Best Way to Discover Vancouver Cherry Blossoms

At last, spring is here. And it couldn't have come sooner! We can finally shed our puff coats and woolly wear, throw our hands in the air and welcome the cherry blossoms, longer eves and line-ups for ice cream. To commemorate its arrival, nature cooperates admirably. For about a month every year, Vancouver's 43,000 cherry trees decorate our neighbourhoods with their spectacular pink blossoms beautifying our commutes, dog walks and jogging ...

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Best Coffee in Vancouver

HARDEST.JOB.EVER - Selecting Vancouver's best coffee. Seriously, we are spoiled rotten in this beautiful, soggy corner of the world with an embarrassment of coffee riches. In compiling our list, we've strayed a wee bit from the grounds themselves to consider the decor, menu and general vibe of the establishments in our selection. This is no means an exhaustive list but one that pleases our coffee palates and our design sensibilities. Caffe La ...

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Boba Bonanza – Vancouver’s Best New Bubble Tea

There’s no denying that Bubble Tea has officially become a Vancouver institution. Much like Sushi in the early 90’s, Vancouver is witnessing an explosion in the number of Bubble Tea establishments in the last couple of years. For the uninitiated, the choices can seem overwhelming.  For the aficionados out there, the excitement over every store opening is palpable as each offers specialties that distinguish them from the others. Here are 7 ...

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Prohibition in the Rosewood Georgia

Best Whisky Bars to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Here in Canada we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by donning kitsch green threads – typically top hats or shamrock-emblazoned t-shirts, socks etc., dying our rivers green, and often, inadvisably,  consuming excessive amounts of Guinness or Jameson. Though drinking has been part of the celebration since the beginning, it is worth noting it is a religious holiday dating back to the 17th Century and honoring the 5th century missionary who introduced ...

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Hockey in Vancouver – What’s More Canadian?

Let’s face it – the majority of Canadian’s give at least a small puck about hockey. You may have fond memories of playing shinny on outdoor rinks (though likely not the case for Vancouverites) or tuning into Hockey Night in Canada with your family or spending weekends playing in tournaments in small towns across Canada. Whatever the memory, it is at the very essence of what it means to be ...

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Galicia Octopus at Como Taperia

Best New Vancouver Restaurants to Check Out in 2019

The blur of Dine Out is behind us so we can sit back and more carefully contemplate all our fair city has to offer in terms of new (or nearly new) eating establishments.  Despite the demands and challenges of running any hospitality venture, and restaurants in particular, Vancouver’s foodie entrepreneurs are continuously putting themselves out there so that we can enjoy some of the most innovative, beautifully prepared cuisine in ...

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The Snowshoe Grind Grouse Mountain

Family Day Fun – Easy Road Trips from Vancouver

FEATURE: PHOTO BY SILVER STAR RESORT   Vancouver is perfectly situated for weekend getaways and as Family Day is fast approaching, we thought we’d give you a few ideas for winter escapes that you may not have considered before. We’ve left out the glorious local mountains and Whistler not because they aren’t worth a visit, but because plenty of ink has already been spilled on their magnificence! …from nearest to farthest. Bowen Island For ...

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Valentine's Day Date Ideas Vancouver

Do you have a date for Valentine’s? We do – February 14th!

That annual holiday dedicated to love (and friendship) is around the corner and the hype machine is on full throttle. There is perhaps no other day that divides the population so clearly into two groups – the romantics and cynics among us. In response, we’ve come up with some ideas that will reboot your v-day game and perhaps even appeal to the eyeball-rolling cynics out there. VDAY CLICHÉ: DINNER RESERVATIONS Do you really ...

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Dine Out Vancouver 2019 - Chambar Fish

Dine Out Vancouver – 2019 Edition

It’s that time of year when Vancouver restaurants lure overfed, post-holiday crowds to their restaurants through the promise of affordable prix-fixe menus highlighting their fare. Starting out as a quiet attempt to boost restaurant revenues during a notoriously quiet time of year, the Dine Out Festival has become an unequivocal success – a much-anticipated annual dining event.  Running January 18th to February 3rd this year, hundreds of lower mainland restaurants ...

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