why landlords should use the trust score for their tenant screening on liv rent

5 Reasons Landlords Should Leverage the Trust Score

Perhaps the biggest challenge for landlords is identifying which applicant will be a reliable, respectable tenant. In order to do this, some screening needs to take place during the application process. Thankfully, the team identified this common renting roadblock and developed the Trust Score feature to assist landlords in screening and comparing potential tenants in a fair and thorough manner. What is a Trust Score? Why landlords prefer the Trust ...

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5 Ways to Generate Property Management Leads

In these exceptional times, exceptional approaches are needed to grow and sustain businesses. Thankfully the digital transformation, spurred on by the pandemic, is proving unstoppable. Undoubtedly, the digital initiatives undertaken today will have a lasting impact on the way we conduct business now and in the future. For property managers, digital lead generation is key. Below we outline 5 simple ways to generate leads that are contact-free and proven. 1. Develop ...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Canada – Resources for Landlords and Tenants

[LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020] The provincial and federal governments of Canada have unveiled sweeping assistance packages to help all Canadians through this unprecedented time.  We at are here to help landlords and tenants navigate the resources newly available to them during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For a quick summary of events impacting Landlords and Tenants, refer to our post: COVID-19 - Update For Landlords and Tenants. For website directories and contact information, ...

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Coronavirus Information for Canadian Landlords and Renters

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Canada – Update For Landlords and Tenants

[LAST UPDATED: October 6, 2020] In these unprecedented and uncertain times, managing any and all of your responsibilities can seem daunting. However, knowing that your friends, neighbours and fellow global citizens are sharing this experience, will hopefully add a level of comfort and encouragement.  For landlords, what are your responsibilities to your tenants and your rental property during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis?  For tenants, how should you respond? Table of Contents Quick Snapshot: COVID-19 Updates COVID-19 FAQ Landlord Update Renter Update Tools to Go ...

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Landlord Guide: Rental Property Rules

When renting out your property, it is absolutely crucial that you carefully think through a set of rules for your tenants. Many of these should be reflected in the Lease Agreement providing as much detail as possible to avoid any ambiguity. Ultimately, this will help you avoid conflicts with your tenants and, hopefully, preserve the condition of your rental property.  Top 12 Considerations when setting Rental Property Rules We’ve outlined the ...

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Landlord Guide: Renting To Students

When students arrive in your town, they're ready to learn and eager to sign a lease — but do they make good tenants? We're, Canada's best all-in-one solution for landlords and renters to have a smoother rental process, and we created this guide to help landlords understand the benefits and drawbacks of renting to students. Is renting to students a good idea? Pros of renting to students Cons of renting to students Tips ...

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vancouver rental vacancy rate

[UPDATED February 2021] Vancouver Rental Vacancy Rate

We hear a lot about the Vancouver rental vacancy rate being very low but what is this metric and what does it really mean? In this post, we shed some light on the matter and what it means for both renters and landlords. What is the rental vacancy rate? The vacancy rate refers to the percentage of units that are vacant or unoccupied in a city, region or a given property. What is ...

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[Updated October 2021] Residential Tenancy Act Guide: Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, tenant-landlord relations aren’t always as harmonious as either party would like. When problems arise, there needs to be a clear-cut process for reaching solutions to any problems that arise. As a result, the provincial government has established guidelines and procedures for landlords and tenants to follow to ensure equitable solutions for both parties. What is dispute resolution? Common reasons why tenants apply for a dispute resolution Common reasons why landlords apply ...

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[Updated October 2021] BC Landlord Guide: How To Evict A Tenant

"Eviction" is a word that no landlord or tenant wants to hear or even think about. Sometimes, however, bad tenants can make it a necessary reality. As a landlord, you should know how to evict a tenant in case the worst comes to pass. In this article, we'll be going over some common reasons for eviction, types of notice landlords must give for different situations, and how to negotiate the ...

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