Jammin’ Ramen – Vancouver’s Best Ramen

What makes good ramen? For the uninitiated, a bowl of noodles is a bowl of noodles. To the connoisseur, however, truly good ramen noodles are made with love, made daily (even hourly), with simple ingredients - wheat flour, salt, water, and ‘kansui’ (alkaline water).  They are then immersed in a rich and tasty broth, carefully prepared and simmered for at least a day, and topped with a soft-boiled egg, pork ...

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Coal Harbour Neighbourhood Guide Map

Neighborhood Guide: Coal Harbour

LOWDOWN   A relatively new neighborhood, Coal Harbour’s high rises sprung up in the ‘90s and offer luxury accommodations with grand, waterfront views.  Easy access to Stanley Park and Harbour Green Park make up for the forest of concrete towers.  Tourist presence is high as Coal Harbour is bookended by 2 luxury Fairmont Properties (Pacific Rim and Waterfront) as well as the Pan Pacific to the East and the iconic Westin Bayshore ...

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Places to Eat Around UBC Vancouver

Nearby Nosh at UBC

  As back to school nerves set in, Ikea Allen keys are misplaced and you are still on the waiting list for a required UBC course, preparing your own meals is the last thing on your mind. Let us help you find nearby eats on campus. Virtuous Pie Located in Wesbrook Village,  Virtuous Pie (01) is a light and airy pizza place offering only 100% plant-based fare. This meat-eater was suspicious of the “BBQ ...

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Vancouver's Best Ice Cream

Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Living in Vancouver, you can't help but notice that ice cream is having a moment.  Never before has it been so easy to keep your cool with an icy treat. Check out our best ice cream picks below. We are not quite Italy with gelato on every corner, but we are moving in that beautiful direction. Though Mario's Gelato and La Casa Gelato have been scooping up the best for decades, ...

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Best Summer Patio Restaurants Vancouver BC

Patio Perfect: Our Top Picks for Al Fresco Fun

Nothing says summer like al fresco eating and drinking. Despite endless coastline and inimitable views, Vancouver has shockingly few patios due to strict restaurant and liquor licensing laws. We wish we had more but as September looms, we figured we'd better make the most of the options we do have. We encourage you to do the same and enjoy a drink and a nibble at any one of our top ...

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Vancouver Chinatown City Guide

Neighbourhood Guide – Chinatown

LOWDOWN For the designer or tech worker looking for a historic neighbourhood with an artistic edge, Chinatown blends colorful Vancouver history with new, mid- and high-rise developments that appeal to dedicated urbanites seeking unique spaces.  Established in the late 1800s when CP Rail brought in thousands of workers from China to complete the railroad, this settlement flourished from a rough neighbourhood of (predominantly) male workers to a prosperous corner of the ...

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Vancouver Mural Festival

2018 Vancouver Mural Festival – In case you missed it…

The 2018 Mural Festival kicked off last weekend, August 6-11, and showcased some extraordinary work ranging from the detailed work by Kyle Scott to some seriously badass graffiti by the likes of VERS and DEF3.  From Science World up to 16th Ave., Main Street area buildings and walls have been transformed. Over 20 artists were given the unique opportunity to make the city their canvas. The scale and visibility of the murals ...

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View from Vancouver Hike

Step into the Wild – Hikes near Vancouver

You’d be challenged to find another similar-sized city that offers true back country hiking experiences 30 minutes from its urban doorstep. Vancouver has well deserved bragging rights in this department with elaborate trail systems lining the North Shore mountains, Tri-cities’ slopes and pastoral suburbs to the south and east. There is something for everyone from the steep and challenging options on Cypress and Grouse Mountains to the easy winding trails ...

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Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver

Boom! Best Spots to Watch the Fireworks

Best Places to Watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver Nothing like Vancouver’s Annual Honda Celebration of Light fireworks to punctuate your summer! On July 28th, August 1st and August 4th , 2018 the skies will light up as South Africa, Sweden, and South Korea show off their fireworks flare. And this year, Vancouver’s most spectacular beachside experience can be made even better simply by downloading the free mobile app (Honda Celebration ...

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