Ending a Tenancy on liv.rent

Ending a Tenancy on liv.rent As a landlord, many months might go by without any contact with your tenant and usually this is a good thing. However, once or twice a year, depending on lease terms, you will need to reach out to your tenant to discuss the terms of the tenancy as the lease contract nears its end.  In less common instances, you may want to end a tenancy early ...

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The Liv Score™: Updated

The Updated Liv Score™ The Liv Score™ is an intelligent rating system designed to establish a renter's reliability and credibility when applying for places on the liv.rent platform. For renters, it's an part of the Renter Resume to help rental applications stand out among other renters. For landlords, it is a crucial tool used to screen tenants efficiently. Using AI and a powerful algorithm that corroborates submitted tenant information, the Liv ...

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The liv.rent Verification Process

At liv.rent, we are dedicated to protecting the safety and integrity of our platform and, by extension, the Vancouver rental community. Part of this process means validating information provided by both renters and landlords. Not only do we try to prevent rental scams and fraud on our platform through these measure, it is also a simple way to build trust in the rental community and, at the same time, leverage ...

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What Are Suggested Tenants?

Suggested Tenants are Perfect for You! One of the main questions we get asked from landlords is how to find good tenants. With our Suggested Tenants feature, we make it easy for you. With each listing that gets posted, a curated list of prospective tenants is generated based on their specifically selected filters. This is a great way to generate tenant leads when you aren't getting any! Based on your listing information, ...

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What is a Liv Score?

See here for the latest updates to the Liv Score™ Liv Score is an intelligent rating system designed to establish your reliability and credibility as a renter when you apply for apartments online. Using a powerful algorithm that corroborates your information with LinkedIn and your financial record, the Liv Score gives landlords a secure and accurate measure of your integrity simplifying their selection process. How does it work? A credit check is ...

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