Vancouver Rental Stats – March 2019 Snapshot

This month, we take a look at the state of the rental market in Greater Vancouver. Below is a breakdown of this month’s Vancouver rental stats.

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Vancouver Renter Stats – Demographics

In March 2019, more women are actively seeking a rental property than men – 56% and 44% respectively, a switch since February. And the large majority of rental seekers – 45% – fall into the 25-34 year old category.

Male vs. Female renters in Vancouver

Pet Friendly Vancouver Rental Stats

Finding accommodation when you have a furry friend remains a challenge for Greater Vancouverites. When looking at the volume of listings online, more than a quarter (26%) of listings are pet friendly compared to 17% of listings on other platforms.

Pet friendly rentals in Vancouver - liv Rent Platform vs. Other Platforms

Furnished vs. Unfurnished Rentals Stats

Choosing to rent furnished vs unfurnished continues to be a value assumption equation when it comes to pricing. The average rent for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment in March was $1,682 per month dropping from February’s $1,695 average. The average cost of a furnished apartment crept downwards too to $1,930 in March vs. February’s  $2,050.

Average Rental Prices in Vancouver - Unfurnished vs. Furnished


Highest vs. Cheapest Rent in Vancouver

Surrey has the lowest average rent for a 1 bedroom unit at $1371 compared to Downtown Vancouver’s average of $2076 for a comparable apartment.

Remember though, despite paying premium rates to live in Vancouver, tenants are saving in other ways, primarily, on car-related expenses (vehicle, insurance, fuel and repairs). In addition, time is money, and living near where you work pays mental health dividends in terms of reduced commuting times and associated stress.

Which area has the cheapest rent in Vancouver - Highest rent in Vancouver vs. Cheapest rent in Vancouver

Average Rental Rates

Have a look at 1,2,3 bedroom averages. It may make sense to add another bedroom and find a roommate.

Vancouver Average Rental Prices - Furnished vs. Unfurnished

Stay tuned for our April numbers!

For more rental stats, read our previous post, Vancouver Rental Stats – February 2019 Snapshot.

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