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Feature Update: Respond by Email

As a landlord or tenant, conversations are initiated with one another in the app. A record or timeline of all interactions will be maintained so that users can reference all exchanges. Our new email feature sends a notification to your email and creates a synchronous log of the conversation in email as well as in-app for your records.

So what is new with Liv Rent?

Once you’ve enabled this feature, you will be able to receive and respond to email notifications directly from your email account.

Option 1: Reply directly within email application.

You can either respond by directly replying to the email (Option 1) or tapping the “Reply Now” to launch the app. The email conversation will be relayed and stored in the app as part of your conversation timeline.

Option 2: Tap “Reply Now” to launch the app.

Every interaction between landlords and tenants will appear in your chat records as well as in email. Communication will be seamless regardless of the chosen chat method ( chat or email).

How do I enable this feature?

This feature is easily enabled and gives users – landlords or tenants – the flexibility to converse with one another using the app on their mobile device or via email on their computer. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. In, go to your profile Settings, select notifications
  2. Under Matches, turn on email notifications
  3. Under Chat, turn on email notifications

You will now be notified by email when a tenant or landlord has reached out to you. The message will appear in your inbox with a dynamic link to reply directly from your email account.

You can access all chats regardless of whether you started the conversation in-app or online.  All your messages and tenancy applications will be stored under the Chat Menu.

Have some feedback for us? Any other features you want to see? Contact us via Live Chat during business hours or email us anytime!

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