what is the rental vacancy rate in Vancouver via liv rent

[Updated March 2022] Vancouver Rental Vacancy Rate

We hear a lot about the Vancouver rental vacancy rate being very low but what is this metric and what does it really mean? In this post, liv.rent sheds some light on the matter and what it means for both renters and landlords. What is the rental vacancy rate? What is Vancouver's rental vacancy rate? Why is the rental vacancy rate important? How is the rental vacancy rate calculated? What is considered a good vacancy ...

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What Information Is A Landlord Allowed to Ask For?

For first-time renters, navigating the rental process can be daunting. One area of typical concern is tenant privacy rights. During the application process, landlords can ask a variety of questions to ensure they're choosing the right tenant. With that being said though, they can't infringe on your right to privacy. As a renter, it's important to be aware of what kind of questions a landlord can ask you, and which ...

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how does rent work in canada deposits, post-dated cheques, and rent increases covered by province on liv rent

[Updated July 2022] How Does Rent Work in Canada? A Provincial Comparison

Finding and securing a rental in Canada’s biggest cities is always a challenge. And if you're planning on moving from one province to another, things can get even more confusing as the laws governing residential tenancies vary from province to province and even from year to year as civic and provincial governments change. So how does rent work in Canada? In this post, we'll be providing a provincial comparison of ...

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[Updated October 2021] Residential Tenancy Act Guide: Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, tenant-landlord relations aren’t always as harmonious as either party would like. When problems arise, there needs to be a clear-cut process for reaching solutions to any problems that arise. As a result, the provincial government has established guidelines and procedures for landlords and tenants to follow to ensure equitable solutions for both parties. What is dispute resolution? Common reasons why tenants apply for a dispute resolution Common reasons why landlords apply ...

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vancouver, toronto, cost of living, 2019, comparison

[Updated March 2022] Vancouver vs Toronto: Cost of Living Comparison

Vancouver and Toronto are more than 4,000 km apart but share the dubious honour of being the two most expensive cities in Canada. Despite this, they are both highly desirable places to live with their own unique appeal, scoring high on all international standard of living indices. They are clean, safe and secure, and offer newcomers vibrant, multi-cultural communities willing to embrace immigrants. Toronto is the business capital of Canada ...

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BC Residential Tenancy Agreement Explained

Finding a place or the perfect tenant is hard enough. When it comes to signing the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement, it's a whole other ballgame. On liv.rent, we make finding and understanding your lease easy. You can easily pull up and export any past, current, or upcoming lease contracts signed on our platform with just a few clicks. Read on as we break down what you need to know and ...

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BC rent increase how much can landlords raise rent prices

[Updated July 2022] How Much Can My Landlord Increase My Rent? (BC)

Rent increases are a harsh reality facing every renter in the province, especially with COVID-19 rent freezes now coming to an end, and interest rates rising across the country. For those worried about steep rent hikes though, rest assured — your landlord can only raise your rent up to a maximum amount dictated by the Residential Tenancy Branch of BC (RTB). Just how much can landlords raise rent though? Today, ...

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furnished or unfurnished, renting in vancouver

Furnished or Unfurnished? – Renter’s Perspective

Looking for the Landlord’s Guide for renting furnished or unfurnished? Check out our article here. What’s Better To Rent - Furnished Or Unfurnished? When deciding whether it is better to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment, there are a number of things to consider above and beyond the rental cost. Generally speaking, furnished apartments are typically suitable for shorter stays or corporate housing (i.e. rent is subsidized by your employer) since they ...

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[Updated August 2022] How To Protect Yourself From Rental Scams In Canada

As the rental landscape continues to move online as a response to current global events, there has been a notable increase in scams targeting renters. It's no surprise that apartment rental frauds exist in Canada, especially in the hottest rental markets such as Toronto and Vancouver. In fact, as many as 43% of renters throughout North America have encountered fake ads during their search. These scams can largely be avoided ...

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Tips for Renegotiating Your Lease

[Updated November 2021] Renter Guide: How To Renegotiate Your Lease

When you're nearing the end of your lease, you have a few options as a renter. One of those options is renegotiating your lease with your current landlord. This is a daunting exercise for many but it doesn't have to be if you prepare and develop a strategy. Chances are your landlord will take the opportunity to raise the rent by the allowable amount (1.5% for BC in 2022). However, ...

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