[Updated October 2021] Landlord Guide: How To End Or Extend A Tenancy Agreement

How To End Or Extend A Tenancy Agreement The end of a tenancy agreement always brings about some level of confusion from both landlord and tenant. What happens next? Do you have to renegotiate the lease? Today, we'll be looking at all the reasons a tenancy agreement may end (e.g. tenant giving early notice, eviction, end of a lease), and what to do in each situation. How to end a tenancy ...

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Rental homes in Canada.

Stratas – Everything You Need To Know

What is a strata? In Vancouver, the most common form of strata housing is a condo. Typically these are apartments, townhouses, duplexes or even single family homes owned by a governing body known as the strata corporation - or strata for short.  However, a strata can also be land, just rarely in Vancouver. When you buy one of these properties, you become a co-owner of the self-governed, strata corporation and, as ...

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BC Residential Tenancy Agreement Explained

Finding a place or the perfect tenant is hard enough. When it comes to signing the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement, it's a whole other ballgame. On, we make finding and understanding your lease easy. You can easily pull up and export any past, current, or upcoming lease contracts signed on our platform with just a few clicks. Read on as we break down what you need to know and ...

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Empty homes have tax implications in B.C. and Vancouver.

[Updated For 2022] What Is The Empty Homes Tax?

B.C. and Vancouver each have their own taxes for homeowners not occupying or renting their residences. In B.C., there is a province-wide tax called the "Speculation and Vacancy Tax", and Vancouver has its own specific "Empty Homes Tax". These were originally brought in with the goal of targeting vacant properties, increasing vacancy rates and creating more affordable housing throughout the province. The government's goal is to turn under-utilized properties into ...

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tax deductions for bc landlords via liv rent

The Best Tax Deductions for B.C. Landlords

Do you take advantage of all the deductions available to you as a B.C. landlord? When you own a rental property, you are legally obligated to report all rental revenue on the Statement of Real Estate Rentals schedule on your personal tax return. Thankfully, you are also able to deduct a number of landlord expenses from your gross rental revenue and then pay tax only on the amount remaining. We're ...

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How to photograph your property.

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Rental

Unlike realtors who have to market properties all the time, property managers may go months or even years between property vacancies. However, given that most renters are only obligated to give one month's notice before moving on, you will have to act quickly to ensure your property is rented as soon as possible and cash flow isn't interrupted. In addition to home listing sites, you need to employ a focused ...

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Should you sell your rental property?

Who doesn’t appreciate the passive income a rental property provides? Every month, like clockwork, you receive a payment from your tenant. It can serve you very well right through retirement. However, there are a number of other considerations that may encourage you to sell your rental property. We’ve provided a list of some key reasons to weigh up if you should sell, or continue to rent. Are you good at your ...

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[Updated October 2021] Top 10 Ways To Increase The Rental Value Of Your Investment

The most effective way to generate the best return on your investment rental property is by increasing the rental value. especially in competitive rental markets like Vancouver. Deciding where best to spend your money, however, is always a challenge. The fact is that certain renovations are more likely to reap better rewards than others. Here we’ve outlined 10 of the most effective ways to boost the rental value of your investment. ...

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Vancouver’s Airbnb Rules

Vancouver’s New Airbnb Rules In April 2018, Vancouver City Hall began to regulate the popular home sharing platform, Airbnb, by introducing a new set of Airbnb rules. In response to disgruntled citizens wary of sharing their buildings with a revolving door of Airbnb guests and by others desperate for rental housing in a city where occupancy rates are nearing 100%.  In addition, many Vancouverites feel Airbnb is responsible for further inflating ...

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Rental resources help renters find the perfect home.

Should you allow pets in your rental?

Sure it's easy to say ‘no pets’ when listing your property for rent. But is it necessary?  Provided pets are allowed by your strata by-laws, you may be missing out on exceptionally good tenants by stipulating ‘no pets’.  Moreover, here in Vancouver, pet-friendly rentals are difficult to find so if you do allow them, you can likely exact a higher rental rate and a pet deposit. Be Open to Pets Rather than ...

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