Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does ask for so much personal information?

2. Why is asking for my SIN?

3. What happens after I upload my ID to

4. Who has access to my personal information?

5. Is legit?

6. Why is my phone number required to create an account on

7. How does protect my personal data?

8. Are the contracts signed on legally binding?

9. Does only have listings in Vancouver?


1. How do you advertise a rental property?

2. What are common addendums that can be added to a rental agreement?

3. What information can a landlord ask for?

4. How much notice do you have to give to a tenant?

5. How to evict a tenant?

6. What should I do if my tenant abandons the rental unit?

7. Can landlords refuse pets?

8. What to do if tenant doesn't pay rent?

9. Can I force my tenant to buy tenant insurance?

10. What can I do if my tenant has more people living in the suite?

11. How do I sign a rental contract with my tenant?

12. When can landlords enter a rental unit?

13. Does it cost to list on

14. How can help me find tenants?

15. How do I check a potential tenant’s credit score?

16. How does the Liv Score™ compare to other credit check reports?


1. When should I pay my deposits?

2. What to do if my landlord refuses to pay my deposit back?

3. Can landlords refuse pets?

4. Do I need to include my roommate on my lease agreement

5. What are considered emergency repairs on a rental unit?

6. What information can a landlord ask for?

7. Who's responsible for fixing stuff?

8. Who is responsible for snow removal at a rental property?

9. What do I do when an appliance breaks down?

10. Can a landlord make a tenant pay for repairs?

11. What happens if I pay my rent late?

12. Do I need to purchase tenant insurance?

13. Can a landlord ask for another security deposit?

14. Can a landlord charge me a key deposit?

15. Are landlords allowed to increase rent?

16. How do I end my lease early?

17. Are landlords allowed to come into my rental property without notice?

18. Does it cost to rent on

19. What does a verified listing and verified landlord mean? And how do I know if a landlord or listing is verified?

20. How do I apply to a rental listing?

21. Why is my Equifax score different from my Liv Score™?

22. Why is my Liv Score™ so low?