Best Donuts in Vancouver

Best Donuts in Vancouver

You name it, they’ve created it. Or so it seems. Donuts are no longer the cheap, go-to coffee treat scarfed down to mask the bitter taste of cheap coffee. Just as coffee has gone upscale, so have donuts. The days of choosing between a simple plain or glazed donut have now been replaced by choosing a salted caramel old fashioned or apple bacon fritter.  The downside?  You are also no longer paying $5/dozen but closer to the $30/dozen range!

Glazed and Infused – Our Faves

Let’s do this chronologically, from the oldest to the newest:

  • Lee’s donuts – The granddaddy of Vancouver Donut shops in Granville Island Public Market, Lee’s opened its doors in 1979 and has consistently served up hand rolled, simple, sugary goodness to the throngs on a daily basis. Try their classic, and perpetual best-seller, the Honey Dip.
Lee's Donuts Vancouver
Photo: Lee’s Donuts
  • Duffin’s donuts – Family owned and operated since 1987, Duffin’s offers Vancouverites 24-hour access to their deep-fried delights. They have over 50 different varieties as well as fried chicken and tortas on the menu – a winning trio all under one roof.
  • Honey’s Donuts – Tucked away on Deep Cove’s quaint Gallant Ave. retail strip, this homey café has been creating some of the best, classic donuts around since 1996. Reward yourself after a SUP or kayak excursion with one of their Canadian maple and bacon donuts while you breathe in the salty air and sip a coffee.  If Kate Winslet’s endorsement isn’t enough, then ours should be 😊
  • Cartems – Cartems uses only the best quality ingredients to create an amazing variety of donuts including numerous vegan options. Try the mind-blowing London Fog “Stuffy”, infused with London Fog flavoured whipped cream and glazed with stripes of white chocolate ganache. Heaven. For Vegans, the Salted Caramel (also GF) and Earl Grey are excellent choices…the bakery just needs to up their production as they sell out regularly!
Cartem's Donuts Vancouver
Photo: Cartems Donuts
  • Lucky’s – So much to celebrate in every Lucky’s location. Always under the same roof as a 49th Parallel cafe, you are assured a great cup of coffee to accompany your delectable creation. We recommend the orange pistachio or peanut butter and jelly varieties.

Lucky's Donuts Vancouver


We’ve reviewed dedicated donuteries here but rumor has it, that some of Vancouver’s best restaurant kitchens are creating divine donut desserts. Check out Their There’s Lemon Chamomile Cronut or Honey Salt‘s warm apple cider donuts with bourbon, caramel sauce – sure to knock your socks off!

Chamomille Cronut Vancouver
Photo: Lemon chamomille cronut by @theirthere

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