liv rent's featured listings help landlords rent their unit out faster

How’s Featured Listings Fill Homes Faster

Landlords & property managers can use’s Featured Listings to fill rentals faster had created a way to streamline your rental process. You can fill your units faster with our featured listings that get you seen.

Doing the work of an entire marketing team, our featured listings packages get you smart and enhanced exposure where you need it. Imagine getting your listing pushed out to multiple platforms at once – ranging from Facebook Rental Groups and Marketplace to Craigslist and Kijiji.

In addition to getting exposure, one of the toughest things about managing any property is making sure you have the right tenant in there.

At, we verify the identity and check the credit of thousands of prospective tenants to take the guess-work out of finding a renter who’s right for you. With featured listings, you’ll get all eyes on your unit in “Our Picks Of The Week” on both the app and website.

Redeem Your Featured Listings Offer

Did you join us for a live webinar? Get your $50 credit for featured listing ads now.

Send us an email here and mention the promo code from the webinar.’s Featured Listings For Landlords & Property Managers

liv rent featured listings packages
Promote on’s featured listings: 300% increase in listing views, 65% increase in rental inquiries and applications from prospective tenants

See what it looks like when your unit gets featured and reach us at to get started.

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pick of the week option -'s featured listings ads
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craigslist ads option -'s featured listings ads

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