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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How to list your unit?
    1. Let us show you how to easily list your suite for rental
    2. From the listing tab, click “New” and enter the address of your suite.
    3. We will automatically attach all the building information so all you need to do is fill out the rest of your suite information.
    4. Next…upload photos of your suite…and click publish!
    5. It’s that easy.
  • How to invite a renter?
    1. To share your beautifully crafted listing to your customer, it’s as simple as 1-2-3.
    2. Navigate to the listing tab, and select the unit you would like to share.
    3. From the listing dashboard, you can click share, and an array of sharing options will appear!
  • How to set an appointment?
    1. To allow Renters to book showings to your unit, you need to add your availabilities.
    2. Navigate to your unit’s listing dashboard from the listing tab and click on showings
    3. Then click “add” and selected the date and time that you’re available and click done!
    4. It’s that simple, and if you allow calendar access, we even add the appointment right to your personal calendar!
  • How to snooze an appointment?
    1. We understand you may be busy or even stuck in traffic before going to your showings.
    2. That’s why we created the Snooze button.
    3. By navigating to the showings tab, click the snooze logo and select the time to delay.
    4. A notification will be sent out to all the Renters registered for that appointment so that you can focus on getting to the showings safely without compromising the quality of your service.
  • How to create a contract?
    1. To scale your business, we understand that it’s about minimizing the paperwork so you have more time for everything else.
    2. To create a digital contract, navigate to the application section of your listing dashboard.
    3. From the list of applicants, you can easily choose the profile that best fit your unit and start the contract creation process.
    4. Our smart contract system instantly pre-fills the standard BC Tenancy Agreement with your applicant’s detail and unit data so that all the tedious work are done for you.
    5. What’s more? Our professional legal team crafted a set of addendums that you can add to your contract so that you can better safeguard your unit!
    6. Now one last thing, you just need to preview your contract. Send. And your tenant will receive the digital contract on their phone and email for signing!
  • How to manage your team account?
    1. If you have a business account, you can easily manage your team right from your profile!
    2. By navigating to your profile, you have two ways to manage your team.
    3. One, you can manage by adding or editing your team members’ listings and their role, or…
    4. Two, you can manage all the listings created under your team so you can easily optimize your team’s efficiency.
  • How to manage all your listings?
    1. If you have a business account, you can easily manage your team right from your profile!
    2. By navigating to your profile, you have two ways to manage your team.
    3. One, you can manage by adding or editing your team members’ listings and their role, or…
    4. Two, you can manage all the listings created under your team so you can easily optimizeyour team’s efficiency.
  • How to post your listing to Craiglist/Kijiji?
    1. Select the unit you want to post.
    2. Click share and “Go to Craigslist”.
    3. All you have to do now is paste in your details and your listing detail will all be formatted without extra work!
    4. By the way, did we mention that we group the photos in an album so you won’t be lost looking for the photos?
  • How to add a new user to your team?
    1. As a company, we know your company will grow. So we made it easy for you to manager user.
    2. When you are an administrator, you will have access to the User Management settings.
    3. Tap the button and click “Add”.
    4. Simple? You can also change the role of your user to ensure the right employee have the right access!
  • How to add another landlord to your listing?
    1. Sick? No problem, we allow your colleagues to take over your listing while you’re away!
    2. Select the listing you would need help with.
    3. Edit the listing, and navigate to the Settings tab.
    4. Add landlord to your listing and click save!
  • How to export a contract?
    1. Need to keep a paper record for your contract?
    2. Browse and select the tenant in your Tenants Tab.
    3. Select contract and click export! It’s that easy.
  • How to change the chat setting requirement?
    1. Feel like you need to know more about your Renter before you chat?
    2. You can enable a high requirement of profile completion before the Renter are allowed to chat with you.
    3. To do this, go to Settings in the Listing Edit Mode. There you can either turn off Chat Requirement or increase the percentage of profile completion required.
  • How to apply to a listing?
    1. You can apply to a listing when you’re a match to the landlord.
    2. By tapping the “apply” button or the listing detail inside the Activity, you can start the application process.
    3. Simply complete your profile and send the application!
    4. Oh by the way, did we mention? You can apply with the same application to other landlords without additional work!
  • How to book an appointment?
    1. To schedule a viewing, it’s simple.
    2. Once you are a match, simply tap on the Book Viewing button and select a specific date you like and that’s it!
  • How to sign a contract digitally?
    1. To sign a contract, simply tap the received contract message in your Activity.
    2. Review and agree to all the terms and condition.
    3. Sign with your finger or by typing your name and click send!
    4. That’s it! Now you can sign your contract from anywhere in the world.
  • How to verify my ID?
    1. To make this site more trusted, we ask all users to have a verified identity.
    2. You can verify your ID by going to the Profile section.
    3. Click “View and Edit”
    4. You can scroll down to Identification Document the Liv Score.
    5. Select the type of Government Photo ID and provide a photo by uploading or taking a photo.
    6. You will receive a Verified badge in your profile once your ID has been verified.
  • How do you get a Liv Score?
    1. A Liv Score is primarily a way to build and present your profile to paint a picture of who you are to your prospective landlord.
    2. To get a Liv Score. Navigate to the Liv Score section and complete the Liv Score form.
    3. Your credit report and a few other profile information will be analyzed and form the Liv Score.
  • What happens to the uploaded ID pictures? Can landlords obtain a copy in case of legal issues?
    1. The picture IDs are temporarily stored until the verification process is complete. Once verified, the picture IDs are destroyed from our servers. In the entire process, landlords will never receive, or be able to view, your uploaded ID.
  • What are acceptable forms of ID?
    1. It must be a valid government issued photo ID such as a passport, PR card, health card, or driver’s license. Work permits and student visas cannot be used as a proof.
  • The BC government only allows Docusign for signing digital contracts to ensure security. Is it secure to sign contracts within your app?
    1. Yes -we employ the same technology as Docusign and strictly follow the standards set forth by the BC government so our contracts are valid and secure. We are another signatory body just like Docusign that will facilitate and validate all signed contracts. Each signature is uniquely encrypted with AES 256b-CTR technology ensuring bank-grade security.
  • What personal data is being collected from social media?
    1. We only corroborate public information you have already provided with social media (LinkedIn). We do not collect any data. We use your public profiles only to verify employment references within your digital renter resume. For more information, please reference our Privacy Policy.
  • Are credit reports available for the landlord to see?
    1. In fact, no one (renter, landlord, or us) can see your Equifax report. The data from the Equifax report is automatically deciphered by our complex Liv Score Engine to generate the Liv Score only. The credit report itself is never stored and cannot be shared.

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