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Scarborough is on the Eastern end of the City of Toronto, and is large and a bit more spread out than the GTA’s other communities. Per our monthly liv.rent Rent Report, Scarborough is a great place for those looking to upgrade to a two or three-bedroom apartment thanks to lower than average rental rates for more spacious units. In spite of the area’s small-town feel, there are tons of options for whatever you’re looking for, including both low-rise and high-rise condos and detached homes intended for families in Scarborough, Ontario.
Embracing the outdoors or accompanied by a four-legged companion who relishes leisurely strolls, you’ll revel in the diverse parks and the extensive ravine network that Scarborough offers. Beyond its boundaries, the alluring Scarborough Bluffs lining Lake Ontario entice residents and visitors alike from across the Greater Toronto Area to hang out, especially those associated with the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.





在卑诗省安大略省士嘉堡市一房公寓平均租金在$2,000 - $2,500加元之间。想要了解最新士嘉堡租房市场动态, 请查阅liv.rent多伦多租金月统计报告


在卑诗省安大略省士嘉堡市两房公寓平均租金在$2,500 - $3,200加元之间。想要了解最新士嘉堡租房市场动态, 请查阅liv.rent多伦多租金月统计报告


在卑诗省安大略省士嘉堡市三房公寓平均租金在$3,000 - $4,000加元之间。想要了解最新士嘉堡租房市场动态, 请查阅liv.rent多伦多租金月统计报告


士嘉堡 is an attractive city in Ontario known for its thriving community and diverse housing options. While rental prices in York are generally more affordable compared to Toronto, they have been steadily increasing over time. As a result, finding cheap rentals in 士嘉堡, especially apartments for rent under $1000, can be challenging. However, to initiate your search, you can refer to this guide highlighting affordable neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that may offer relatively more budget-friendly rental options.
Once you’ve decided on a location, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of rentals in 士嘉堡 (e.g. 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, studio apartments) and the average rent for each property type. Refer below to figure out your options - ranging from furnished rentals and unfurnished rentals to long term rentals and short term rentals.




There are many apartments in Scarborough, particularly in certain areas. Renters should expect to see higher price tags for apartments for rent in Scarborough, especially compared to other Canadian provinces. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t bargains to be found though, but the cities proximity to nature and excellent weather makes it all worthwhile.


There are plenty of houses for rent in 士嘉堡 for those with a higher budget, or who have multiple roommates. In more residential areas of the city, both partial houses and entire houses for rent are common – as well as both new builds and older homes from the city’s earlier days. 士嘉堡 is also known for an abundance of laneway homes and townhomes within the city, making it easy to find a place to rent that suits your needs.






Closer to amenities and transit hubs, condos for rent are also a common sight in 士嘉堡. These types of rental accommodation are perfect for those who like to be in the centre of the action, and don’t need as much space. If you are looking to rent in the city centre though, be prepared for higher-than-average rent prices.


士嘉堡租房, 如果预算有限,不妨考虑分租。幸运的话,可以以相对便宜的价格租到位于市中心的独立屋或者公寓分租房源。






如果您刚刚搬到这个城市或者还没有机会购置家具,不用担心 - 在士嘉堡有很多带家具的出租房。想要寻找带家具的房源,您可以使用筛选器来进行搜索,同时需要准备支付更高的租金。与未带家具的房源相比,租带家具有利有弊,所以在搬家时可以首先考虑是否购买家具




Rent prices in Scarborough, Ontario are relatively more affordable, making it easier to find something within your budget. If you’re looking for cheap rentals in Scarborough, ON, try finding a roommate or two and exploring shared housing; or search for rooms for rent. It’s worth noting that there are neighbourhoods in Scarborough where rent is considerably cheaper, so exploring these options is a good idea as well.


提示:在 liv.rent 上找到房源后,请仔细阅读房源介绍,了解物业特点、公共设施,以及租金包哪些公共事业费。


Scarborough, a borough of Toronto, is known for its relatively affordable housing, rich cultural diversity, and local educational institutions. Its scenic landscape is dotted with parks and trails, making it a haven for those who appreciate the outdoors. With a strong sense of community, Scarborough offers an inclusive and friendly environment. Its diverse population and location within the City of Toronto make it an attractive place for many looking for housing in the Greater Toronto Area.


Like any city, Scarborough is made up of smaller neighbourhoods with their own distinct features. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods include Agincourt, Scarborough Town Centre, Wexford, Birch Cliff, Malvern, and West Hill. For more info about Scarborough, you can consult this guide on Toronto neighbourhoods.


The Scarborough Bluffs draw visitors year-round to their 9 parks lining Lake Ontario, as they’re the perfect place for a picnic and a view or a long stroll on a sunny day. Scarborough is also home to the Toronto Zoo, where children and adults alike can get up close with a variety of wildlife. For the foodies, Scarborough is know across the province for its wide variety of dining options, particularly regional Southeast Asian, Chinese and Indian restaurants. across Canada.


在liv.rent上搜索全安大略省士嘉堡公寓、联排别墅、独立屋和分租房源。liv.rent搜索功能操作简单, 可以按租金范围(适预算有限的人士)、无家具、带家具、宠物友好、住房类型等条件查询,还可以设置一居室、两居室、三居室以上公寓等检索条件。