5 Ways to Generate Property Management Leads

In these exceptional times, exceptional approaches are needed to grow and sustain businesses. Thankfully the digital transformation, spurred on by the pandemic, is proving unstoppable. Undoubtedly, the digital initiatives undertaken today will have a lasting impact on the way we conduct business now and in the future.

For property managers, digital lead generation is key. Below we outline 5 simple ways to generate leads that are contact-free and proven.

1. Develop your Online Presence

This is the ideal time to re-evaluate your website and digital and social media initiatives. Now is the time to ensure you have an exceptional website. It offers property owners the first glimpse of your business and often determines whether they choose you over a competitor. 

Improve Website

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is your website performing well on Google?
  • How is the quality of images?
  • Is your social media producing leads?
  • Are clients providing reviews in on-forums?

Depending on your answers, formulate a plan of action for improvements. You should pay special attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your company appears in the Top 10 search results. Content creation is key to improving this metric. It should be clear, concise, and helpful. It can then be amplified through other social media channels.

Leverage Digital Tools & Social Media

  • liv.rent– Our secure on-line platform features a simple user interface that facilitates effective property management, as well as promotion, through easy image and video tour uploading, a suggested tenant feature, and digital contract signing and rent collection.
  • Subscribing to our Business Plan, in turn, gives you the added visibility of a branded company page in both the mobile and web versions of liv.rent.
virtual tours, listings, for rent, video
Video tour of W1 Rental building on liv.rent
  • Instagram is a highly visual platform and well-suited to showcasing properties. If you can generate interest in your feed through engaging content that is visually appealing and/or informative, you will attract the attention of property owners as well as tenants who may be keen to sign up for your property management services.
  • Facebook – Facebook is a great tool for expanding your network. Make sure your Facebook page is professional and loyal to your brand. Secondly, consider joining landlord and property management communities on Facebook. They may share listings and will reach different populations increasing your reach.  This is another place to cross-post content created for your website, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. as well as reposting pertinent content created by others.  Be diligent about responding to comments and questions.
  • LinkedIn – Like Facebook, LinkedIn is well-suited to building your network, community, and credibility. Firstly, ensure your company has a professional identity on this platform and encourage your individual property managers to create and leverage their own profiles on LinkedIn. Make an effort to share useful information here, connect with other project management companies, promote properties, and recruit employees.
  • TikTok is the latest platform to take the world by storm. If you are feeling up to the challenge, try your hand at using this tool to create short, innovative videos that may attract a younger audience.

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2. Differentiate Yourself

Find ways to set yourself apart from competitors. Typically, this will mean upgrading your service game. Offer clients something different or an improved version of what your competitors are doing.  For example, now, using liv.rent will enable you to provide a turn-key, contact-less rental experience that others may not be able to emulate.

A simple but effective way to stand out is going above and beyond client expectations. This means rolling up your sleeves and doing the dirty work like negotiating better lease terms, organizing repairs or better renovations for higher-end properties, etc.  Some other ways include:  

  • Produce professional video tours and photos to attract better tenants.
  • Promote properties across multiple platforms using innovative video and digital design tools.
  • Help existing owners find new investment opportunities.

3. Ask for Referrals from Current Clients

Research shows that referred customers are approximately 25% more profitable per year and 18% less likely to churn than non-referred customers (source: unicomcorp.com), it is in your best interest to encourage happy clients to recommend you. This can be through Google and Yelp reviews, social media shout outs, or simply by old-fashioned word of mouth.

4. Build Relationship with Realtors

Realtors have inside knowledge on who owns what property. They can be a wealth of information and can help identify property owners that may benefit from your property management services. They also know local landlords and can help you expand your network to include them.

5. Leverage other Rental Listings

Comb through listings on liv.rent and all the competitive platforms and identify properties you think might benefit from professional management, specifically, ones that are posted by individual owners. Reach out to them directly highlighting the services you provide and the benefits to the owner. Be careful not to call other property management companies.

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Kristina Ikavalko

Kristina Ikavalko

Creative Content Creator at liv.rent

Creative Content Creator for liv.rent, based in Vancouver. [Read Full Bio]

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