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Improving Your Liv Score™

So you are using to find a place to live in Vancouver. You love the look and feel and functionality. The fact you can search properties, book viewings, sign contracts and even pay your rent through the app is blowing your mind – so simple, so convenient! However, one thing is bugging you – your Liv Score™ seems low. This means some landlords may not consider you or maybe you are missing out on primo places.

What is your Liv Score?

Firstly, what is a Liv Score™? It is an intelligent rating system built into the Liv platform designed to help landlords determine the reliability and credibility of tenants. Using a complex algorithm that leverages the power of social media and credit ratings from Equifax, the Liv Score™ provides landlords with a measure of your (tenant’s) integrity.

Liv Score Card Examples

Raise your Liv Score™

Here are 7 easy tips to help raise your Liv Score™:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile with accurate employment details that support the information you provided in your tenancy application. The Liv Score™ algorithm corroborates your information with what is on your LinkedIn profile. If they do not match, your trustworthiness score will be lower.
  2. Upload government issued picture ID.  This will help build trust with landlords and contribute positively to your liv score.
  3. If you are young or new to Canada, obtain a credit card and make your payments on time, preferably, pay off your entire balances on a monthly basis.
  4. Get a mobile phone under your name – yes, cut the ties that bind you to your parent’s share everything account. And, again, make the payments on time.
  5. Get different types of credit. This might be a second credit card, for example, as credit bureaus love looking at different sources of credit when determining credit scores.
  6. If you have missed payments, get current and stay current! Setting up automatic payments is one way to ensure you don’t miss payments or pay late. Keep in mind that older credit problems count for less so poor past credit performance won’t hinder your score forever.
  7. Upload additional financial documents to the app to supplement the Liv Score™. For example, bank statements, employee contracts etc. This information will not be stored but will help improve your score. If you are not comfortable doing this, just tell the landlord that you can show them these documents as evidence.

Liv Score People Illustration

Given that the Liv Score™ is weighted 80/20 in favor of your financial record vs. trustworthiness, the best way to up your score, is to improve your credit in the ways outlined in steps 2-6.

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