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Imagine getting home from a long day at the office or after chauffeuring children to soccer and dance and finding all your meal prep done or meals ready to eat – the stuff of domestic fantasy right? Well, this is now a very real and appealing option for busy people. In recent years, these meal kit and meal delivery services have proliferated in the Greater Vancouver area. They are an ideal solution to your mealtime challenges falling somewhere between takeout services like UberEats and planning, shopping and preparing your own meals. The meal kits include all the ingredients and accompanying recipes making the preparation of innovative, nutritious meals for 2 or 4 people a breeze. And others deliver prepared meals that typically just require a bit of reheating.

Spud Food Delivery Vancouver
Photo: Spud

Be Fresh

Launched by Vancouver’s #1 grocery delivery service,, Be Fresh delivers local, organic, sustainable meal kits to your door. They also claim their meal kits produce less waste than competitor services. Choose from options like Arugula Chevre Stuffed chicken with garlic smashed potatoes or Cauliflower Tacos with Lime Crema & Roasted Yam for example. Both of these selections serve 4 people and work out to $8.99/serving (approx $36 for the item). You are required to join but there is no cost to do so. This is a very flexible service as you do not have to commit to any set number of deliveries per week like other services demand.

The website is easy and clear. All recipe instructions are provided here as well as with the delivered box. With this and other services, there is an assumption that you will have oil, salt and pepper and some other staples in your kitchen. When you order the kit, it lists what those are.  The beauty of Be Fresh is that you can click on the neighbouring tab for, and purchase missing groceries too. There are no subscriptions, contracts or commitments required.

Be Fresh Food Delivery Service Vancouver
Photo: Texas salads by @befreshlocal

Eat Your Cake

Eat Your Cake offers a variety of meal delivery services depending on your needs. These aren’t exactly meal kits but rather freshly prepared meals delivered to your door, giving you the time back normally spent selecting recipes, shopping and prepping. You can choose from:

1) Athletic Support Programs for people sustaining a rigourous exercise regime or training for a competition, Eat your Cake can deliver nutritionist-customized meals plans ranging from $85- $385 per week.  These prices include nutritional consultations, customization of meal plans, choosing your meals and access to Eat your Cake workshops and special events.

2) Weight Loss Programs are also available. Customized by a nutritionist to meet your specific diet goals these meal plans range from $85- $315 per week. Like the Athletic Support Programs, these prices include nutritional consultations, customization of meal plans, choosing your meals and access to Eat your Cake workshops and special events.

3) Family Meal Plans for 3-7 nights per week.  Eat your Cake offers lots of variety and healthy options for dinners customized to your family’s needs.  Each meal includes a salad, main course (meat, fish or vegetarian) and dessert! For families of 3-4, it works out to $40-45 per meal (so $10-15/per serving).

Menu selection changes weekly and there are no contractual obligations with this meal delivery service.

Eat Your Cake Food Delivery Vancouver
Photo: Southwest Skillet Turkey Hash dish, Eat Your Cake


As their tag line states, “Vegan food that doesn’t suck”, the people behind this service go to great lengths to create vegan fare that is delicious, nutritious and appealing to everyone, not just vegans.  With creations like Moroccan Lentil & Yam Shepherd’s pie or Mango Lime Chick’n Over Greens, you will not miss your meat. Recently they’ve added a delivery charge blaming fuel prices but pick up option is available.

Chomp offers 2 pricing plans:

Option 1 requires you to order a minimum of 4 meals for delivery on either Sunday or Wednesday. The menu changes weekly and orders must be placed by Thursday evening. The average cost of a single meal is $12.50.

Option2 – 21-30 day challenge.

  • 30 day challenge – 3 meals per day for 30 days = $1025
  • 21 day challenge – 2 meals per day for 21 days = $510

There is a one time $30 sign up fee that pays for your cooler bags and ice packs.

Chomp Vegan Food Delivery Vancouver

Hello Fresh

A global operation devoted to changing the way the world eats, Hello Fresh is likely the biggest player in Canada. A flexible subscription service (no minimum length), Hello Fresh will deliver a box of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes to you weekly. If you wish to skip a week of your subscription, you have until midnight, Wednesday, before your next delivery to update your delivery schedule. Choose from a Pronto Plan, Family Plan or Veggie Plan and receive 3 or 4 dinners a week. Per meal costs fall in the $10-13 range and delivery is free.  All of this can be managed using their app – in fact, this is the only one of these reviewed meal services that has one.

Hello Fresh Meal Prep Delivery Vancouver
Hello Fresh Meal

So Easy!

All of these meal services offer convenience and stress relief from food planning and prep. Their terms of service vary slightly in terms of flexibility and delivery options. Regardless of which one you choose, the sheer pleasure of having a recipe selected, sous-chefing duties complete OR  a meal ready to eat at the end of a hard day, can not be underestimated.

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