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Should you allow pets in your rental?

Sure it's easy to say ‘no pets’ when listing your property for rent. But is it necessary?  Provided pets are allowed by your strata by-laws, you may be missing out on exceptionally good tenants by stipulating ‘no pets’.  Moreover, here in Vancouver, pet-friendly rentals are difficult to find so if you do allow them, you can likely exact a higher rental rate and a pet deposit. Be Open to Pets Rather than ...

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[Updated June 2022] Landlord Guide: Furnished vs. Unfurnished Rentals

Furnishing a rental property is a considerable expense. Should you spend the money, or let your tenants furnish the unit themselves? We're and we're here to make facilitate a smoother rental process from start-to-finish, for both landlords and tenants. If you're on the fence about whether you should rent your unit furnished or unfurnished, this guide will hopefully help make your decision a little easier. What is a furnished apartment? Furnished ...

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Renting your home with is easy

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rental

Besides the obvious – a front door, running water and electricity – there are some other things a prospective renter should look for. We’ve compiled a list of important considerations that are often overlooked: Storage This is so important and yet so often forgotten when you fall in love with a unit. Unless you have few hobbies and live the life of an ascetic monk, chances are you’ll need space to store ...

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[Updated October 2021] How to Get Rid of Bad Tenants

To avoid dealing with bad tenants, the best option is to avoid the situation in the first place. Too often landlords make the mistake of accepting unsuitable tenants in a moment of desperation. Of course, losing one or two month's rent isn't ideal for cash flow, but a bad tenant can prove far more costly, creating serious headaches, causing expensive damage, or, in the worst cases, a 'professional tenant' might ...

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Improving Your Trust Score

If you've been using to find and apply for rentals, you've probably already encountered the Trust Score. This all-important score helps landlords see all of your relevant information, so you can stand out on your applications and secure your perfect rental home. So, what do you do if your Trust Score seems a bit low? First - don't panic! This guide will go over what exactly goes into calculating ...

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Tenant’s Insurance – 5 Reasons You Should Have It

According to StatsCan, only 50% of Canadian renters have tenant insurance (AKA renter insurance, content insurance). The reasons are a bit unclear but the running assumption is that renters assume they are automatically covered by their landlord's policy and thus, see renters insurance as a waste of money. This is a potentially dangerous assumption. The landlord's policy will cover all the bigger things - the pipes, structural issues, appliances etc. ...

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[Updated October 2021] How To Pick The Right Tenant

Your tenant can be your best ally, or biggest problem. Tenant turnover is arguably the single biggest cost for you as a landlord. Whenever a tenant vacates, either voluntarily or through a tenant eviction, significant costs are incurred by a landlord. The cost of vacancy, for example - your property may be vacant for one month or more, impacting cash flow. You will also likely have to pay for some ...

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[Updated August 2022] 24 Tips For Renting An Apartment In Vancouver

Finding an apartment to rent in Vancouver requires research, communication with landlords & property managers, securing references, and ultimately finding a place you want to call home. All this can add up to a lengthy endeavour if you're not familiar with how to find an apartment in Vancouver. To help renters, we've put together this guide for every step of the way; with apartment viewing tips, advice for how to find ...

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how to claim a tax deduction on your moving expenses in canada via liv rent

[Updated March 2022] How To Claim A Tax Deduction On Your Moving Expenses

A little-known fact in Canada is that many moving expenses are actually tax-deductible and can boost your yearly return. In this post, will walk you through which moving expenses you can claim a deduction for, how the process works in Canada, as well as some tips and resources to help you get the most out of your tax return. What moving expenses can I claim? How do I claim my ...

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[Updated August 2022] Must-Have Checklists For First-Time Landlords

Renting out your property for the first time can be a daunting task. From preparing the unit to listing and advertising, to finally signing the lease, there are a lot of moving parts in the rental process and a lot that can go wrong along the way. for first-time landlords, the last thing you want is for your passive income stream to suddenly become a full-time job, so we've provided ...

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