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A former journalist and long-time real estate writer, Sarah is's in-house Creative Content Writer. Responsible for updating the entire community on the latest news, updates, and features, she also enjoys writing articles that assist Canadians and newcomers in navigating the local rental landscape. Her favourite kinds of stories to write are the monthly reports for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal because she loves to stay up to date on the latest rental market trends. She lives in Vancouver, BC and enjoys living in the Fairview neighbourhood.

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Recent Articles

New apartment building in Arbutus Ridge.

These Brand New Apartments Are The Best Place To Live In Arbutus Ridge

One of Vancouver's most stunning neighbourhoods just got a new addition of brand new apartments that are the best place to live in Arbutus Ridge. The luxurious Arbutus Residences, which are managed by Maple Leaf Property Management, is open for pre-leasing now. It expects to welcome its first residents as early as July 1, 2021, although this anticipated move-in date is subject to change. This building even has LEED Gold certification, which ...

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The Arbutus Ridge Neighbourhood Map Guide.

Neighbourhood Guide: Arbutus Ridge

Quite simply one of the most "Vancouver" of all the Vancouver neighbourhoods, let's take a visit to quiet and leafy Arbutus Ridge. This is an area of the city that has only a few exclusive rental properties because it's largely residential and filled with single-family homes. However, as it's growing and developing in areas, there are new opportunities to move into this area and make it your home. We are ...

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Richmond Neighbourhood guide.

Neighbourhood Guide: Richmond BC

Just outside of Vancouver's city limits, you'll find Richmond, a city that brings diversity to new heights. From sprawling farmland and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see to the Airport and bustling urban centre, Richmond B.C., Canada has a lot to offer — especially if you are fond of Chinese food. You can subscribe now to get the latest updates on the Richmond and Vancouver rental markets straight to ...

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Montreal Rent Report for May 2021

May 2021 Montreal Rent Report

Montreal Rental Trends in May 2021  Montreal renters have been enjoying a dip in average prices since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it looks like the tides may have finally turned. We've got the numbers to show you exactly what's happening in the Montreal rental market right now. You can get the latest updates on the Montreal rental market straight to your inbox when you subscribe to keep ...

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May Rent Report Toronto 2021

May 2021 Toronto Rent Report

It's May and the Toronto rental market is experiencing quite the shakeup. Although it's still not quite as expensive to rent as Vancouver, rent is starting to trend upwards in the city after a long period of declining rents. We're, a rental platform with digital and automated solutions for renters and landlords. Every month, we create these rent reports to share with our community an accurate look at the real ...

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Vancouver rent report for may 2021

May 2021 Vancouver Rent Report

Rental Trends in May 2021  We can't believe it's already May and here we are almost halfway into 2021. This month, we're looking at the latest realities of the cost of rent in Metro Vancouver and we have a fresh crop of new data to share. You can get the latest updates on the Vancouver rental market straight to your inbox when you subscribe to keep on top of the latest rent ...

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Toronto vs Montreal cost of living and rental differences.

Toronto vs. Montreal: Cost Of Living Comparison

Canada's two largest cities are diverse and exciting epicentres of culture that many people from across the country and across the world would love to call home. But the cost of living in Toronto with rent can be high, so how does Toronto vs. Montreal cost of living stack up? We'll start by taking a brief look at the major Toronto vs. Montreal differences. Then, we'll explore the biggest cost of all ...

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Toronto renters can save money with these tips.

[Updated November 2021] 10 Smart Ways To Save On Rent In Toronto

Torontonians have known for a while now that their fair city costs a pretty penny to call home. And for those who want to find ways to save money on rent, they've had to be creative. While cutting back on your overall expenses will leave your bank account more able to weather the rent cheque getting cashed, how do you actually save on rent, specifically? We're looking at how to save money ...

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How to negotiate rent on an apartment.

[Updated November 2021] How To Negotiate Rent: 6 Simple Steps That Save Tenants Money

Discussing money with your landlord can be an uncomfortable conversation. But it's important to make sure you're getting a fair deal, especially if you live in an urban centre and are spending more than 30% of your income on rent. So, how do you negotiate a rent reduction? And, are tenants allowed to negotiate rent? In this article, we're going to answer all the pressing questions tenants have about this ...

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