Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to list your unit?

2. How to invite a renter?

3. How to set an appointment?

4. How to snooze an appointment?

5. How to create a contract?

6. How to manage your team account?

7. How to manage all your listings?

8. How to post your listing to Craiglist/Kijiji?

9. How to add a new user to your team?

10. How to add another landlord to your listing?

11. How to export a contract?

12. How to change the chat setting requirement?

1. How to apply to a listing?

2. How to book an appointment?

3. How to sign a contract digitally?

4. How to verify my ID?

5. How do you get a Liv Score?

6. What happens to the uploaded ID pictures? Can landlords obtain a copy in case of legal issues?

7. What are acceptable forms of ID?

8. The BC government only allows DocuSign for signing digital contracts to ensure security. Is it secure to sign contracts within your app?

9. What personal data is being collected from social media?

10. Are credit reports available for the landlord to see?