Rental Tips for Landlords and Renters

how to screen tenants using liv rent

Landlord Spotlight: How To Screen Tenants Using

Tenant screening is one of the hardest aspects of every landlord's job. How can you be certain that the person you're renting to is qualified? ...

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essential components of an attractive rental ad and how liv rent helps

9 Essential Components Of An Attractive Rental Ad

An effective rental ad is a key part of finding quality tenants fast. The right listing will highlight key details of your unit in a ...

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how to advertise property for rent on liv rent

Landlord Guide: How To Effectively Advertise Your Rental Property

No landlord wants their unit to sit empty for long. Even with a month's notice or the expected end of a fixed-term lease, finding quality ...

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tenant screening made easy how to screen tenants using liv rent

How To Screen Tenants And The Best Tenant Screening Tools To Use

The last thing any landlord wants is an irresponsible tenant. Choosing the wrong renter can result in late or non-existent rent payments, damage to your ...

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common addendums and how landlords can use them liv rent

Understanding Lease Addendums Part 2: Common Addendums And How To Use Them

Lease addendums are an invaluable tool for landlords looking to solidify the terms of their rental agreement and head off potential problems during a tenancy. ...

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what is a lease addendum liv rent

Understanding Lease Addendums Part 1: What Is A Lease Addendum?

Standard tenancy agreements aren't always exhaustive. There could be any number of reasons a landlord may want to modify or add to a lease, including ...

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montreal rent report from liv rent october 2021

October 2021 Montreal Rent Report

The overall rental average has risen slightly to a yearly high of $1,233. The average price difference between furnished and unfurnished units has grown to $264. Westmount ...

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October 2021 Vancouver Rent Report

Rent for unfurnished one-bedrooms in West Vancouver went up 14.53%. Young renters (Under 25) now make up's biggest demographic The average difference in cost for a ...

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October 2021 Toronto Rent Report

Average rent for furnished one-bedrooms in Mississauga is down 16.03% from September to October. Brampton offers the cheapest average rent for everything, but unfurnished 3 bedroom ...

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renting in canada - how to secure a home before you arrive in canada

Rent In Canada: How To Secure A Home Before Coming To Canada

For many newcomers, finding a place to rent in Canada can be a daunting task. Instead of trying to secure a rental right after you ...

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FAQ liv rent answers your questions about rent deposits in ontario

FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Rent Deposits In Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything you Need To Know About Rent Deposits In Ontario For both renters and landlords in Ontario, rent deposits are at best a ...

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how to rent out an apartment fast liv rent

Landlord Success Story: How To Rent Out An Apartment In 10 Days

Welcome to our "Landlord Success Story" series, where we'll be highlighting landlords who have used to list, manage, and ultimately rent out their suites. ...

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