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Greg is our Creative Content Writer here at and brings to the table considerable experience writing for and about the real estate industry in Canada and beyond. He's always on the lookout for exciting news, updates and features surrounding the rental market, and is eager to share what he finds with our trusted network of tenants and landlords. Greg especially loves writing our Neighbourhood Guides as they give him an opportunity to explore the many amazing communities available to rent in on the platform. Born and raised in BC, he currently resides in the Riley Park area of Vancouver.

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Recent Articles

guide to ontario tenancy forms via liv rent

Your Guide To Ontario Tenancy Forms

Both landlords and renters in Ontario should familiarize themselves with the province's many different tenancy forms, particularly some of the more common ones you're likely to encounter. Ontario's Landlord and Tenant Board is your go-to resource for all things rental-related, and the province has created standardized documents laying out guidelines for pretty much any situation you can imagine. While this is extremely helpful for landlords and tenants, it can also ...

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data privacy protecting your information on liv rent

Data Privacy And Renting: How To Protect Your Information

Information privacy is a hot-button issue that's taken centre stage in this new age of digitalization we find ourselves in. Despite efforts to regulate data privacy, 67% of Canadians still feel as though they have no control over their data privacy. This is especially significant in the rental industry, where both landlords and tenants typically need to provide personal details about their identity and income, among other things. That's why ...

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the best apartment rental websites in vancouver via liv rent

The Top 8 Apartment Rental Websites In Vancouver

Vancouver, BC is a truly spectacular place to call home. The city's unique proximity to both mountains and sea, its top-notch food scene, and cosmopolitan appeal make for an understandably competitive housing market and have led to the city having some of Canada's highest rental rates. With such a booming rental market, both landlords and renters need an apartment rental website that provides safety and security – not to mention ...

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normal wear and tear vs damage in canada - what's the difference

Normal Wear And Tear Vs. Damage: What’s The Difference?

Every landlord and renter knows all too well that no rental unit can remain pristine forever. Over time, there's bound to be some damage to the suite from sustained use. If the damage is severe enough to impede enjoyment of the unit, or if it's caused by negligence on the part of the tenant, this can quickly become an issue for both parties. That's why most lease agreements set out ...

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the january 2022 liv rent report

January 2022 Vancouver Rent Report

The average price of a furnished one-bedroom unit in Richmond has increased by +68.40% this month, for an average price of $2,440 this January. Rent in Downtown Vancouver now costs an average of $3.87 per square foot. Across Metro Vancouver, furnished one-bedroom units now go for an average of $2,096 – a $228 increase from December. Following last month's dramatic price action, rental prices in Vancouver have held their lofty highs ...

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january 2022 liv rent report for montreal, quebec

January 2022 Montreal Rent Report

The average rental price for unfurnished one-bedroom units has risen to $1,300 to start off the new year. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve has become the most affordable place to rent in Montreal, with unfurnished units now just $1,071 on average. The Plateau-Mont-Royal saw the biggest rent increases this month, for both furnished and unfurnished units. To begin 2022, Montreal's rental averages have skyrocketed from their December levels. Reaching $1300 for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit, this ...

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january 2022 liv rent report

January 2022 Toronto Rent Report

The average rental price for one-bedroom unfurnished units in the Greater Toronto Area has fallen to $1,678 to begin the new year, down from $1,766 in December. The average difference in price between furnished and unfurnished units for the GTA as a whole is now just $25. Markham was the only municipality where both furnished and unfurnished units increased in price. The Greater Toronto Area's rental averages have declined again this month, ...

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december 2021 vancouver rent report via liv rent

December 2021 Vancouver Rent Report

The average price of a furnished one-bedroom unit in Richmond has fallen -29.76% this month. Average rental rates across Metro Vancouver have risen $40 for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit since November. Our Renter Demographics have shifted, with a significant increase in renters aged 35+. Average rental rates in Vancouver have soared this month to a new yearly high, offset by steep drops in rental prices for some unit types and municipalities/cities. You ...

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december 2021 montreal rent report via liv rent

December 2021 Montreal Rent Report

The city-wide average rent for unfurnished one-bedroom units has fallen back to $1,236 In Downtown, the average price for unfurnished one-bedroom units declined a significant -11.57% The difference in price between Montreal's most and least expensive neighbourhoods is now $333. Following November's new yearly highs, rent across Montreal has once again returned to levels near its October averages. There were a number of interesting declines, and we're keeping a close eye on ...

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december 2021 liv rent toronto rent report

December 2021 Toronto Rent Report

The average rental price for one-bedroom unfurnished units in Toronto has risen to $1,766 this December. The average price of a one-bedroom, furnished unit in Downtown Toronto has risen 26.19% this month. Across the GTA, the average price of a furnished one-bedroom unit is now $167 more than an unfurnished unit. The Greater Toronto Area's rental averages continue their ascent this month, reaching a new yearly high of $1,766 for December 2021. ...

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