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Wired Pets – Best Tech Gadgets for Pet Owners

The latest in pet tech can revolutionize your life and your dog’s. Here are a few of our favourites:

The WAGGIT collar was designed to improve the quality of your dog’s life and arm you with information to better care for your four-legged companion. Developed with vets and nutritionists, Waggit learns your pup’s baseline and then keeps track of changes in vitals (i.e. temperature, heart rate), body position and sleep quality. Any changes, of course, may indicate something is not right and deserving of attention.

Parting is such sweet sorrow but PETCUBE can help. This all-in-one, wifi-enabled pet camera has a built-in treat dispenser allowing you to keep an eye on Fido at all times, communicate, train and even fling treats at him when he looks at you with those pleading “come home soon” eyes. Though your work productivity might take a hit, Petcube is fun and reassuring nonetheless.

When your Saturday night was too much fun and your furry friend wants to play first thing on Sunday, consider iFETCH.  This automatic ball thrower allows dogs, big and small, to play their favourite game until they wear out, and not you!  iFETCH doesn’t just throw the ball 10’, 20’ or 30’, it encourages your dog to return it, leaving you to sit on the park bench sipping your Venti.

WHISTLE 3 is a GPS tracker the size of a thick postage stamp that attaches to your pet’s collar and allows you to track their location using your phone. Whistle uses breakthrough, GPS, wifi and cellular technology to ensure your dog can always be found. Wifi is used when your dog is within range and switches to cellular once your pooch has strayed.  This is an invaluable piece of tech for people living in rural, off-leash areas or those traveling with pets on the road.



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