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Gong Xi Fa Cai – 恭喜发财 – 2019 Year of the Pig!

Chinese New Year is here and ready to usher in the Year of the Pig for 2019. It is always a time to celebrate with friends and family but especially this year as the Pig is happy, responsible and greatly attached to family.  The Pig is also a sign of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture – the big ears, and round face all signify abundance promising a year of fortune and luck to you and yours.

To ensure the Pig lives up to all its porcine promise, Chinese tradition outlines a number of rules (or superstitions) to follow to ensure you enjoy a year of prosperity and happiness in 2019. Here are 12 taboos to avoid to up your prosperity quotient:


Chinese New Year Pig - 1

1. Leave Your Locks Alone

Set vanity aside and refrain from washing your hair on New Year’s Day (February 5th) to avoid washing your luck down the drain.  Now’s the time to wear that cute toque you got for Christmas instead!

2. Get your Roughage Elsewhere

Eating porridge over New Year’s is discouraged; it will only invite poverty. Stick to your Acai bowls and Eggs Benny!

3. Set Arts & Crafts Aside

For all you Etsy junkies out there, New Year’s is not the time to start a new needlepoint or sewing project – it depletes wealth. The Chinese believe the use of scissors or needles may harm a person or result in accidents so using them is inauspicious at this time of year.

4.  Don’t mind that Laundry Pile

This one is easy – one less thing to do! Don’t wash your clothes during New Year’s. Like hair (#2)- washing clothes may also wash your fortune away!

Chinese New Year Pig - 2


5. Watch Your Tongue

Be extra careful with the language you use. Refrain from using unlucky words like death, for example. Perhaps consider this the perfect 2019 resolution to curb your cursing in general – never a bad thing.

6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Hmm, there is a theme here – essentially, step back from household chores! Sweeping and garbage removal are other ways of diminishing wealth so best to avoid doing them as well. Is anyone complaining?

7. Keep Your Financial Slate Clean

Whatever you do, pay all your debts by New Year’s Eve and avoid borrowing money on New Year’s Day. And, if someone else owes you, do not chase this money down over New Year’s – you risk being unlucky all year if you do!

8. Look Sharp

Pull out your finest, newest threads on New Year’s. Wearing old or thread-bare clothes will bring bad luck for the year…and, yes, that means forget about wearing your ripped jeans even if they are new.


Chinese New Year Pig - 3

9. Keep that Medicine Cabinet Shut

Really, how badly do you need to take that Advil? Was your New Year’s Eve Party that over-the-top indulgent?  Chances are you can survive without it. Put it this way, if you do take medicine, you risk getting ill throughout the year! Preserve your health for 2019 and avoid popping pills during this time.

10. Keep your Kitchen Stocked

Your family will be happy and you’ll stave off bad luck. Make sure there are no empty receptacles (i.e. rice, flour, sugar etc.) as they’re a bad omen.

11. Add a Dash of Colour

Shed your commitment to chic, monochrome fashion on New Year’s Day and wear colour. Black and white clothes are considered inauspicious as they are traditionally associated with mourning.

12. Party Hard

Finally, celebrate into the wee hours!  Tradition suggests you should stay up late on New Year’s Eve to usher in the new year. And be sure to make a lot of noise setting off fireworks to scare off Nian, the New Year monster.

This is quite a list of New Year’s DO’s and DON’T’s but if the Pig is to deliver good fortune and happiness in 2019, make sure to heed this advice.


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