Our Mission

Renting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. We are a team of renters and landlords who understand the struggles and frustrations that come with the rental process.

liv.rent was created with two main goals in mind: building a trusted rental community to improve tenant-landlord relationships and creating a platform to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of renting. Through our platform and channels, we hope to help our community navigate through the rental process.

Equipped with all the features you need to rent successfully, liv.rent allows both renters and landlords to complete the entire rental process all in one place. Verified listings, digital applications & contracts, as well as our secure digital filing cabinet make renting easy and secure for you. Learn more about our full suite of features here.


The best thing about liv.rent is the verified listings; I noticed this during my first search and since then, I’ve used liv.rent exclusively.

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