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Less is More: Tech Clutter Clearance  

Getting rid of your tech clutter is an ongoing struggle. New devices are bought while old ones, invariably, are NOT discarded. Wires, cables, games, remotes, chargers, phones, and user manuals are unsightly and taking up too much space in your drawers and closets or worse, in plain view on your floors, desk, and counters.

Keep or Recycle

Fortunately, a lot of tech clutter can be recycled. This is the best place to start and the best and safest way to discard all that gear that has been outmoded or replaced.

When deciding what to dispose of, be ruthless.  If it is a cord or charger, do you still have the device they plug into? If it a user manual or installation disc, do you still have the accompanying device or software? Is it available online now allowing you to throw away the paper version or disc?

Once you’ve decided what to keep and what to recycle, visit the City of Vancouver website for their free electronics donation days, Free Geek, a Return-It Depot or any London Drugs location as they offer an excellent end of electronic life program.

More Tips for Controlling Tech Clutter

Now, that you’ve gone through that process, here are some tips to keep the remainder in check.

  • Bookmark manuals online or save them to the cloud or dropbox-type storage. This way you can simply search for them on your computer. Remember, too, that youtube is a brilliant source for reference and how-to videos for just about everything.
  • Label and store wires, chargers and cords in drawers or bins out of the open.
  • For wires in use, bundle them together using cord wraps and/or look for clever devices like cable reels to keep unsightly wires in order or consider placing a power strip in your nightstand or any drawer to hide your chargers.
  • Set up a charging station for phones. There are numerous elegant solutions out there that can serve the charging needs of an entire family.
  • Consider ultra thin wireless charging pads to replace cables.

Organizing your technology requires commitment. Cables are a hassle, pure and simple, so you need to decide to keep them wrapped just so, and put away just so, otherwise all the work you’ve done will literally unravel in the blink of an eye.

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