Hockey in Vancouver – What’s More Canadian?

Let’s face it – the majority of Canadian’s give at least a small puck about hockey. You may have fond memories of playing shinny on outdoor rinks (though likely not the case for Vancouverites) or tuning into Hockey Night in Canada with your family or spending weekends playing in tournaments in small towns across Canada. Whatever the memory, it is at the very essence of what it means to be Canadian. What soccer is to Brazil and much of the world, hockey is to Canada.

Photo by Ildar Garifullin

The numbers do not lie. Almost 50% of Canadians follow the NHL “very closely” or “fairly closely” according Bibby’s Canam Sport Survey up from 30% in 2005. And, surprisingly, new immigrants are more likely to view hockey as a national symbol than born and bred Canadians, enrolling their children in the sport in increasing numbers. For them, it is a way to feel more entrenched in Canadian society and a phenomenal way to integrate into their community.


For countless others, hockey is a thread that runs throughout their lives. As they hang up their childhood skates, they often pick up a bigger pair and join casual beer leagues that offer exercise and camaraderie.

Photo by Isi Parente

If you are new to the world of hockey, do not despair – you are never to old to start. Check out these great hockey clinics for adult beginners:

Discover Hockey

Ice Sports – Burnaby

And once you’ve skilled up, try your hand at drop-in, co-ed hockey available all over the lower mainland or join an adult league;  almost every rink has a casual league open to all levels.

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