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Sarah Anderson, B.A.

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A former journalist and long-time real estate writer, Sarah is's in-house Creative Content Writer. Responsible for updating the entire community on the latest news, updates, and features, she also enjoys writing articles that assist Canadians and newcomers in navigating the local rental landscape. Her favourite kinds of stories to write are the monthly reports for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal because she loves to stay up to date on the latest rental market trends. She lives in Vancouver, BC and enjoys living in the Fairview neighbourhood.

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  • Writing in and about the real estate industry since 2015
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Recent Articles

What do property managers do

Do I Need A Property Manager?

There's more that goes into being a landlord than changing lightbulbs and collecting rent cheques. That's why a property manager is the right hand of landlords. But what should a good property manager do, exactly? And, are they worth it? To answer these questions, is sharing about what its platform and HostGenius, a 24/7 Vancouver Property Management Service provider in Vancouver, B.C. and beyond, can do for rental property ...

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what is for renters

The Ultimate Renter’s Guide To Using

Hello, and welcome to! Are you a renter wondering how to search for your next home? Do you want to experience a 100% digital and stress-free rental process? Good news: you're in the right place! Before we run away with all our features designed to make renter's lives easier, know that you can use our platform based on your needs. So, whether you're here to browse listings, pay for rent with bitcoin, or ...

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Neighbourhood Guide: Olympic Village ft. W2 Living

Imagine having the best of Vancouver at your doorstep without the hustle and bustle of being downtown. That's what residents in Olympic Village enjoy every day. This developing neighbourhood is right next to the Seawall and full of sunny seaside patios with lots of hidden gems to discover. But what's good in Olympic Village and where's the best place to live to take it all in? We are and we ...

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students going to canada to study

The Best Off-Campus Housing For International Students Coming To Canada Fall 2021

It's hard to be a student. There's a lot of pressure, especially during exam times! But add on the fact that you are coming to school from abroad and there's a global pandemic happening? International students are already feeling stress before the Fall 2021 semester even starts. We're and in this constantly shifting COVID-19 landscape, we wanted to create a resource for international students coming to study in Canada this ...

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Montreal Rent Report July 2021

July 2021 Montreal Rent Report

Rent seems to be on an upward trend, looks like the slump we saw in February, March, and April is over.The unfurnished average rent for a one-bedroom in the city is $1,218Meanwhile, unfurnished rent downtown dipped -3.15%, but went up between 6% and 11% in other neighbourhoods Summer has arrived in Montreal and with COVID-19 restrictions loosening, it might finally be a time to celebrate. As Montrealers are busy catching up with friends they haven't seen for months on terraces, we're ...

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July 2021 Toronto Rent Report

Average rent for furnished and unfurnished units in the GTA is the same. In some areas like North York & Etobicoke furnished units are more expensive than unfurnished. Overall, rents are largely unchanged since last month and there's a bit of a summer slow down, except for two areas (Brampton & Richmond Hill/Vaughan) where it dipped slightly (-5.61% and -4.39%, respectively) It's July, and as Canadians are enjoying a long weekend and filling ...

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Vanciouver rent report for July 2021 shows rental averages in the city.

July 2021 Vancouver Rent Report

Vancouver continues to be the most expensive city to rent above Toronto. Average rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom in downtown Vancouver is over $2000 per month, so if you spend no more than 30% of your income on rental housing, you'd have to make more than 80,000 per year to comfortably afford to live here. From June to July, rents are more or less unchanged with a few outliers: unfurnished 3-bedroom average ...

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Vancouver rentals month to month

The Best Month-To-Month Rentals In Vancouver

One-year leases are standard across Vancouver, but they're not ideal for everyone. If you're new to the city and unsure which neighbourhood is right for you or don't feel like being tied down, then standard one-year leases can be oppressive. But there are places out there that have month-to-month rentals. They can be harder to find, so this guide is here to help. We're, a rental listings platform that makes ...

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Rental applications in Ontairo

Applying For A Rental In Ontario Part 4: How Do I Fill Out A Rental Application?

Once you've found your next home, then it's time to fill out a rental application. But if you're a first-time renter, then the application process can be a bit overwhelming. Hi there, we're, and we're here to help make renting safe and straightforward. Our FAQ series, all about the rental application process in Ontario, is designed to help you navigate with ease. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated ...

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Applying for a place to rent in Ontario FAQ

Applying For A Rental In Ontario Part 3: What Can A Landlord Ask For On A Rental Application In Ontario?

Landlords require a lot of sensitive information as part of the rental process, but do you know what they're allowed to ask you?Welcome to our FAQ series, we're and we're your all-in-one platform that makes renting safe, secure, and easy. Join us and subscribe to get updates on the Toronto rental market. In this article, we're going to go over the most popular questions that renters (including first-time renters) have about ...

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