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Landlord Guide: When to return or hold security deposits?

As a landlord in BC, at the beginning of a tenancy, you can require a tenant to pay: a security deposit equivalent to one-half of one month’s rent; and if they have a pet, a pet deposit equivalent to one-half of a month's rent (so a full month's rent in the case of pet-owning tenant) Tenants must pay the security deposit within 30 days of entering into the tenancy agreement or ...

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Landlord Guide: How to End or Extend a Tenancy Agreement

How To End Or Extend A Tenancy Agreement As a landlord, many months may go by without any contact with your tenant and usually this is a good thing. However, once or twice a year, depending on the tenancy agreement or when the lease contract is nearing its end, you will need to reach out to your tenant to renegotiate the lease. In less common instances, you may want to end ...

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Stratas – Everything You Need To Know

What is a strata? In Vancouver, the most common form of strata housing is a condo. Typically these are apartments, townhouses, duplexes or even single family homes owned by a governing body known as the strata corporation - or strata for short.  However, a strata can also be land, just rarely in Vancouver. When you buy one of these properties, you become a co-owner of the self-governed, strata corporation and, as ...

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BC Residential Tenancy Agreement Explained

Finding a place is hard enough. When it comes to signing the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement, or rental agreement, it's a whole other ballgame. Read on as we break down what you need to know and pay attention to regarding BC Residential Tenancy Agreements. With Liv Rent, we make it easy as any past, current, or upcoming lease contracts signed on our platform can be pulled up and exported in ...

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Tips for Renegotiating Your Lease

How Much Can My Landlord Increase My Rent?

A rent increase is something that concerns every renter in the province. Rest assured, however, your landlord can only raise rents by an amount dictated by the Residential Tenancy Branch of BC (RTB). This is the second year under new provincial regulation that the allowable increase is limited to the cost of inflation. Previous to 2019, old rules permitted landlords to raise rents by the cost of inflation plus 2 ...

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Furnished or Unfurnished? – Renter’s Perspective

What’s Better To Rent - Furnished Or Unfurnished? When deciding whether it is better to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment, there are a number of things to consider above and beyond the rental cost. Generally speaking, furnished apartments are typically suitable for shorter stays or corporate housing (i.e. rent is subsidized by your employer) since they typically command higher rent than furnished alternatives. Furnished Place - Pros: They are move-in ready. ...

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8 Tips To Avoid Rental Scams in Vancouver

As law-abiding and polite as Canadians might be, there are a few bad apples out there who attempt to scam renters. Vancouver is no exception. In fact, given how hot the Vancouver rental market is, it is no surprise that you'll discover that rental scams exist. Finding a place to rent in Vancouver is difficult enough and the last thing you want to deal with is financial or identity theft. ...

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Protecting Vancouver’s Rental Supply

As affordable rental housing stock gradually diminishes, replaced by pricey condo towers intended to promote densification around transit hubs, various city councils around the Lower Mainland are taking steps and passing legislation to maintain the presence of affordable rental housing in their jurisdictions.  The new power cities are wielding is thanks to provincial legislation passed in May 2018 giving municipalities more power and control to zone areas for rental-only housing; ...

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How to Avoid the Empty Homes Tax with

FEATURE PHOTO: BY TIAGO RODRIGUES The two taxes you NEED to know about and how to avoid it Municipal Empty Homes Tax What it is A tax designed by the government to prevent people from price fixing and inflating the rental market to an unreasonable price. What it means to you as a homeowner     PRO TIP As of February 4, 2019, you should have already made your declaration. If you haven’t be sure to declare as ...

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