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The landlord's guide to property tax deductions is a helpful webinar live event for landlords at tax season.

Landlord Guide: 2022 Rental Property Tax Deductions In Canada

It's tax time once again, and if you're a landlord, you might have a lot on your plate for the 2021 tax year. But don't worry — to help clear up tax confusion, was joined by Meghan Chomut, an Investment Property Advisor and CFP® for a live webinar that's essentially a Canadian landlord's how-to guide to property tax deductions. This post is a partial transition of that ...

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How to get a bigger non-resident tax return in Canada.

[Updated For 2022] Renter’s Guide To Getting A Bigger Tax Return with Taxback

Doing taxes can be hard enough, but add in the fact that you're a non-resident and there was a global pandemic last year and you have a whole host of new problems. To help clear up tax confusion, was joined by Taxback for a live webinar that's a renter's how-to guide to getting a bigger tax return. This handy guide was originally created for the 2020 tax year, ...

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Top real estate investment trends in 2021.

2021 Top Real Estate Investment Trends

There's a reason why psychics and astrologers still have a job — everyone wants to know what the future holds. While we don't have a crystal ball, we do have unique insights into Canadian real estate investment trends for 2021 that will help future, budding, or current investors to thrive. Real estate 101: an introduction How does WFH affect the real estate market? How can technology help real estate investors? Meet our in-house expert ...

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How to have a good relationship with your landlord or tenant.

Finding The Perfect Match: Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Everyone’s searching for happily ever after. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home and a friendly landlord to go with it, or, you’re on the quest for an ideal tenant who’s respectful and reliable, there are some things you need to know ahead of your journey to your perfect match. So, how do you find a good landlord? How do you attract a trustworthy renter? It's almost like ...

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How do I maximize my rental property

[Updated October 2021] 4 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Your Rental Property Investment

Imagine hacking your investments and getting them to work harder while you work smarter. We’ve brought together our favourite ways to maximize investments and get the most out of your rental property. Whether you’re a budding landlord about to list your first-ever unit, a seasoned property manager with a big portfolio, or someone looking to purchase your first investment property, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind to maximize the ...

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vancouver rental market 2020 recap and 2021 predictions

Vancouver Rental Market – 2020 Recap and 2021 Outlook

Vancouver's Rental Housing Market weathered the perfect storm of pandemic induced events in 2020. Thanks to federal and provincial government supports for renters and landlords along with eviction bans, the situation wasn't as dire for Vancouverites as forecasted. This is not to say, however, that there weren't some challenges. With international students returning to their home countries, travel restrictions being imposed and immigration slowing to a trickle, demand for rental ...

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Toronto Rental Market – 2020 Recap and 2021 Outlook

In this year like no other, rental markets across Canada experienced significant changes. COVID-19 pushed property managers and landlords to pivot, innovate and, above all, integrate digital tools into their marketing and operational practices. This ability to adapt showcases the ingenuity of the industry and ensures it is well-positioned to meet other headwinds that may come it's way in the future - albeit unlikely to compare to what we all ...

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