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Sarah Anderson, B.A.

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A former journalist and long-time real estate writer, Sarah is's in-house Creative Content Writer. Responsible for updating the entire community on the latest news, updates, and features, she also enjoys writing articles that assist Canadians and newcomers in navigating the local rental landscape. Her favourite kinds of stories to write are the monthly reports for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal because she loves to stay up to date on the latest rental market trends. She lives in Vancouver, BC and enjoys living in the Fairview neighbourhood.

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  • Former journalist
  • Writing in and about the real estate industry since 2015
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Recent Articles

How to have a good relationship with your landlord or tenant.

Finding The Perfect Match: Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Everyone’s searching for happily ever after. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home and a friendly landlord to go with it, or, you’re on the quest for an ideal tenant who’s respectful and reliable, there are some things you need to know ahead of your journey to your perfect match. So, how do you find a good landlord? How do you attract a trustworthy renter? It's almost like ...

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How do I maximize my rental property

[Updated October 2021] 4 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Your Rental Property Investment

Imagine hacking your investments and getting them to work harder while you work smarter. We’ve brought together our favourite ways to maximize investments and get the most out of your rental property. Whether you’re a budding landlord about to list your first-ever unit, a seasoned property manager with a big portfolio, or someone looking to purchase your first investment property, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind to maximize the ...

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what can 1800 in rent get you in toronto? we explore here on liv rent

[Updated November 2021] What Can $1800 In Rent Get You In Toronto?

Toronto's Rental Market In 2021 Toronto continues to be one of Canada's most expensive rental destinations, having rebounded from it's mid-pandemic lows. In fact, as of November 2021, it's second only to Vancouver in terms of rental rates in the country, with a city-wide average of $1,791 for an unfurnished, one-bedroom unit. With a $1,800 budget then, renters can still find plenty of places to live within the city. For ...

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Evictions In Ontario: Everything You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know About Eviction in Ontario

Eviction is one of the toughest things you can experience while renting. The process can be long, confusing, and stressful. For any Toronto renters and landlords who find themselves having to deal with an eviction, Ontario has some guidelines that you need to know. To make sure you’re protected and clear about the next steps, you’ll want to be aware of the rules— and your responsibilities. This will make ...

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The Toronto Standard Lease Explained By

[Updated October 2021] Ontario Standard Lease Explained

The last thing you want to do after finding your dream apartment or dream tenant is more paperwork. Figuring out what’s going on in your new Ontario standard lease doesn’t have to be harder than finding an affordable place in Yorkville, though. Here, we’re going to break down exactly what you need to know before you put your signature on anything. What is Ontario’s standard lease agreement? What should be on a ...

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Rental scams are everywhere and it's important to protect yourself to save time and money.

VIDEO: How To Avoid Rental Scams

One thing that's as certain as death and taxes? Scammers. As long as they think they can get away with it, there will always be those misguided folks who are trying to scam people. In Canada, rental scams are on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic, too. It's important to know what to look for so you can avoid the financial and emotional stress that happens when you inadvertently become ...

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Best Housing Off-Campus for UBC Students

Lots of students will be looking for off-campus housing near UBC campus this fall before they buy their textbooks. We're, a rental platform and more, and we wanted to help UBC students who were looking for homes nearby. In this guide, we're coving all the basics of off-campus living in Vancouver including the best places to find apartments and roommates. We've listed the best neighbourhoods by convenience, proximity to ...

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Downtown Vancouver at Sunset

24 Tips For Finding & Getting An Apartment In Vancouver [Updated 2021]

Finding an apartment to rent in Vancouver requires research, communication with landlords and property managers, securing references, and finding a place you want to call home. We're, a Vancouver-based rental platform and more with solutions for renters. Use these tips to find a Vancouver apartment for rent with less stress and more fun. How to search for an apartment What to do when viewing an apartment How to apply for a rental What to ...

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Renting For The First Time In Vancouver

Whether you've lived here for a while and you're striking out on your own, or you're moving to Vancouver for the first time — renting can be daunting. We're, and we're here to make everything about renting better. This is our mini-guide to being a first-time renter in the city, and we'll show you all the basics of the process — from preparing and searching to viewing and securing. Things ...

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