortunately, the homeowners Gather leases from do not allow pets of any kind on the property.

How long are leases for Gather Co-living properties?

Gather Co-living offers a few different lease options. Many renters opt for a full 12-month lease, but we also offer 3-5 month leases for a 10% fee, or a 6-11 month lease for a 5% fee.

What does a room come with?

Rooms in Gather Co-living properties come move-in ready with a bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, and closet or wardrobe.

Will I need to pay for utilities?

Yes - most Gather Co-living properties have a flat fee ranging from $50-75 for internet, heat, water, and electricity.