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New Year, New Home

Every year we make resolutions for ourselves vowing to get fitter, save more, learn Italian etc. but what about the spaces we live in? What about setting some New Year’s goals for our homes? After all, they offer us respite from the outside world and are worth our attention. Here are some easy ways to ensure you can live your best life in your very best home!


So often new year’s resolutions involve living more simply by cutting out drama from our lives whether it be saying no to more work, bye to toxic friendships or… streamlining how we live in general. A good first step to reaching these goals is decluttering your home. What seems like a daunting task, can be made easier if you approach it gradually, room by room. Commit to a room a week and purge items that you don’t use, wear, or love and donate them.

Then resolve only to bring items into the home in 2019 that inspire, energize or enhance your life.

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photo: Alma Light, Barcelona

Go Green

Reduce your footprint and shrink your bills at the same time. The precariousness of our environment figured prominently in 2018. In light of this, we can make small green adjustments to the way we live in 2019 and save money at the same time. Of course, the best place to start is at home. Here are some simple measures you can take:

  • As your parents surely mentioned more than once, turn the lights off when you leave your room and when you leave the house.
  • When you are home and awake, set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. In the evenings, lower the temperature by a few degrees and, ideally, invest in a smart or programmable thermostat that will automatically reduce heat in the evening hours.
  • Install LED bulbs and low flow shower heads.
  • Consider line-drying your clothes and make sure you clean your dryer lint traps regularly so they work at optimal efficiency.
  • Revisit your window covering situation. If you don’t have any, consider drapes or blinds. They help with heat loss and when open, allow the sun to warm your place.

For more energy saving tips, check out Fortis BC’s advice here.

Living Room with Blue Furniture

Keep it Clean

Once you’ve committed to #1, set out goals for keeping your place clean as well as de-cluttered. It really isn’t that hard! Here is a quick guideline to cleaning your space to help you declutter for a better peace of mind.


Make sure all dishes go in the dishwasher every night, dirty clothes in the hamper and all other items are hung up or placed in their assigned spots!


Focus on one type of cleaning – vacuuming, dusting, washing toilets, changing bed linens and alternate them; it is easier to focus on 1 or 2 at a time rather than all at once.

Invite more people into your home

We often vow to spend more time with friends and family. Why not make your home more suitable for entertaining by updating your space? This way, your personal goal can be achieved with a little attention to the home goals as well. Here’s how:

  • Paint – A fresh coat of paint does wonders for any room. It refreshes and energizes your space and your spirit.
  • Indoor plants figure prominently in design for 2019, so add some drama and elegance to a room in the form of a potted palm or sculptural cactus.
  • Choose an under-utilized colour and amplify its presents – add some new throw pillows, a shawl, or hang a piece of art featuring the chosen hue – your room will thank you for the facelift.
  • Rearrange furniture so your space is more conversation-friendly. Something as simple as moving chairs to face each other vs. the TV will encourage socializing and provide the necessary impetus to send an invite!

Home is where the heart is so ensuring its health is imperative…and really easy if you set some simple goals.

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