Modern Dog Bed

Pet Proof Your Pad – Stylishly

Truth be told, your furry family member can pose a serious challenge to your design sensibilities. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are 5 easy ways to pet proof your pad – stylishly.


1. Splurge on a pet bed

Poke around the internet, Etsy for example, to find interesting, beautifully designed pet beds that won’t detract from your home’s design aesthetic. Also check out Be One Breed and for some beautiful, contemporary options.

Natural Slow Wood Pet Beds
Photo: Pet beds by Natural Slow


2. Protect upholstery 

Shedding, drooling & chewing are unavoidable but there are ways to ensure damage is minimized. The easiest way is to invest in leather furniture but if that isn’t your jam, Teflon-coating your upholstered pieces or using indoor-outdoor fabrics are other options. Also, consider furniture with metal legs. They won’t satisfy teething puppies or scratching kittens but that is the point.

Modern Living Room with Dog
Photo: Living Room with pet by @sylviatribel

.3. Use semi-gloss paint

Use semi-gloss paint with eggshell or satin finish on your walls as these are easiest to wipe clean.  Here is a link to Benjamin Moore’s offerings though every paint manufacturer has paints in these formulations.


4. Set up a feeding station

Buy a stylish mat to protect your floors from spills and splashes. Many inexpensive, design-forward mats are made from recycled fabric and can be hosed off – no need to resort to utilitarian rubber.  Purchase contemporary stainless steel or ceramic feeding bowls and consider buying ones that are slightly raised. For a good selection, check out Messy Mutts, Be One Breed or make one yourself that looks like the one below!

Curbly Modern Dog Bowls
Photo: Dog Bowl by Curbly


5. Establish an animal area near the entry 

Invest in a hidden asset – an ottoman or bench that doubles as storage for dog-related items like leashes, toys, jackets, towels etc. Alternatively, install a few hooks or shelves to hold leashes and other dog accessories.

Entry Way Dog Area
Photo: Lula Entryway Dog Bed by Wayfair

These are simple tips & tricks to make sure pet ownership doesn’t cramp your style!

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