Vintage Apartment Design Ideas

Vintage Vibes – Vintage Apartment Design Ideas

With the ubiquity of design shows and magazines, we are inundated with ideas and inspiration but how do we make our space truly our own?  One option is to source and acquire some unique pieces from the past. Whether your taste runs mid-century modern or 20’s art deco, investing in a vintage piece from the past can add texture and interest to an otherwise 21st-century space.

Get The Vintage Vibe

Record Player Vintage Style Design


There is no need to spend too much money. Second-hand stores often turn up gems like vases, old suitcases, macramé hangings, discarded vintage record players, typewriters or cameras. Patience and perseverance are all that are required to unearth these treasures.


Interior Design Vintage Teak Sideboard
Teak Sideboard

Bigger pieces like dining tables, chairs or sideboards are a bigger investment but can truly anchor a room. Craigslist’s furniture section is a great place to start. Using search terms like “teak”, “Saarinen”, “Eames” etc., you will find listings by furniture dealers and individuals alike.

If the idea of this hunt exhausts you, we’ve discovered an IG account that has done the legwork for you @itsvintageyyc. Positioned as the go-to shop for “Treasure seekers, vintage lovers and art devotees”, be inspired or shop their beautifully curated wares.  They specialize in mid-century but do, on occasion, feature items from other eras.

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