Social Distancing: Do’s and Don’ts

We are reluctant to call this the ‘new normal’ as nothing about current social distancing mandates, feels normal. We are being asked to modify our behaviour in a number of ways in order to adhere to the guidelines set forth by our trusted public health officials.  As part of our Information through Illustration series, we’re helping make sense of the do’s and don’t of social distancing below with digestible illustrations. We hope our community can work in the same direction to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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• Go to fitness centers, gyms and public pools.

• Partake in any team sport like soccer or basketball.
• Follow an online fitness class or follow a video exercise series with your friends (via Zoom or Facebook Live).

• YouTube and Peloton (90 day free trial) offer a wide variety of live and on-demand online classes (yoga, strength, cardio, meditation etc.).

• Attend any in-person cultural, leisure, or social gatherings.• Host a virtual Zoom party, visit virtual art galleries, take in an on-line concert, host a Netflix Party or dance the night away to a live-streamed DJ event.

Attend weddings, funerals or religious services.Postpone large gatherings and celebrations and turn to online religious services. 

• Visit nursing homes, retirement, and long-term care facilities unless providing essential services. • Video chat, message, or write to loved ones in assisted living situations, and who are also isolated.  

• Take non-essential transit trips. • Walk, bicycle or take your own car to run essential errands.  

• Go to a health care facility unless absolutely necessary.

• Book non-essential surgery.
• Attend a telehealth appointment with your physician or call 8-1-1.

• Call in your prescriptions to your local pharmacy so pick-up will be quick and easy.

• Hang out in groups at closed public playgrounds, basketball courts, sports fields, or provincial parks.   • Go for a walk, run or bike outside while keeping a minimum 6 feet from others, preferably at non-peak times.  

• Dine out at restaurants, bars, pubs, and other establishments. Most are closed to patrons anyway! • Dine-in with takeout. Order contactless delivery from restaurants.

• Shop for groceries every day • Try to limit grocery trips to 1x a week and be sure to stay 6’ away from other shoppers or consider online options like instacart.

• Seek out the services of a hairstylist, aesthetician, or any other personal grooming professional.• Purchase beauty and self-care products from on-line retailers like Sephora and Lush.   

• Follow YouTube tutorials on how to cut and colour your own hair and give it a go!

• Go to work outside your home unless you are an essential service • Work at home. Create a space where you can be most productive and rely on messaging and teleconferencing tools to communicate with colleagues.  

• Engage in in-person interactions at gas stations, banks etc. • Whenever possible, use automatic tellers and pay-at-the-pump options. Sanitize your hands after using keypads. 

• Go on any non-essential travel trips.• Explore travel destinations using VR technology or the rich world of Google Streetview

Click here to download our free Social Distancing Do’s and Don’ts Illustration pack

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As always, check reliable, government sources for the most up-to-date information. This is an evolving crisis and advice changes from time to time.

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